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Van Buren
Andrew Jackson
Calvin Coolidge
Thomas Jefferson
Woodrow Wilson
George Bush
1989-1993 Republican
Millard Fillmore
1850 Whig
John Adams
1797 Federalist
Calvin Coolidge [Republican]
John Quincy Adams
George W. Bush
2001-2009 Republican
James Knox Polk
1845 Democrat
Andrew Johnson
17- 1865, Democrat
Franklin DeLano Roosevelt [Democrat]
John Adam's wife
Abigail Adams
William J. Clinton
Rutherford B. Hayes
19- 1876, Republican
Dwight D. Eisenhower
34- 1952, Republican
Treaty of Alliance 1778
(JA) ended
William Mckinley
Chinese Exclusion Act, Assassinated
Hoover 1929-1933 Rep. Stock Market Crash
Warren G. Harding
-Tea Pot Dome Scandal**
-Cars and Planes alter America
(43) G.W. Bush
2001-2009, Rep, ?, 9-11
William Bennett
(RR) attention on educatio reform
Cleveland 1893-1897 Dem. D panic of 1893
(14) Pierce
1853-1857, Dem, F, Kansas Nebraska Act
New Deal
(FDR) , , President Franklin Roosevelt's precursor of the modern welfare state (1933-1939); programs to combat economic depression enacted a number of social insureance measures and used government spending to stimulate the economy; increased power of the state and the state's intervention in U.S. social and economic life. RELIEF, RECOVERY, AND REFORM
(AJohn) northern whites who moved to the south and served as republican leaders during reconstruction
Sandra Day O'Connor
(RR), first female on SC
Spoils System
(AJ) system in which incoming political parties throw out former government workers and replace them with their own friends
Pump Priming
(HH) the spending of government funds in commercial enterprises, to stimulate the national economy
The Mexican War
(JP) 1846-1848 , Mexico broke relations with USA after annexation of Texas. Also, dispute over boundary of Texas (Rio Grande or Nueces River?) Americans interested in New Mexico and California, as well. Polk sent Slidell to try and buy off the Mexicans... they wouldn't budge.Polk ordered Taylor to move army across Nueces River to the Rio Grande- stayed stationed for a while,finally Mexicans crossed river and attacked "MEXICANS" started the war (NOT). America got New Mexico and California, ended with Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
Food Administration
(WW) , This government agency was headed by Herbert Hoover and was established to increase the production of food and ration food for the military.
Gadsen Purchase
(MF) 1853, $10 million land purchase in the desert of flat land for the Southern railroad completion in 1853. completes manifest destiny!
Chester A. Arthur
Pendleton Civil Service Act Reform, Immigration Act of 1882
Scandal at HUD
(GB1) former top officials milked low income housing rehab programs by selling their services as "consultants" to developers seeking valuable contracts, $5.7 million been paid in "consulting fees", 20 receipients, Jack Kemp investigates
Wilmot Proviso
(JP), David Wilmot Bill that would ban slavery in the territories acquired after the War with Mexico (1846), Calhoun against with his compact theory (govt. created by states)
Ending Nuclear Testing
(WJC) us wouldn't test unless another nation did it first
Commodore Dewey
(WMc) , surprise victory over the Span in Spanish- American War in the Philippines
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
(HT) 1949, created in 1949 organization whose members include the US, Canada, most western european nations and turkey all of whom agreedd to combine military forces and to treat a war against one as a war against one as a war against all.
Neutrality Proclamation
(GW) , the United States would not support either side in the war and Americans could not aid either Britain or France
International Military Tribunal*
(HT) Robert Jackson, defined crime as something against - peace, humanity, and international law
Nineteenth Amendment
(WW) , granted women the right to vote in 1920 (Susan B Anthony started campaign)
Open Door Policy*
(WMc), Caleb Cushing said US had right of China, John Hay , A policy proposed by the US in 1899, under which ALL nations would have equal opportunities to trade in China.
First Bank of the US
(GW) 1791-1811, by Hamilton, came about strict vs loose construction
Stock Market Crash 1987
(RR) 1987, due to use of computerized program trading in stocks and stock-index futures by a few large institutional investors, however spring of 1988 steady growth but many jobs were lost
Andrew Jackson's Party
VP - Calhoun, Buren SS - Buren, John Forsyth
Grover Cleveland 2nd Party
VP -Adlai E. Stevenson SS - Richard Olney
Works Progress Administration
(FDR) WPA 1935, , May 6, 1935- Began under Hoover and continued under Roosevelt but was headed by Harry L. Hopkins. Provided jobs and income to the unemplyed but couldn't work more than 30 hours a week. It built many public buildings and roads, and as well operated a large arts project.
National Housing Act
(FDR) 1934 , June 28, 1934- It created the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. It was designed to stop the tide of bank foreclosures on family homes, it instead gave loans
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