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American colonists who remained loyal to Britain and opposed the war for independence
Paul Revere
American silversmith remembered for his midnight ride (celebrated in a poem by Longfellow) to warn the colonists in Lexington and Concord that British troops were coming. Also drew the famous sketch of the Boston Massacre. (1735-1818)
Tea Act
(1773) Law passed by parliament allowing the British East India Company to sell its low-cost tea directly to the colonies - undermining colonial tea merchants; led to the Boston Tea Party
Second Continental Congress
They organized the continental Army, called on the colonies to send troops, selected George Washington to lead the army, and appointed the comittee to draft the Declaration of Independence
Boston Massacre
The first bloodshed of the Amercan Revolution, as British guards at the Boston Customs House opened fire on a crowd killing five americans
First Continental Congress
Delagates from all colonies except georgia met to discuss problems with britain and to promote independence
Dr. Samuel Prescott
Colonist that finished Paul Revere's midnight ride
Battle of Yorktown
Last major battle of the Revolutionary War. Cornwallis and his troops were trapped in the Chesapeake Bay by the French fleet. He was sandwiched between the French navy and the American army. He surrendered October 19, 1781.
Intolerable Acts
in response to Boston Tea Party, 4 acts passed in 1774, Port of Boston closed, reduced power of assemblies in colonies, permitted royal officers to be tried elsewhere, provided for quartering of troops
Quebec Act
A law that set up the government of Canada, and protected the rights of French Catholics.
deep purplish-red.
leader of an Army
to provoke or insult
to go against or disagree
Jefferson's ideas, country should depend on agriculture, as little government as possible
a signed request for something
Stamp Act
taxed legal documents, newspapers, almanacs, playing cards and dice
to not support or do something
a person morally opposed to war
rebels against King George, thought British rule was not fair; most pf the colonists were Patriots
George Washington
Commander of the Continental Army
John Adams
defended British soldiers after the Boston Massacre
John Hancock
Signed the Declaration of Independence so big that King George could read it without his spectacles
What are the dates of the war?
to pay the british soldiersfor their housing
a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, esp. of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.
During the Battle of Quebec, the British were ordered to climb when?
at night
the act of working against one's own goverment
Thomas Jefferson
Main author of the Declaration of Independence
What did General Cornwallis fail to capture?
the carolina's
King George III
the king of england during revolutionary war and he was very crazy and didn't want anything for the Colonists
a factor or circumstance of benefit to its possessor
Northwest Ordinance
outlines steps by which new states would be formed, forbade slavery in the Norwest Territory, declared one section of each township was to be used to support public school
people who flee their homes to seek refuge from war, persecution, or other hardships
a tax on goods brought into the country.
hired to serve in a foreign army, guerrilla organization, etc.
Native Americans
Who won the first battle of Pontiac's War?
Lexington & Concord
"shot heard 'round the world" started the Revolutionary War
money that people must pay in order to support a government
Things king did to annoy
Taxation with no representation, Intolerable acts, Refusing to make laws, Kept armies near them in times of peace, and for quartering large groups of bodies around them
house of representatives
depends on the population fo the state
What was the Boston Massacre?
Colonists didn't welcome British soldiers. There was resentment, fights, and name-calling. On March 5, 1770, a lone soldier was arguing with a colonist and hit him. A crowd gathered throwing snowballs and shouting insults at the soldier. More troops came and they fired, killing 3 colonists including sailor Crispus Attucks and fatally wounding 2
Battle of Long Island
George Washington was outnumbered and had no ships against the British. The British killed, wounded, or captured more than 1400 Americans.
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Marquis de Lafayette
French nobleman who used his own money to buy supplies for American soldiers & convinced the king of France to send 6,000 soldiers to help America
WHo helped the colonists that was from Poland?
Kosciuski and Pulaski
Articles of Confederation
gave most powers of government to the states
French and Indian War
The american colonies were taxed to help pay for the
Who were the Loyalist?
Americans who were loyal to Great Britain
The British capture of Louisburg...
will keep the French from getting supplies to their forts
in the battle of bunker hill, who were colonists led by?
colonel william prescott
Who was the King of England when the Declaration of Independence was signed?
King George III
Who were the rwo main groups that fought this war?
The French and the British
what did allen do with the cannons from fort ticonderoga?
he took them to boston
What were the three main ideas expressed by the Declaration of Independence?
1. All people possess unalienable rights, including the rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" 2. King George III had violated colonists' rights by taxing them w/o their consent, passed unfair laws, and interfered w/ colonial governments 3. The colonies had the right to break away from Britain; gov'ts and rulers must protect citizens' rights
who won the battle of bunker hill?
British, but it showed that the americans were willing to fight
How did colonists protest the Townshend Acts?
1. boycotts 2. Daughters of Liberty 3. Sam Adams wrote a letter to colonial legislatures, who joined protests
How does William Pitt change the strategy for the war?
he sends the best troops to fight, promises to pay colonists for their military help
What happened in the Battle at Concord?
Most of the weapons had been hidden, so British troops set fire to buildings in frustration. The minutemen responded by charging forward and forcing the Redcoats to retreat.
How did women help during the war?
They farmed while the men were gone, they made clothing and blankets, some took care of injured soldiers and the camps.
What was John Paul Jones' most famous victory?
His famous victory was the capture of warship Serapis. The British knocked out his heavy artillery early on. When Captain Richard Pearson called "Has your ship struck?" Jones replied "I have not yet begun to fight!" The battle continued for over two hours, and the Americans wore down the British until they surrendered.
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