Roman Archaeology - Exam 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
hemispherical vault
cloth awning
L'arringatore Avle Metele
forum vorari
depressed area
fuller's workshop (laundromat)
annular vaults
ring shaped vaults
merchants, freed slaves, farmers
80 bce
Roman ruled Pompeii
Colonia Commondiana
Colony of Commodus
realism while emphasizing features
106-48 military and political leader
son of vesp do-gooder 79-81
took over after domitian 96-98
directed initial excavations at Herculaneum beginning in 1738
seating area of theater (semi-circular)
warm bath like sauna, relax
emperor 41-54AD; known for practicality; completed aqueducts
cella meretricia
room for a prostitute
bad son of vesp, wicked 81-96
had large underground burial chambers: Augurs tomb 520, hunting and fishing 510, leopards 480
4th style
return of architectural illusionism, however with architectural vistas that are fantasies, 3d illusions against white background
tribe in South central Apennines; defeated after 3 wars in 290 BC
major Etruscan city-state; home of Portonaccio Temple
Cloaca Maxima
major drain/sewer running through Forum
fine wares
food and drink, imported, decorated
instrument with curved blade and scrape body, put olive oil then use the tool to get dirt and dead skin off
son of Constantous Clhorus, 206 distiniguished self, troopa declared Augustus, instead became Ceaser, battled agianst Maxventius who was in Rome (306-312), finished Basilica that Maxventius started
Ludus Magnus
major gladiatorial training school; adjacent to Colosseum; 6 months of intensive training
large garden partly covered with roof around edges supported by columns, collonade all around cella and its porches
sacred and traditional rites of roman religion- animal sacrifices
forum boarium
housed temple of hercules victor(mid 2nd cent BC) and temple of portunus (75 BC)
c. 730, think of etruscans and villanovans as the same cultures, tradition of metal-working is important to both,
relief carved from stone having layers of dif colors
Porticus Aemilia
193/174BC : market hall and distribution point
Guiseppe Fioerelli
director of excavations at Pompeii beginning in 1860; believed "Archaeology should seek to provide knowledge about the past, not just artwork for collections". Systematically clears Pompeii and organizes it; created plaster casts
"gods dwelling in the store cupboard"; protectors of the house
Another Italian tribe, took over town from Oscans and expanded the original settlement, giving shape to the city center.
damnatio memoriae
damnation of memory, Caracalla rmoved brother Geta from everything
180-192 AD, son of Marcus Aurelius, lack of power raised the power of Praetortian Guard
Trajan's Forum
dedicated in 112 AD, largest, Apollodorius of Damescus designer, used fund from Dacia conquest, function: legal cases, poetry readings, burning of debt,free of slaves, no temple but Basilica
270-275 AD, manages to bring empire back
new capital at Bycanthilium of the East Roman empire
volcano in south east Italy; erupted in 79 AD
Mausoleum of Augustus
in North Campus Martius; tumulus
sacred boundary of rome, can do and not do certain things within it, everything outside was land belonging to rome
temple of portunus
roman looking staircase, ionic engaged columns all around
house of augustus
had 2nd style painting on walla
guardian spirits who took care of the house and household; sometimes though of as deified spirits of ancestors
central region of Italy; home to the Latial Culture and eventually Rome
public square of a Roman city, often situated at the intersection of the cardo and the decumanus.
ruled by four Augustus and Cesar in the East and West
Column of Marcus Aurelius
180-192 AD, campus martius, commemorate wars agianst Germans, built by Commodus
only source of light, 27 ft diameter, balastic rock on bottom and pumice on top, coffer at the top that took off weight
Frumentartiae leges
laws protecting grain, 123 BC fixed price, monthly, 58 BC free grian, 50 BC Ceaser trims list
Timgad, Africa
founded by Trajan, 100 AD, 3000 military vets in city, layout exact square (12 blocks), public laterines, forum, capitolium that was outside the city, arch of trajan: triple, 2nd-3rd
Basilica Nova
looks like bathing complex, 30 ft staute of sitting Constantine in the apps, marble
Temple of Bel
32 AD,columnade, low podeum, western style temple, windows, limestone, roof access
Signs of trouble
wars began agiasnt Germanic tribes, wars agianst Parthians on E. froniter, plauge, debasement of coins
Forum of Augustus
dedicated in 2BC rectangle with colonate on all sides
Flamen, ines
priest assigned to one of the fifteen deities with official cult
writing tablet
made of ivory, filled with wax used stylus, alphabet right to left, letters similar to greek alphabet
Campus Martius
field outside of the city in which meetings were held and served as the exercise grounds for the army
Temple of Juno Moneta
temple on the Capitoline; associated with money and minting
Caste Sant, Angelo
modeled on Maulsoluem of Augustus, 140 AD, enormous drum in rectangular base, tufa/tavertine with marble facing
Temple of Balashamin
local elite built, put statues in columns
Ceasar the title
under the Augustus ruling in the Tetrarchy
Villa of the Mysteries
villa preserved by eruption of Vesuvius; wall paintings in great condition
statue of augustus
20 BC bronze wearing cuirass w/ cosmic rep of new ideology of victory tellus, and the god of the heavens all supporting augustus
Basilica of Trier
lack of cloumnade, in the capital of the W. empire
Arch of Titus
built by Domimus, high point on Via Scara near Fla. Amp, marable, single span arch, celebrates victories of Vespains and Titus in Jerusalem
Temple of Mars Ultor
on the Forum of Augustus; vengeance for death of Caesar
orthogonal plans (Hippodamian Plan)
the imposition of a strict grid plan on a site, regardless of the terrain, so that all the streets meet at right angles.
Arch of Sepitmus Severus
203 AD, Roman forum, made of travntine with marble columns, commemorates victories over Pathians, captive Pathians soldiers on side,
Victory Temples at Largo Argentina
temples set up in the Campus Martius by victorious generals after being granted this right
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