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Terms Definitions
castes H
saint/worthy one
Matthew infancy narrative
declaration of faith
Who invaded spain?
narrations to understand quran
ISLAM Place of Worship
Trajan's edict legalized Christianity.
indigenous supernaturalism in myanmar even in the presence of buddhism says that bad things can happen because of these capricious spirits
I am
What does Yahweh mean?
Eightfold Path
intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood etc., buddhist
people who publicly assert contorversial positions or disagree with orthodox forms of worship
Today constant confict with Palestinians and Muslim Arabs over land and holy sites
the attempt to compel supernatural forces and beings to act in certain ways
festival of lights, (Judaism) an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC
Mahavira (Jainism)
The 24th Tirthankara” (Ford-Finder) and a “Jina” (Victor); Great hero.
-Shortened form of Madinat Al-Nabi, meaning \"city of the prophet.\"*The 2nd holiest site in Islam.**This is the place, first known as Yathrib, to which Muhammad fled in 622 C.E. and where many of the basic institutions of Islam were established (Muhammad is buried here.
release from the whel of rebirth
the claim that the indissoluble marriage bond validly entered into between a man and a woman is broken
-participate in sacriments, pray alone and w/ others, attend mass
What does the olive branch mean?
Branches of Judaism
Hasidism, Orthodox, reform, conservative,reconstruction
5 discourses - Sermon on Mount, Sharing Faith with Others, Parables about Kingdom of God; Jesus Founds and INstructs the Church; Final Judgement
1.) monotheistic: u believe in one god
2.) judaism is based on history and stories
3.) u r "the chosen ones" of God
4.) the promise of the covenant between god: they will worship only him and if they somewhat steared away from that promise God would punish them (ex. when they were worshipping the golden calf and God sent them into a desert to wander around for 40 years)
5.) oral and written scripture (a.k.a. duel torah)
-a form of religion in which otherwise differing traditions are blended
Twelve friends called by Jesus to follow him. They answered his call to follow him by teaching others about him and by doing his work in a special way.
continuous cycle of birth death and rebirth
In classical India, a grouping of people according to occupation
sacraments directed toward the salvation of others, conferring a particular mission in the Church and serving to build up the people of God
sacraments of communion
According to the hindu tradition , each of the following is one of the three classical aims in life EXCEPT
A Moksha
B Kama
C bhakti
D artha
no single founder, can be many different things to different believers
Mircea Eliade
Very Influential, Romanian, Father in the Romanian army, Transcendent experience as a child. Wrote "Patterns in Comparative Religion",Myth of Eternal Religion" and "The Sacred and the Profane"
3 bodies of Buddha, Dharmakaya cosmic Buddha, Nirmanakaya historical Buddha, and Sambhogakaya celestial Buddha.
Saul is what 2 things?
inconsistent & Wishy washy
zam zam
Its a well According to Islamic belief, it was a miraculously-generated source of water from Allah (God), which began thousands of years ago when Ibrahim's infant son Ishmael was thirsty and kept crying for water and was kicking at the ground when water gushed out.
is a mystical or sacred syllable in the Indian religions, i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.
the virtue of keeping all things in balance
genocide of 6 million Jews by German Nazis.
use compassion to set others on the path to enlightenment
follow path and rules etc.
they have desire to become buddhas- so wait
what is the place of worship for hinduism?
a holy war waged by muslims against hte infidels
Third Commandment
Remember to keep holy the lords day
the doctrine or belief that there is no God.
patriarchs dont have to do with
blessing of first born
a Hebrew title of respect for a Jewish scholar or teacher
Balfour Declaration
1917 the UK captured Palestine and the Jews received the promise of a \"National Home\" from the British
Groups of people who go to religious practitioners for various specific services such as therapy or spiritual adivice
Client cults
This book of the Bible focused on a "foreign" woman's self-less love
which of the following is NOT a description of one of the three categories found in the Eightfold Path?a. wisdomb. conductc. mythologyd. meditation
c. mythology
body and blood of Christ ; it's a meal, a memorial, and a sacrifice
God's reign or rule proclaimed by and present in Jesus in which people serve one another, share their goods with one another, and refuse to retaliate with violence against others.
kingdom of God
doctrine and faith are
teachings about a religion and a beliefe they exist
What are one strong concept among unitarians?
salvation through good works
When can infallibility be used
When the Pope defines a matter regarding faith or morals - he is empowered by the holy spirit and is without error.Bishops can sometimes teach infallibly together with Pope
Why was Moses unique among the prophets
God talked directly to him
what does aristobulus I do?
1. has mother and bros imprisoned, 1 bro killed
2. first hasm. to call himself king
3. conquered golan heights and forced itureans to convert (judaization of upper galilee)
example of problem translating the bible
the piraha people of the amazon have no word for "heaven". matrilinial people find it difficult to understand the concept of "god the father"
What is the main concerns of Taoism?
Ineffable powers within nature. It is subjective, intuitive, and mystical.
What seems to be the intention of Revelation? How do the people overcome as the Lamb was able to do?
To raise people's horizons and help them to realize that physical death is not the worst fate. It is more important to hold fast to their beliefs an to worship God alone, because the "second death" in the lake of fire is far worse than anything that Caesar can do to their earthly bodies. They are a part of something greater, and they "overcome" by holding fast to the testimony of Jesus.
How were Adam and Eve to show their love for God?
By not eating from the tree of Knowlage of Good and Evil
Jewish bible
Imperial Representative
U.S. painter.
First Cause
cosmological proof
old testament
creation to jesus
Letters are also called..
god of the dead
a semi-circular domed area
"place of assembly" for Jews.
writing the same word twice
do africans fear the dead?
A chapter of the Qur'an
an anthropocentric theory or view.
4th Commandment
Honor your father and mother
C book
bible (new and old testament)
Platonic philosophy viewed te natural world as superior to the world of ideas.
Pontius Pilate
-fifth prefect (26-36 AD)
-Philo describes him negatively: relentless, bribes, robs, insults, etc.
person who abandos obligations of socail life to find a way of life more in tune with the ways of nature
Legal opinion issuedby an authority according to a particular school of law in Islam
Good Friday
The day Jesus was crucified
the Hindu festival of lights, celebrated as a religious holiday throughout India in mid-November.
Another name for Modern American Christianity
Laterday Saints
a state of blessed happiness and peace
Descriptive Approach
attempts to summarize concisely the most important aspect of a religion perceptible to the senses
Who killed his brother out of jealousy?
One and only god in Zorastrianism?
Ahura Mazda
most influential of the Greek versions of the Old Testament
someone who takes a more flexible approach to their religious tradition
What occurs when someone freely chooses to hold tenents opposed to Church teaching?
formal heresy
belief in one or more personal dieties
Panenhenic mysticism
involves an experience of feeling connected tot he universe but retaining individual personality
pali canon
a collection of scriptures, originally recorded from oral traditions in the 1st century b.c., divided into one of three parts
a ritual in which something is offered to the supernaturals
Matthew-sources and for
Sources: Mark, Q, M; for Jews
God's laws given to the people of Israel after fleeing Egypt. Originally 613 of them
“Then I woke up realizing that I would be contending not with the wild animals but with the devil himself. I knew however, that I would win. I have recorded the events which occurred up to the day before the contest. Let anyone who wishes to record the
What was one of the first known civilizations?
The branch of Islam that accepts the first four caliphs as rightful successors of Muhammad.
Who/What is the main subject in the Roman exordium?
obj used to control nature in a magical fashion.
used in basic religions

refer to either the spiritual recluse and fierce eremite or the common street beggar who chants holy names, scriptures or verses
Alasdir argues that virtue theory is most plausible with refard to
internal goods
A person who believed in predestine, "you can do what you want because of predestine" She was banned to RI
Anne Hutchinson
by learning more, we get closer to truth-human views are human creations
plain of arafat
Plain where Muhammad gave his last Sermon, central area for the Hajj pilgrimage. Fourth place to go on the Hajj
“But, fool that I was, I foamed in my wickedness as the sea and, forsaking thee, followed the rushing of my own tide, and burst out of all thy bounds. But I did not escape thy scourges. For what mortal can do so?”
prophets of islam
God revealed himself to many prophets over time but muhammad was the last and greatest is said that the qur'an was literally revealed to him by God.
"the angel Gabriel said: Peace be unto thee, O Muhammad the elect, God hath sent thee a message saying 'none has suffered the pain and afllictions....Sorrow has past away and it is now time for joy and rest. Trouble has gone by, it is the hour to be
Future other-worldly theodicy
the sorrow we feel when we know we have sinned, followed by the decision not to sin again
Veneration of ancestors
Is the belief and practice where living family members are honoring and caring for the spirits of the dead in the male line of the family. Their spirits are represented by tablets received at their funerals and are set up at the family’s ancestral table in levels of auspicious placement due to their importance within the family. These ancestors have been transformed by funeral and memorial rituals into sources of blessing for their descendants. Therefore they are expected to be cared for and have offerings and prayers made to them regularly in order to encourage these blessings, prevent the ancestors from becoming angry, and providing a suitable home for them where they can be honored.
Joseph of Arimathea
wealthy disciple of Jesus who went to pilate and asked permission to take Jesus' body away to be buried. He wrapped Jesus' body in a linen and cloth and laid it in a new tomb.
what is done- rites, worship, techniques and customs
practical form of religious expression
The 10 Commandments
1. No gods before God2. No idols3. Don't swear by God's name4. Keep the Sabbath holy5. Honor your parents6. Don't murder7. Don't scommit adultery8. Don't steal9. Don't bear false witness10. Don't covet
Name the three sacraments we receive God's merciful love
The Eucharist, Baptism, and Reconciliation
The International Society of Krishna Consciousness
popularly known as Hare Krishna, traces its spiritual lineage to Chaitanya.
Frazer's two principles of magic
law of similarity (think of a voodoo doll), law of contagion (contagious things...touching certain things are bad luck)
What is the primary argumentative strategy that Paul implements in the partition (and throughout the rest of the piece)?
Paul introduces his argument of letter vrs. intent of the law.
influenced by aristotle. died in 1274. interested in faith and reason. dominican monk. attempted to christianize aristotle. used reason to srgue the existence of god and divine revelation. his most famous work "summa theologiae" became the basis
thomas aquinas and why he is significant to the study of christianity
David F. Strauss/ Life of Jesus
This person was a Helagian. He also wrote "The Life of Jesus". He was skeptical of the historical accuracy of Jesus' miracles; to show that God wanted to become one with the world.
Plagues of Egypt - how many and what were they?
1. Water to Blood
2. Frogs
3. Lice
4. Flies
5. Livestock Diseased
6. Boils (man and beast)
7. Hail
8. Locusts
9. Darkness for 3 days
10. Death of the 1st Born (man and beast)
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