Restorative Art Glossary 2 Flashcards

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two sides
broken bone
after death
artificial teeth
disjoining of bones
the boundaries or edges
anatomically towards the head
(carbolic acid) an antiseptic/disinfectant employed to dry moist tissues and to bleach discolored tissues
the top of the head
a raised surface or part
a hollow place or area
the outline or surface form
to restrain, hinder, or retard
liquid sealer
a quick-drying fluid adhesive
occipitofrontalis muscle
epicranius; draws the scalp posteriorly and anteriorly and raises the eyebrow
having the component parts closely compacted together; relatively opaque
facial proportions
mathematical relationships of the facial features to one another and/or to the head and face
an elongated depression in a relatively level plane or surface
an elongated prominence adjoining a surface
lack of symmetry, balance, or proportion
a birthmark; a congenital skin blemish; any congenital anomaly, including various types of birthmarks and all types of moles
a substance (usually liquid) capable of, or used in, dissolving something
framework; a material, commonly of pliable metal or wood, employed to provide support for wax restoration
sticking to or adhering closely; substances which may be applied in order to sustain contact of two surfaces
cuticle remover
a commercially-prepared solvent used to remove dead cuticle from the nails and obstinate scabs
situated or occurring beneath the skin
treatments of a restorative nature performed during the embalming operation
tissues turned in an opposite direction or folded inward
a secretion from inflamed tissues; usually an opaque colored matter
the vertical surface of the temporal bone
(wrinkle) a crevice in the skin accompanied by adjacent elevations
the dimension of an object measured across from side to side
the principle muscle of the cheek which compresses the cheeks and forms the lateral wall of the mouth
buccal depressions
natural, shallow concavities of the cheeks which extend obliquely downward from the medial or lateral margins of the cheekbones
an apparently solid structure having a square base and four triangular sides which meet at a central point
beneath; lower in plane or position; the undersurface of an organ or indicating a structure below another structure; toward the feet
the study of the structures and surface markings of the face and features
to cut off a limb; to dismember
a hollow or concave region; the lowering of a part
a nasal classification which is short and broad and has the minimum of projection; common to individuals of African descent
petroleum jelly
a semi-solid, yellow mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum
any device as cotton, cloth, wood, etc. used to fill or close an opening
an irregularly torn or jagged wound, ranging from superficial scratches to deep tears in the tissues
lip wax
a soft restorative wax, usually tinted, used to surface the mucous membranes or to correct lip separations
to cauterize tissues by heat or chemical in order to provide a dry foundation
to burn superficially as the hair which shows partial destruction from scorching heat
minute depressions in the surface of the skin, as in the openings of the sweat glands
to spread out from a common point
the outermost layer of skin; the cuticle or scarf skin
drying powder
a non-preserving powder utilized in setting cosmetics and a wax firming agent. examples: talcum powder, cosmetic powder, and cornstarch
freedom from wetness; a condition of tissues necessary for the adhesion of cement, sealer, deep filler, or wax
a variation from the common or established
to diminish in size, mass, or projection
a clean cut into tissue or skin
a quick-drying liquid which leaves a hard, thin transparent coat or layer through which moisture cannot pass
a spontaneous new growth of tissue forming an abnormal mass
a light, open-mesh variety of muslin or similar material
angulus; a sharp turn formed by the meeting of two borders or surfaces
the entrance or outlet of any body cavity; an opening
the border, edge, or margin of a thing, usually of a circular or curving form, as the rim of the eye socket
columna nasi
the fleshy termination of the nasal septum at the base of the nose; located between the nostrils; the most inferior part of the mass of the nose
the act of throwing forward; a part extending beyond the level of its surroundings
vomer bone
bone of the nasal cavity situated between the nasal passages on the median plane; it forms the inferior and posterior portion of the septum of the nose
the concave shell of the ear; the deepest depression of the ear
alveolar prognathism
an abnormal protrusion of the alveolar processes
before or in front of; an anatomical term of position and direction which denotes the front or forward part
transverse frontal sulci
furrows which cross the forehead; acquired facial markings
anatomical position
the body is erect, feet together, palms facing forward, and thumbs pointed away from the body
wings of the nose
lateral lobes of the nose
cribriform plate
the horizontal plate of the ethmoid bone separating the cranial cavity from the nasal cavity
a small ball, cylinder, or tuft often made of cotton
a hole or slight wound resulting from a piercing
second degree burn
those resulting in acute inflammation of the skin and blisters
material used to fill a large cavity (e.g. plaster-of-Paris and cotton; liquid sealer and cotton)
plaster of paris
calcium sulfate; a white powdery substance which forms a quick-setting paste when mixed with water
tissue builder
a substance used to elevate sunken (emaciated) tissues to normal level by hypodermic injection
the area from which tissue has been removed. excise-to remove as by cutting out
a thin vesicle on the skin containing liquid matter
an appliance as of wood, metal, etc. used to keep in place or protect a displaced or movable part
spray cosmetic
a liquid cosmetic so compounded that it can be atomized to provide a means of application to a surface
the growth of hair located anterior of the ears
worm suture
(inversion, draw stitch) a method of sewing an incision along the edges without entering the opening whereby the suture becomes invisible and the line of suture becomes depressed, which lends its ease of concealment by waxing
massage cream
a soft, white, oily preparation used as a protective coating for external tissues; a base for cream cosmetics and a wax softener; an emollient
stain removers
any substances or agents which will cause an external discoloration to be removed or lessened
temporal bones
inferior portion of the sides and base of the cranium, inferior to the parietal bones and anterior to the occipital bone
a frontal head form in which the face is wider between the angles of the mandible than it is at the forehead; representing a triangle in shape; formed by three lines and having three angles (least common geometric head form)
inverted triangle
a three sided figure whose base is superior to its apex; when used to describe a frontal-view geometric headshape, a head which is wide at the forehead and narrow at the jaw
major restoration
those requiring a long period of time, are extensive, require advanced technical skill and expressed written consent to perform
facial profiles
the silhouettes of the face from the side view
mandibular suture
a stitch used to hold the mouth closed; placed behind the lips, one part is passed through around the inferior jaw at the median plane, while the other part extends through the nasal septum or the superior frenulum
a frontal head form in which the head is generally egg-shaped, with the cranium slightly wider than the jaws; most common geometric head form
optic facial sulci
crows feet; the furrows radiating from the lateral corner of the eye; acquired facial markings
the removal of an entire mass or part, especially a tumor or the eyeball, without rupture
point of entry
a place (usually invisible) at which access to inner positions may be had; a place at which a hypodermic needle may be inserted to pass into the same or another area
wire bridging
the length of wire employed to connect two structures which are undamaged such as remaining parts of a bone; a wire mesh placed within an aperture to hold other restorative fillers
mucous membranes
the visible red surfaces of the lips; the lining membrane of body cavities which communicate with the exterior
a small wig or patch of false hair covering a bald spot; a hairpiece
hypodermic tissue building
the injection of special creams or liquids into the tissues through the use of a syringe and needle to restore natural contour
to tie or bind using cord, wire, or thread
exposed area
any visible area which is to remain uncovered or unclothed
sternocleidomastoideus muscle
a muscle of the neck that is attached to the mastoid process of the temporal bone and superior nuchal line and by seperate heads to the sternum and clavicle. They function together to flex the head, form the lateral boundaries of the cervical triangle, and widest part of the neck
cords of the neck
vertical prominence of the neck; an acquired facial marking
three quarter view
in reference to a photograph, a view which reveals the fullness of the cheeks
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