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Terms Definitions
Forum marketplace
castellum resrvoir
tali knucklebones
taeda torch
sepulcrum tomb
Lanista Trainer
sellae seat
formalism/conservatism ...
Nomina “Name”
cognomen nick name
rostra speaker's platform
insula city block
nomen family name
far hardy wheat
strigilis bath scraper
sarcophagus stone coffin
Gaius Marius ...
carceres starting gates
Burrus Guardian of Nero
hoc habet! he's hit!
tunica short-sleeved woolen shirt
frigidarium bath cold room
Manumission Freeing of slaves
aedile 4; city mayor
Senate ELigability: Ex-Magistrates
Size: 300--600--900
Duties: income/expenditures of state; Llegistative, diplomatic advise, gave advise
753 B.C. founding of Rome
nomen (gentile) middle name (family)
palus fencing at a post
amusement places circus, theater, amphitheater
Parentalia festival of dead parents
compluvium a rain collecting roof
trigon, trigonis, m ball game
Appian, The Civil Wars ...
What is breakfast called? ientaculum
dies lustricus ninth day- naming day
consecrare dedicating the good luck charm
equites occupied first 14 theater rows
Suasoria sort of a persuasive speech
lavinia latinus' daughter who marries aeneus
auspicium Watching the sky for birds!
What is a palla? outer cloak
stola floor length strapped dress without sleeves
"Republican" Offices Established by Augustus. 1. Consulship/imperator 2. censorship--does census and morality
Pontifex Maximus chief priest and government official
Mezentius wounded by Aeneas, father of Lausus
hannibal captain of the carthage army. hannibal's elephants
"Callimachean" aesthetics Callimachean aestethics: non epic poems, should be small
Ager publicus Public Land, problems with it.
Gamoroi Narrow oligarchies, composed of the descendents of the first settlers, for a long time controlled the best land and the public offices-these are in Syracuse-those who shared the land.
paterfamilias supreme in his own home, absolute power over children
bulla locket to protect the evil spirits from the boy children
Mercury Sent by Jupiter, convinces Aneas to leave Dido and continue his task
dextras iungere joining of the couple's right hands
empire a land with different territories and people under a single ruler
Evander King of Arcadian, agrees to help Aeneas, throws Aeneas a feast
Catilinian Conspiracy Catiline plots overthrow and Cicero defends Rome
haruspex/haruspices (pl) Looking at internal organs of sacrificail animals...liver most important needed to be in good shape
Bestiarius (Gladiator type) Bestiarius & Venator (vs. animals)
What did the Romans cook with? earthenware pots
Regia Sacred building in the Roman Forum between the via Sacra and the Temple of Vesta, believed to have been built by king Numa; residence of the king during the regal period, thereafter headquarters of the pontifex maximus.
Nobiles The men from the families that were elected for important government positions. They could be both plebian of patrician.
Turnus A warrior of a nearby kingdom to Latnium, who lusts after Lavinia. He is convinced by Furry Allecto to trun on the Trojans
Rhea Silvia and Mars parents of Romulus and Remus
Forum of Julius Caesar Also known as forum lalium
7 kings of rome rentalist. romulus. numa. tullus. ancus. lucius. servius tulius. tarquin the proud.
Marcus Porcius Cato wanted to put conspirators to death
Patria Potestas Father (Pater) and those living under his power (Patria potestas): wife an children
Infra Classem And those who could not (“below those summoned”) see above.
Rhetoric One of the new ideas taken from the Greeks by the Romans in the third and second centuries B.C. This opened the door for a good public career
Ars Amatoria Written by Ovid; "the art of love"; advice to men on how to seduce women
quintus fabius maximus the dalyer- delayed the assault and wore hannibal's troops down
Verginius and Verginia Verginia is the daughter of Verginius and brother of Lucius Icilius. Appius Claudius lusts after her; sends Marcus Claudius to say she is his slave; taken to ourt where Appius says she should remain in custody of MC. She can return to Home for one day bail. Verginius kills his kills his daughter and flees. People turn on Appius.
What was the curia? where town councils and curiae (tribes) met; where the Senate met in Rome
Apollonius of Rhodes Tells the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece
What was the Bona Dea? festival where Vestal Virgins and women honored goddess of chastity
imp. of the 2nd punic war econ growth, carthage destroyed. 2 imperialism 3 culture, hellenization of rome
preserved to one day Why is the site of Pompeii so unique and important for archeologists?
cena dinner
pistrina bakery
libertus freedman
ustrina crematory
Familia Family
lictors ...
Constantine .
aqueducts led water
curia senate house
insulae apartment houses
paedagogus child's attendant
candelabrum tall lampstand
praenomen chosen name
lictor body guard
Tepidarium Warm room
secunda mensa dessert course
plebs lower class people
capillis solutis disheveled hair
alae wings off atrium
Instrumentum property of owner
strigilis, strigilis, f strigil
Triclinium Triclinium: dining room
mater familias managed household affairs
Livius Andronicus wrote the odussia
toga virilis adult male toga
Rhertor 15 years and up
Tarquinius Priscus Etruscan fifth king
palus, pali, m fencing post
olive oil used instead of butter
Pallas' Belt 50 sons and daughters
Tiber River river Rome situated on
Liberalia festival of Liber or Bacchus
anatomy the study of body structure
Social War war with Italian allies
Gaius Cassius And brutus did it
Hoplon hoplite-Greek armored infantryman who carried a heavy shield (hopolon) and fought in pitched battle as part of a massed formation (phalanx).
caput aquarum head of water-begin water source
Palinurus Trojan helmsman of Aeneas' ship; washed overboard, his burial site becomes a cape (Palinuro) on the western coast of Lucania that bears his name. Aneas sees him in the underworld, he didnt recieve proper burial
public baths contained baths, gymnasium, libraries, lounge, garden
Ludus Magnus the great gladiatorial training school
palla single colorful piece of material draped over the shoulders and around the body or over the head as well
AD 68-69 year of 4 emperors, Galba/Otho/Vitellius/Vespasian
Robigalia mildew, rust, avoid blight on crops.
Tablinum room or alcove off atrium; office
Polis “city” “city state” (Greek) by the end of the 8th century, some of the Greek colonies of Sicily and southern Italy began these.
Who was the king of Clusium? Lars Porsenna
Princeps Name given to leaders during Augustan rule
Comitia Tributa popular assembly that elected other officials
Anchises Aeneas's father, tells him of Rome's future
Juno Queen of the Gods, is against Aeneas
tacitus roman historian that wrote annals and actual history
AD 395-565 Division of Empire, Romulus Augustulus and Justinian
De Rerum Natura "On the nature of things
Who guarded the fire of Vesta? vestal virgins
Curia 1. The earliest group into which Roman citizens were divided; 2. The meeting place of a citizen unit or other group, in particular a senate or town council. The principal meeting place for Rome’s own senate was the building called the Curia in the Forum.
Podium 1. supporting platform of a building or temple, from which public speeches were often delivered; 2. balcony of a theater or arena from which the emperor viewed the event; imperial dais.
Cum Manu marriage "with the hand" where the bride switches pater familias and her land also goes over to the pater familias. This way of marriage was more traditional and the bride and groom feed eachother cake
1) bride switches pater familias
2) men never switch pater familias
3) Pater Familias is your oldest direct living ancestor
(know tree diagram demonstratin done in class)
Tiresias says that Narcissus will live to see old age if he never comes to know himself. blind prophet
Cursus Honorum order of offices from quaestor to praetor to consul
Vault an arched brick or stone ceiling or roof
imperium the right to command given by the gods
Catiline Had a plan to overthrow rome, Quintis Curius reveals plan to Mistress
Who served the legate? 6 tribunes and a prefect
Origins Cato the Elder wrote this the first prose history in Latin-Origins being the main theme of the work.
Tibullus wrote 2 or 3 books, wrote about the shut out lover, the soldier of love, and symposiums. Risque.
Monarchy period of 7 kings from 753 to 509 BC
Pompey (the Great) Part of triumpherate. Served as a Consol killed pirates
What did Samnites fight with? short swords and long shields
Ius Gentium The part of the law, according to the Romans, which appied both to them, and to foreigners. This means "The law of nations."
senatus consultum ultimum After he reveals the conspiracy to the senate, this is passed, allowing Rome to raise an army, wage war, unlimited control given to Cicero
Ara Maxima An alter dedicated in honor of one or more gods, where a sacrifice could be made-this was dedicated to the Greek hero Heracles (Latin, Hercules).
What is a toga praetexta? white toga with purple stripe on border worn by boys
In what months are the Nones and Ides two days later? March, May, July and October
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