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Terms Definitions
platysmal sulci
depressed, dips concavely
A clean linear cut
mastoid process
The anterior "non-articulating process" on the ramus of the mandible is the
Made by tearing the flesh
the shallowest depression lying posteriorly between the inner and outer rims of the ear
1. A TINT of red
Yellow pigment of the skin
wrinkles: dimples on the chin
The eminence located between the eyebrows is the
Appears significantly wider at the jawline then the cheekbone and forehead. The forehead is the narrowest feature. Eyes are closerest. This is the lest common head shape.
Differences in paired features *our faces are different from side to side*
Torchiere lighting Cove lighting Alcove lighting Trough lighting Dome lighting Flood or spot lighting Chandelier, Candelabra and Candle Table and floor lamp lighting
Lighting fixtures:
compound fracture
Fractured bone pierces the skin
related hues
Include monochromatic and analogous types of color schemes.
small eminence obliquely opposite the tragus, located on the superior border of the lobe
external pressure
weight applied to a surface
Cosmetic applied to the superior portion of the eyelid
a small wedge-like prominence which protrudes from the cheek; protects the ear passage; front border is defined by a furrow
red, green, and blue
Primary colors of light
concave profile
The forehead protrudes beyond the eyebrows, and the chin protrudes beyond the infantine retrouse plane of the upper lip.(lest common profile?
Which suture joins the two parietal bones?
concave- conveX
the forehead protrudes beyond the eyebrows and the chin recedes from the plane of the upper lip.
forehead recedes from the eyebrows and the chin protrudes beyond the plane of the upper lip
Intermediate hues
Primary hues
Secondary hues
Tertiary colors are adulterations of?
face and hands
General restorative treatments are done only on exposed, visible areas of the _____ and ______.
Inject hypodermically
Apply cavity pack
Preservative treatments for Desquamation or skin slip:
Drying Powder
1. Unpigmented (white); usually talc.
2. It is used to absorb oil without altering color
vertical lines
the fine linear tracings running vertically on the mucous membranes
recreating pores in a wax restoration may NOT be accomplished by using what
Gloved Hand, Sponge, Brush
Application of Cream Cosmetics
Hue, Value, Intensity
The three dimensions of color
Orbicularis oculi
wrinkles: optic facial sulci (crows feet); interciliary sulci; superior & inferior palpebral sulcus
Orbicularis Oris
sphincter muscle which encircles the mouth; begins at the base of the nose & extends down to the lower jaw & laterally to both cheeks; opens & closes the mouth & moves the lips
Levator palpebrae superioris
wrinkles: superior palpebral sulcus; linear sulci: short palpebration furrows which fan from opp. corners of the eyelids toward each other
When measured from the base of the chin to the normal hairline, where is the line of mouth closure
A vertical forhead and a chin that protrudes more than the upper lip charaterize a facial profile as
Lightness or darkness
In color theory, VALUE refers to:
The zygomatic process is a feature of which of the following bones?
Which suture is used on an exposed area?
The eye
Orbital pouch is associated with which facial feature?
Linear Sulci
This term refers to the eyelid wrinkles which run horizontally on the palpebrae. These wrinkles may fan from the medial corners and lateral corners of the eyes.
double bellied
2 fleshy portions separated by a tendon or aponeurosis (a flat sheath between 2 muscles)
double compliment
Involves four hues. Two separated hues and their complements.
A pure hue appears less vivid and lighter against a ___________ background
Pigment Powder
1. Heavier powder with more pigment than tinted powder.
2. Theatrical powder was the original source of ______________.
cribiform plate
the horizontal plate of the ethmoid bone seperating the cranial cavity from the nasal cavity
mucous membranes
the visible red surfaces of the lips
Secondary Colors
1. Orange, Green, Purple
2. An equal mixture of 2 primary colors produces...
3. Are compliments to a primary color
Ruddy / Florid Complexion
Complexion with a RED variation
1. The dimension of color that deals with LIGHTNESS or DARKNESS
located on the side of the face, originating on the anterior 2/3 of the zygomatic arch extending downward & posteriorly to the angle of the jaw; used for chewing - raises the lower jaw
each muscle has 2 bellies both of which lie just below the body of the mandible (under the chin); wrinkle: cords of the neck caused by the anterior belly
baseball stitch
Stich that is made from beneath up through the skin, and the needle is crossed from side to side with each stitch like a basball.
Primary hues
Three hues that can be combined to make all other hues. All colors originate from these three hues. The Primary colors are red, yellow, and blue.
temporal bone
The mastoid process is a bony landmark of the
Those hues on the side of the color wheel
containing red are identified as
The study of the face and its features is called
Treatment for treating tumors
Tumor excised after embalming, add message cream to protect tissues, phenol treatments to dry the cavity, basket weave suture applied, sealer applied, deep wound filler applied, gauze placed over filler and sealer applied, wax adjustments, and cosmetics applied.
Angulus oris eminence
The small convex prominence lateral to the end of the line of lip closure of the mouth
Cannon of beauty
Refers to the rules of perfect proportions.
point lighting
Refers to the movement of the light rays in a straight line from the light source - direct lighting.
glowing filaments
Glowing filament. Gives off a lot of yellow hue. High heat production.
Flood or spot lighting
Incandescent bulbs used as accent lights to illuminate the casket or floral arrangements. Usually used outside for sidewalks and landscaping.
If a raised scab is present, soften it with ____________ or water before removal.
massage cream
hair for a restoration would NOT be attached by
firm and dry
conditions of tissues necessary for a wax restoration
The breaking up of a beam of light into a band of colors
square head type
face is broad with little curvature; forehead is as wide as the jaw; face & features are angular as opposed to rounding; considered strong type
columna nasi
small angular area between the wing of the nose & cheek; muscles responsible are the levator anguli oris in conjunction with the quadratus labii superioris & zygomaticus major muscles
vertical convex
forehead in line with the upper lip and the chin recedes
basket weave suture
(method of attachment & support) used when all of scalp & ear are gone leaving a vacant hole; cross stitches are made to the remaining portion of the skin to form a basket weave to anchor the wax
a decapitation
. Insertion of a rod into the foramen magnum and
the spinal column is a technique for restoring
Hypo inject unpreserved areas
The deceased has third degree burns over the legs. After arterial injection, you should:
draw stitch
suture that is made the same as the single intradermal suture except that the stitich penetrates through the skin.
Superior palpebral sulci
The furrows of the superior borders of the upper eyelid
Foramen magnum Spinal column
When attaching a decapitated head to the trunk, insert the splint or dowel into the _________ ________ and _______ ________.
What are the seven colors known as the spectrum?
arch of the wing
inferior margin of the wing which forms a concave arc
Warm Colors
1. Colors at the Red end of the Spectrum
2. Colors that contain Red on the Color Wheel
Margins of the Concha
1. lateral: anterior margin of the antihelix2. inferior: upper border of the earlobe3. anterior: the tragus4. superior: inferior border of the anterior crura
Buccinator aka trumpeters muscle
Thin quadrilateral muscle in the soft areas of the cheek; principle muscle of the cheek & forms the lateral walls of the mouth; responsible for cheek compression
The nasolabial fold
. Which of the following is a natural facial marking?
hairline to the eyebrow
The distance from the eyebrow to the base of the nose is equal to the distance from the
Levator Anguli Oris Muscle
This term refers to the muscle which raises the angle of the mouth.
superior and inferior palpebral sulcus
acquired furrow of the attached margin of the upper and lower eyelid
sides of the nose
lateral walls of the nose between the wing and bridge
root of the nose.
From the profile view of the nose, the concave dip below the glabella is the
Bilateral form of the face: angular
form refers to sharpness (of the face); frontal plane is narrow; this form has the smallest distance between the 2 cheekbones; sides of face are large & their surfaces appear more flattened
the hairline, the corners of the mouth, behind the angle of the jaw and beind the superior attachment of the helix.
Hidden points of entry for hypodermic tissue bulding include
hold the edges of an excision in position.
The basket weave suture is used to
PROJECTION of frontal
Provides NATURAL light
swelling is also called
Considered the WARMEST HUE
wound filler like candle wax
Floor Lamps with Open Globes
1. A SHADE of red
an elongated depressionin a relatively level plane (surface
Shallow depression located on the cheek or chin, either rounded or vertical
Upper jaw. It is convex (2)
______________ mixtures deal with the subtraction of wavelengths.
hold wax
undercutting an excision helps to
inferior fatty 1/3 of the ear
High Hats
Example of a Spot Light
Preliminary Grooming
Cleansing Body, Creaming, Cleaning Hair, Shaving / Trimming, Hand / Nail Treatments
The compliment of an intermediate color is the secondary color used to make it, True or False?
The vertical portion of the mandible is the
dehydrate and bleach tissues.
A cavity pack will
Interciliary sulci
The vertical or transverse furrows between the eyebrows
Fibers are parallel and runs directly from origin to insertion
white objects
________ _______ reflect all the colors in white light equally.
A lesion caused by heat, chemical agents or friction.
Is considered the most beautiful head form, gently curving with the width approximately
2/3 the length. The forehead is slightly wider than the jaw.
surgical reduction
treatment for swellings by which sub-surface tissues are removed by excision
Cosmetic that acts as the base coat
Color is a visual sensation that begins with...
Discoloration of the deceased that is NOT NORMALLY PRESENT, but may be the cause of death or conditions surrounding death
Depressor Labii Inferioris (2)
wrinkle: Angulus Oris Sulcus
concave dip below the glabella and articulation of the frontal & nasal bones
What is the location of the superior border of the
chin when measured from the eyebrows to the base of the chin?
cream cosmetic
Which of the following substances when added in progessive quantities to a restorative wax, will soften wax consistency?
A crevice in the skin accompanied by adjacent elevations is known as a:
Where is the superior border of the chin found when measured from the base of the chin to the base of the nose.
Which of the following is a comparison of the two
sides of the face to observe similarities and differences of form?
The hue sequence pink, rose, cherry is indicative of red that has been:
Nasal sulcus
The angular area between the posterior margins of the wing of the nose and nasolabial fold
cove lighting
Box like fixture extending around the walls of the room interior several feet from the ceiling. Contains lamps that throw the illumination upward.
intermediate hues
Produced when a primary and its adjoining secondary hue are mixed in equal strengths - Red +Orange = Red Orange
A color scheme that involves two or more hues which lie adjacent to each other on the color wheel.
surface compress
Cotton soaked with cavity fluid or dryene?
Corrective Shaping
Is a cosmetic technique which consists of highlighting those parts of the face or individual features to enlarge or bring the forward or shadowing them to reduce the appearance or deepen a depression.
wrinkle and darken skin
disadvantage of the electric spatula
Mortuary Cosmetology
The study of materials and techniques of applying colorants to simulate the natural appearance of the deceased for viewing in the funeral setting.
A color scheme that involves TWO hues opposite each other on the color wheel
Convex profile
forehead and chin recedes in relation to the upper lip.
The distance from the base of the nose to the base of the chin is equal to the distance from the base of the nose to the
Line of closure
Restored eyelashes should have no hair extended from the extreme ends of the:
The feature of the face that is two eyes wide is the
The inforior border of the __ is on the same horizontal plane as the base of the nose.
This term refers to a nose which is medium low bridged and medium broad in shape
Inferior palpebral sulcus
The furrow of the lower attached border of the inferior palpebra
The amount of strength of a color due especially to its degree of freedom of a mixture with its complementary color or gray - equivalent to its brightness or dullness.
1. Is a compressed powder.
2. It is also known as pancake powder.
3. The particles are tightly compressed so they will not fly all over when you open the container.
draw out liquids or gases by means of suction
Object used to break up a beam of light into its individual colors
Inverted triangle
wide at the forehead, narrow at the jaws - high broad forehead - narrow angular chin.
platyrrhine nasal racial classification
african/hispanic nose has a minimum projection at the bridge and is broad and short
nasal bones (2)
lie directly inferior to the glabella & form a dome over the superior portion of the nasal cavity
foramen magnum.
527. With the lower end of a dowel attached to the torso in a decapitation case, the upper end is inserted into the
. Where is the base of the nose found when
measured from the normal hairline to the base of
the chin?
greek (leptorrhine) nose
A classifcation given to a nose that is long, narrow, and high bridged; common to individuals of western european decent
Submental sulcus
The junction of the base of the chin and the submandibular area, which may appear as a furrow
Liquid - embalming fluid
Solid - tumors
Semi - solid
Gaseous - clostridium perfringens
Types of swelling or distention:
Natural Highlights of Facial Prominences
1. Frontal Eminences
2. Glabella & Superciliary Arches
3. Superciliary Arches
4. Zygomatic Arches
5. Zygomatic Bones
6. Nasal Dorsum
7. Nasolabial Folds
8. Central Plane of the Superior Integumentary Lip
9. Angulus Oris Eminence
10. Inferior Mucous Membrane
11. Mental Eminence
mouth former
a device used in the mouth for shaping the contour of the lips
Casket Lamps
Lamps hung on the open lid of a casket
Seal and surface with wax
To restore small lacerations on the forehead:
darkness of the discoloration.
The need for a cosmetic undercoat in bum cases
depends on
Excise burned skin, embalm, apply wax and cosmetics
Treatment of 3rd degree burns
Warm Color areas of Face
Lips, Cheeks, Ears, Chin, Lower parts of Nose, Forehead(Males)
corrugator aka frowning muscle
located at the medial end of the eyebrows originating at the root of the nose & extends laterally & superiorly to the middle of the supraorbital margin; draws the eyebrows medially and inferiorly
be performed after embalming.
In the case of swollen lips and eyes resulting from
burns, surgical reduction would
Identifying a feature from 3 views
1. FRONTAL (straight on), 2. PROFILE (2 views, side), 3. BI-LATERAL (chin up or top of head down)
twice the distance between the eyes
The width of the mouth is equal to
Divide head into 2 parts
1. Cranium or brain case (6), 2. Face or anterior region (7)
arch of the wing of the nose
inferior margin of the wing making a concave arch
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