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vain display
1st Christian humanist
center of Calvinism
john calvin
believed in predestination
marked by extreme anger
Indulgance controversy
- John Tetzel preached sale of indulgances for Pope Leo X "As soon as coin in coffer rings, a soul from purgatory springs"
Luther wrote 95 Thesis and nailed it to the church door fo Wittenburg
Protestant leader whose doctrine included the concept of "predestination."
Eternal happiness for one's soul
To undo a marriage (divorce)
Praise of Folly
Erasmus attacks the church
The church excommunicated Luther in 1521
a leafy shelter or recess; arbor
that which must be done; required
2nd religion in Europe acknowledged byt he Holy Roman Empire in the Peace of Augsburg
95 Theses
Luther's document listing problems with the Church
Some people of Protestant sects rejected giving babies baptisms. They believed that they were too young to understand the purpose of accepting the Christian faith.
Luther was concerned about many abuses, but most important was________.
Protestant sect begun by the Swiss theologist Zwingli; no miracle of mass, no ceremony
What countries became Protestant?
England, N. Germany, Switzerland
Austria and Spain, gave unity to Europe, Maxmillian I (Austria) marries Mary of Burgundy, son is Philip the Fair, marries Juana (Spain), son is Charles V
a wrong considered as grounds for complaint, or something believed to cause distress
Wanted to leave the Anglican Church completely (pilgrims in the new world), Group of people from England who wanted to separate themselves from the Church of England. Some traveled to North America in search of religious freedom.
95 Thesis
formal statements Martin Luther wrote in response to Tetzel's indulgence tactics
When members of the clergy appointed family members to other high positions in the church not because of their religious intentions but because of their family ties
the subjects taught in ancient Greek and Roman schools
sack of rome
Clement XII coundt give hernrey's divorce
John Wesley
Founder of Methodism which began around 1739.
Thomas Cranmer
wrote the "Book of Common Prayer"
guaranteed the remission of sins & addition to heaven, Temporal power of priests, Authorized by Pope Leo X, Sold by Johann Tetzel, Archbishop Albert needed to pay back Fuggers, Proceeds to rebuild St. Peter's Basilica
Catholic Reformation
Religious reform movement within the Latin Christian Church, begun in response to the Protestant Reformation. It clarified Catholic theology and reformed clerical training and discipline.
the belife that a miracle happens on the alter and the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of christ
Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor who was completely overwhelmed.
being good based on a standard of right and wrong accepted by most people in society
Disolution of Monasteris
was the administrative and legal processes between 1536 and 1541 by which Henry VIII disbanded monasteries, priories, convents and friaries in England, Wales and Ireland; appropriated their income, disposed of their assets and provided for their former members
Treaty of Troyes
England relinquishes claims to any land of France; England got Calais; not official until 20 years later
The Elect
Taking Luther's idea that human cannot earn salvation, Calvin went on to say that God chooses very few people to save. Calvin called these...
Elizabeth I
English Queen who looks to revert England back to Protestantism
The 95 theses were written in _____ (language)
Clerical ignorance
When Saint Antonio, the Archbishop of Florence, visited his urban see in the lath15th century, he founded that many of the priests could barely read and write. This is an example of:
effects of Luthers Ideas
ended absolutism within the church
vernacular bible .
public schooling
education of women
He translated the Bible into colloquial (understood by all)
restored the political concept of "the freedom of religion.
from 1309-1377 the headquarters of the papacy was located in a town in...
Southern France
Spanish Armada
the great fleet sent from Spain against England by Philip II in 1588. Tried to make England catholic, becuase England became a protestant country.
A way to buy forgiveness from your Sins
the act of starting something for the first time
Baroque Art
art that originated in Rome and is associated with the Catholi c Reformation, characterized by emotional intensity, strong self-confidence, spirit
a free gift from God believed by all Christians
Council of Trent
a meeting of Roman Catholic leaders, called by Pope Paul III to rule on doctrines criticized by the Protestant reformers
Episcopal Church (Protestant Episcopal Church)
The selfgoverning
American branch of the Anglican Church.
What country would see the beginnings of Calvins, Zwinglis, and Grebels reform?
...switzerland (a guess)
Was the Church of England Protestant or Catholic?
They became protestant.
Edict of Nantes
Granting religious freedom in most of France
Henry VIII
He wanted a male heir, went through several wives to get there, left the Roman Catholic Church, 1534- Act Of Supremacy put king in charge of Church of England, seize church lands, distribute for political support.
Conrad Grebel
He was Swiss, born in Zurich. He became a minister in the early 1500s. He was a wild guy and father cut off his trust fund. He then joined a study group and become friends with Manz. During this period, he had a great conversion. There was such a debate about baby baptism, causing the Church to split more. He was totally against it. Father of the Anabaptists.
Salvation by Faith Alone
martin Luther belived that all you needed to go into heaven was faith and not righteous works b/c being faithfull inturn would make you a righteous person
Defenestration of Prague
Start of 30 year war. Fought almost entirely in germany
the office or duty of a herald; a coat of arms
Portrait of a Man in a Turban
1433, Jan Van Eyck
Martin Luther
a German monk who became one of the most famous critics of the Roman Catholic Chruch. In 1517, he wrote 95 theses, or statements of belief attacking the church practices.
Where did the Council of Trent place church tradition to scripture?
on equal footing
Institutes of the Christian Religion, 1536
John Calvin wrote ________________ in ______
How did Calvin attempt to create his theocracy known as the 'new Jerusalem"?
a strict moral code
What did Martin Luther do to express his concerns?
He wrote the 95 thesses.
Henry VIII wants a son but his wife _____________ fails to give him one so he asked for an ___________ from the pope.
Catherine of Aragon and annulment
"The Interpretation of the Bible and the Nature of the Clergy
What title is best associated with the following quote? "Every baptized Christian is a priest already."
Why did Martin Luther become a monk? What order did he enter?
Martin Luther became a monk because he promised life in a monastery to Saint Anne in a lightening storm. He entered the order of Hermits of Saint Augustine. He was ordained a priest in 1507 and he received his doctorate in theology in 1512.
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