Renaissance Poetry Vocabulary Flashcards

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George Herbert
High quality
mediation 17
Sonnet 116
Easter Wings
George Herbert
a two-word paradox
altar, easter wings
Delight in Disorder
Robert Herrick
Aphorisms from Novum Organum
Francis Bacon
Occurrence that depends on chance
To Mrs. M.A. at Parting
Katherine Philips
Which device compares things with "like" or "as"?
1) ababcdcdefefgg rhyme scheme
2) 14 lines
3) iambic pentameter
4) ending couplet changes subject
5) Uses similes
two contrasting things right next to each other
Which device is a strange extended metaphor?
"Throw away thy rod;/Though man frailties hath,/Thou art God:/Throw away thy wrath"
Discipline, George Herbert
"Rest in soft peace, and, asked, say, Here doth lie / Ben Jonson his best piece of poetry" (line 9-10)- "On My First Son"
this sound device is the repetition of vowel sounds that are not at the beginning of words in a line of a verse
Who led the Puritan rebellion against the royalists?
Oliver Cromwell
on my first daughter, son, to john donne, song to cecilia
"To Penshurst"
"And if the high-swollen Medway fail thy dish,/ Thou hast thy ponds, that pay thee tribute fish:/ Fat aged carps that run into thy net,/ And pikes, now weary their own kind to eat,/ As loath the second draft or cast to stay,""The need of such? whose liberal board doth flow/ With all that hospitality doth know;/ Where comes no guest but is allowed to eat,/ Without his fear, and of they lord's own meat;/ Where the same beer and bread, and selfsame wine,/ That is his lordship's shall be also mine""Thy lady's noble, fruitful, chaste withal./ His children thy great lord may call his own,/ A fortune in this age but rarely known./ They are, and have been, taught religion; thence/ Their gentler spirits have sucked innocence"
elegy, death of a young student, shepherd: member of the clergy and pastoral, deals with fact of early death, lots of grief but sometimes impartial, classical mythology and religious theology, unnatural event especially for this person, not sunk but risen
Lycidas, John Milton
"Rest in soft peace" is an example of this sound device
What was the name the name of the ruling party of Puritans after England's Civil War?
To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time
Robert Herrick
"Then let thy wrath remove;/ Love will do the deed:/ For with Love/ Stony hearts will bleed"
Discipline, George Herbert
"Come live with me and be my love. / [....] Then live with me and be my love. " (lines 20-24) "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love"
"On My First Daughter"
Ben Jonson (pg 1428):"Here lies, to each her parents' ruth,Mary, the daughter of their youth;Yet all heaven's gifts being heaven's due,It makes the father less to rue.At six months' end, she parted henceWith safety of her innocence;Whose soul heaven's queen, whose name she bears,In comfort of her mother's tears,Hath placed amongst her virgin-train:Where, while that severed doth remain,This grave partakes the fleshly birth;Which cover lightly, gentle earth! "
The most devoted of the Sons of Ben, but also showing direct influence of classical poets. Carpe Diem poet. Moves from pastoral to cynical. Writes of May Day festivals. Poems do not seem political but are staunchly anti-Puritan.
Robert Herrick (biography)
"Making thy life to shine within the holy preachers, then the light and glory more reverend grows"
The Windows, George Herbert
"Upon the Nipples of Julia's Breast"
Robert Herrick (pg 1661):"HAVE ye beheld (with much delight)A red rose peeping through a white ?Or else a cherry, double grac'd,Within a lily centre plac'd ?Or ever mark'd the pretty beamA strawberry shows half-drown'd in cream ?Or seen rich rubies blushing throughA pure smooth pearl and orient too ?So like to this, nay all the rest,Is each neat niplet of her breast."
"With strange perfumes he did the roses taint;/And flowers themselves were taught to paint"
The Mower Against Gardens, Andrew Marvell
"I humbly wish that yours may light on me:/That so these rude unpollisht lines of mine,Graced by you, may seeme the more divine"
To the Queenes Most Excellent Majestie, Aemilia Lanyer
"Dull to myself and almost dead to these/My many fresh and fragrant mistresses"
The Bad Season Makes the Poet Sad, Robert Herrick
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