Review for Missouri Constitution Flashcards

Supreme Court of the United States
Terms Definitions
state rock
SS,ST,SA Elected/Appointed
state song
Missouri Waltz
state senate
legislative branch
SS Citizen, ST,SA
Age requirement: Senator
Who can grant pardons?
governor of missouri
jay nixon
age for circuit judges?
AG appointed or eleted
SS Resident, ST, SA
President term length
4 years
Legal reprieves
Delay of a sentence
state house of representatives
legislative branch
Missouri present constitution was adopted in 1945?
veto session
coming back in september
Governor resident of the state
Majority leader: Senate
Harry Reid (NV)
Municipal courts
traffic and code violations courts
Who is Missouri's Chief Justice?
Michael Wolfe
becomes governor if gov. resigns
lieutenant governor
constituent power
the non-legislative power of constitution-making and the constitutional amendment process
How many constitutions doe missouri has?
liquor control board
give out liquor licenses
How old must a senator be?
MO Senators
Claire McCaskill (D)
Christopher Bond (R)
St. Louis Mayor term length
4 years
How long is a governor's term?
4 years
Days in Advance to Register in MO
What are the 3 branches?
34 members
4 year term
30 yrs. old
people elect city council, and council hires city manager
Who is our current Governor?
Jay Nixon (D)
What is the Capital of Missouri?
Jefferson City
MO Supreme Court Justice term length
12 years
What year was the present constitution adopted?
What are lobbies?
groups that seek to influence lawmakers
Which form of municipal government has a professionally trained manager?
council manager
Mo Supreme court
12 year terms, retire @ 70
What are some powers of the Governor include?
state treasurer
writes the checks and deposits the check
police power
state power to enact laws promoting health, safety, and morals
school districts are funded primarily from________
local property taxes
circuit courts
114 circuit courts, hear felony cases, judges have 6 year terms, major lawsuit: $25,000
real property tax
on land and buildings (real estate)
Who is our current state treasurer?
Clint Zweifel (D)
What is the purpose of article 4?
executive branch
First 3 words in US Constitution
We the People
Who is the chief legal officer of Missouri?
attorney general
Grand Jury
a jury to inquire in accusations of crime and to evaluate the grounds for indictments
What are ways to influence your state senator?
Petition, Assembly
roy blunt
was our state governor but is now presently in the states senate (is the senator)j
powers of the house
1. introduce appropriation bills 2. initiating impeachment
term length for judge on court of appeals
12 years
MO Motto:
"Let the welfare of the people be supreme law"
Bill to law process
bill introduced > committee > hearing > debate > vote > governor
state tree
dogwood is the state tree- it is so beautiful and the tree's wood is tough and strong
you can also find the tree all over MO
MO const. does not have this clause
necessary and proper clause
board of equalization
tries to make things fair- you can plead your cases to say your house isn't worth as much ,because you don't want to have to pay as high of taxes
What is the total amount of years an individual may serve in the General Assembly?
16 years
What is the minimum age you must reach to be eligible to vote?
18 years
What is the maximum amount of years a Representative or Senator may serve in the General Assembly as a Representative or Senator?
8 years
What is the lenght of term for a Missouri Supreme Court Judge?
12 yrs
How long is a term for the House of Representatives?
2 Years
leader of the senate
lt. governor (he breaks ties in the senate)
jobs of the attorney general
-has to defend state laws (lawyer defending MO); defends consumers; chief legal officer of state
qualifications of associate circuit judges
qualified voter of state and resident of the country, 25 years old
What are Concorant Powers?
Powers held by both US and State govts
What day are the general partisan elections held?
Tuesday after 1st Monday in November
where does political power originate?
from the people of the state of MO
What is the general election held?
the tuesday next following the first monday in november of each even year
Duties of the State Treasurer
Takes care of all state funds, also determines the amount of money needed for current expenses of the state.
How many articles are int he Missouri Constitution? 13
What are the main sources of income for the state government?
federal money, taxes, and other sources
St. Louis city and St. Louis county
different counties- but they can merge by a majority vote of the people in both areas
What are the Qualifications for State Represenative.
Must be 30 yrs
must be registered voter for 3 yrs
must have lived in the district from which he/she is elected for at least one year
How does a bill become a law?
bill starts in either house of GA, bill passes each house by majority vote, bill is sent to governor to approve or veto
oath of office for state official
they have to agree to uphold the US and MO const.
What is the point of taking an oath?
to uphold the values of the position
What are the qualifications for a governor?
Be at least 30+ years
Us citizen for 15 yrs
live in the state for 10 yrs
How do you override a veto from the governor?
2/3 Vote from House of Representatives & Senate
what is the main duty of the secretary of state?
great seal of the state of missouri
What are the duties of a citizen that are required by law?
pay taxes, serve in military, serve on jury, obey laws, and testify in court
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