Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals 2 Flashcards

Mammary Gland
Terms Definitions
Python, Boa
crocodiles and alligators
Contour Feathers
streamlining feathers
turtles and tortoises
classification of bird
Do birds have teeth?
are all birds warm-blooded?
Turtle that lives on land
period from fertilization to birth
mammary gland
milk-secreting organ of female mammals
most _________ animals are placental mammals that have been kept and bred by people for special purposes
- peurodira side- necked and cryptodira hidden neck.
- live in water (freshwater, saltwater, ocean, or brackish ponds and marshlands)
- front feet might have fins or webbed toes
- flatter back than tortoises
- more often omnivorous
amniotic egg
egg with a waterproof shell
What are reptiles scales made of?
Internal fertilization protects the gametes from...
drying out
used for crushing, mashing, and grinding; side teeth in your mouth in front of the molars
type of mammal that lay eggs
ventral (lower) part of a turtle shell
this is the dorsal shell of turtles
can control body temperature on their own
Mammals have a __ chambered heart. (type the number)
modifications for flight
- highly effcient:
- digestive
- respiratory
-ciculatory systems
- aerodynamic feathers and wings
-strong chest muscles
- can't hold in waste ( no bowl control)
- light bones: structure, hollow
Birds have what kind of body temperature?
also know as birds reptiles and mammals
Lizards have the ability to regrow their tail which is _________
Thermostat in birds used to regulate their temperature
Quill/Flight feathers are found on
tail and wing
land vertebrates with dry skin, claws, and amniotic eggs
internal fertilization
type of reproduction used by mammals
what organ do mammals use to breathe?
an animal in the early stages of development - becomes the fetus in more complex vertebrates, becomes the larvae in lower vertebrates (human embryos become fetuses, frog fetuses become tadpoles)
mammals that feed and carry the young in a pouch on the mother (the marsupium); it contains the teats which supply milk to the young
How many chambers in a mammalian heart?
Four chambers
In the Order squamata, snakes share a common ancestor with __________ lizards.
constrictor, venomous
What are two ways to classify snakes?
Which animal has a U-shaped snout, and their upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw?
Which type of feathers are used for flying?
Characteristics squamata
- two sub groups: sauria, composed lizards, Serpentes, composed of snakes.
- sauria have eyelids and are able to regrow portions of their tails
- serpent have no eyelids and are deaf, sensitive to vibrations
- both have loosely connected jaw. able to eat things more easily
- members of Squamata are found in all continents expect for Antarctica
What did birds evolve from?
likely evolved from dinosaurs
what kind of feet do aquatic birds have?
attached to rear of the brainstem; it helps coordinate voluntary movement and balance
what is a vertebrate with hollow bones and a beak?
the shell
what helps an amniotic egg be protected from the environment so that it doesn't dry out and important to the adaptation to life on land
do all birds have feathers?
yes, all birds have feathers
lizards, snakes
What are the two types of animals under the ORDER Squamata? (plural; leave a comma inbetween)
How do mammals produce food for their young?
mammary glands
What animals are in the order Squamata
Lizards and snakes
Which order of reptiles has a parietal eye that acts as a thermostat?
Order Rhynchocephalia
The type of tooth a carnivore uses for stabbing its prey
double loop
what kind of circulatory system does a mammal have? (loop)
4, double loop
Birds have a __ chambered heart. (type the number) and this type of circulation
Characteristics of Spenodontia
- lizard like reptile
- only one living genus (tuatara) and only two living species
- tuatara is found in new zealand
Animals that obtain much of their body heat from the environment are classified as?
Ectotherm (cold blooded)
what kind of beak does a bird have if it an insectivore and needs to bored holes
When was there a great diversity of reptiles?
in the Mesoszoic Era
a kangaroo is a marsupial
true - a kangaroo is a marsupial mammal
The part of the egg that protects the embryo?
Amnion and amniotic fluid
can reptiles control their body temperature by burning calories inside themselves- using their metabolism?
NO - reptiles cannot use fuel to adjust body temperature - they must bask in the sun or hide in the shade, etc.
nutrients, oxygen, and carbon dioxide and wastes between the embryo and mother
what 4 things does a placenta exchange in a mammal
Reptiles reproduce by internal fertilization -
- True - in order to fertilize the egg before the shell is formed, fertilization must be internal
What makes a bird's respiratory system so efficient?
Airflow one-way - so the air in the lungs isn't a mixture of inhaled breath and air about to be exhaled. The bird exhales air through a whole separate tube.
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