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Terms Definitions
rooved porch
Used wide-scaled
row of columns
-opening of dome
semi-circular wing (like Vatican)
arches side by side.
Arch of Constantine
312-315 AD.
Engaged Columns
Embedded into structure.
Originally a civic building
3rd level of the colosseum
rounded intersection of multiple vaults. larger = more problems
Gigantic umbrella, protected people from the blazing heat of the sun. 100 sailors lived in the colosseum to take care of it. 1,000 men needed to raise it.
Two major contributions
Arch and concrete
March-September. When Emperor fell, concrete wasn't used anymore.
Engaged column
Used for decorative purposes
Rosedale Arch KCK
Commemorates WW1 veterans
Central plan church
dome, ex: the pantheon
2nd level of the colosseum
Ionic columns
opus caementicum
very small stones (eventually sand-like) mixed and layered with lime mortar
triangular portion on top of column/portico
Arch of Titus
Vaulted passageway. Pilasters-support. Attic-stored trophies. Built by his brother.
Meeting places, hygiene place. Baths of Caracolla.
Cloaca Maxima
-Great server
-Got rid of waste
The Colosseum
first known as the Flavian Ampitheatre, 80 arches
Triumphal arches
built for emperors, war heroes-older ones have 3 arches
opus incertum
irregularly places stones over a concrete core. Decorated with colored stucco or plaster
large rectangular piece on top of column
Cloaca Maxima (Great Sewer)
Dumped into Tiger River.
Arch de Triomphe
Paris 1806-36. Built by Napoleon.
Maison de Carée. Small. Urban areas, lots of conjestion. Dedicated to Gods.
-Quick way for people to exit
-50,000 could exit in 5 minutes
How many manipulations of arches are there?
Arc di Triomphe
Located in Paris 1806-36 for napoleon
3rd century BC
colored stucco or plaster, limestone concrete
Three manipulators
Vault Barrel. Vault lots of arches placed together to make one big one. Groin vault. Two barrels crossed. A little more complex
Line with statues. The sun would shine over each statue
Barrel Vault
Simple vault of multiple arches to make a tunnel
The pantheon (dome)
-The pantheon (Temple of the Gods
-Made by Hadrian
Two types of Christian buildings.
Basilica and the central plan
2 prototypes of Christian
The Basilica and The Central Plan
baths of Caracalla
built by emperor caracalla to try and cleanse his sins, around 212-216 AD, had hot and cold pools, shopping centers
Materials used to make concrete
Lime, ash, and sand and/or stone
What was the concrete made of?
lime, volcanic ash, sand, and stone
What were the baths in Rome used for?
-Places to hang out
-Meeting places
-Hygiene rituals
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