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distal end
Terms Definitions
finger bones
Coracoid process

Lesser tubercle

os coxa
tibial tuberosity
olecranon fossa
pubic symphysis
Name this bone
upper limbs
arms(brachium), forearms(antibrachium), wrists(carpus), hands
The flat, ligamentous _________________ divides the forearm into an anterior (flexor) compartment and a posterior (extensor) compartment.
lateral condyle of tibia
LANDMARKS-radial head, radial tuberosity, ulnar norch, styloid process
ARTICULATIONS-elbow, wrist, proximal & distal radioulnar joints
sacroiliac joint
greater sciatic notch
AC joint stands for?
Acromioclavicular joint
LANDMARKS-head, greater & lesser tubercle, intertubercular groove, anatomical neck, surgical neck, deltoid tuberosity, radial groove, medial & lateral epicondyles, condyle(trochlea, capitulum), coronoid fossa, olecranon forssa, radial fossa
ARTICULATIONS-elbow joint, glenohumeral joint
thigh - 1 per side
The joints of the metatarsals.
Metatarsophalangeal joint
lateral bone of forearmhead: flat, disc shaped proximal endradial tuberosity: rough anterior projection on medial side just distal to the headstyloid process: slender, pointed projection; distal end
tarsal bones
7 tarsal bones-talus, calcaneus, cuboid, navicular, medial & intermediate & lateral cuneiform
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pubic angle in females are
80-90 degrees
in pectoralis major, the clavicular head can aid the arm in
rounded knob on the humerus; adjoins the radius
Palm of hand5 metacarpal bones that make up the palm o the hand. They are numbered as Roman numerals I to V from the metacarpal of the thumb to the little finger. articulate with the carpals proximally and with the phalanges distally
the medial and lateral epicondyles are bony side projections on the ______ humerous that provide surfaces for muscle attachment
small pyramid shaped, medial to lunate bone, articulates with articular disk that separates the ulnar head from wrist
the palmar fascia is continuous with the
The circular head of the radius is held close to the ulna by the ____________________ ligament.
bones that articulate with the clavicle
sternum and scapula
Os Coxa: Ischium
inferior, posterior portion of os coxaischial tuberosity: large, roughened projection on posterior and inferior edgelesser sciatic notch: smaller indentation between ischial spine and ischial tuberosity
where are the phalangeal bones located?
in the fingers
cleidocranial dysostosis is what?
the absence of a clavicle
the ____ is the only attachment the arms have to the trunk of the body
where the clavicle meets the sternum (specifically the MANUBRIUM) is known as?
Name the following: 12, 13, 14
12. carpals
13. metacarpals
14. phlanges
The glenoid cavity articulates with which bone?
Head of the humerus
what does the deep fascia surround
adjacent muscles, compartmentalizing and binding them into functional groups
Name the following: 1 - 7
1. calcaneous
2. Talus
3. Navicular
4. medial Cunieform
5. intermediate cunieform
6. lateral cunieform
7. cuboid
Name the following: 1 - 7
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the false pelvis is everything ____ the ____ ____
above - pelvic brim
Bone markings formed by ilium, ischium, and pubis
acetabulum: deep indentation for head of the femurobturator foramen: largest foramen in the skeleton
what do the metacarpal bones make up?
the palm of the hand
the true pelvis is everything ____ to the ____ ____
inferior - pelvic brim
what does the pectoralis major attach to
clavicle, sternum, and costal cartilages (ribs 2-6) to the lateral, proximal humerus (greater tubercle)
what is the action of the pectoralis major
medially rotates the humerus
draws the scapula anterior and infriorly (via clavicular attachment)
Name the following parts:
1 - 8
1. scapoid
2. lunate
3. triquitrum
4. pisiform
5. trapezium
6. trapezoid
7. capitate
8. hamate
Name the following parts:
1 - 8
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where is the olecranon fossa located?
the distal posterior portion of the humerous just superior to the trochlea
where does the serratus anterior originate
at the upper 8 or 9 ribs
the suprascapular notch of the scapula provides what?
passage of the suprascapular nerve and blood vessels
what are most fractures caused by
a fall on a pronated and outstretched arm

they include the clavicle, surgical neck of the humerus radius and the scaphoid bones
the spine of the scapula broadens laterally to form what?
the bony tip of the shoulder called the acromian process
what is the action of the serratus anterior
it protracts the scapula against the thoracic wall

also rotates shoulder medially

Inferior angle

supraspinious fossa

linea aspera
supraspinous fossa
surgical neck
ischial spine
Shoulder Girdle
****Scapula (2)******************************Clavicles (2)**********************
Sternal (medial) end
LANDMARKS-pyramidal sternal end, flat acromial end, sternal and acromial facets,
conoid tubercle, costal tuberosity
ARTICULATIONS-sternoclavicular joints, acromialclavicular joint
medial condyle of femur
true(lesser) pelvis, false(greater) pelvis, pelvic brim, pelvic inlet, pelvic outlet
There are _____ tarsal bones.
LANDMARKS-body, superior, medial, and lateral border & angle, glenoid cavity, subscapular fossa, coracoid process, acromion process, scapular spine, supraspinous fossa, infraspinous fossa
ARTICULATIONS-glenohumeral joint, acromioclavicular joint
toe bones -14 per side
partial fracture
bone is partially broken
The _________________ (big toe) bears the weight load for each foot.
Carpal Tunnel affects which nerve?
Median Nerve
forearm bone - 1 per side
male true pelvis description
elongated - narrower
Appendicular Skeleton
1. scapula
2. clavicle
3. humerus
4. ulna
5. radius
6. carpals
7. metacarpals
8. phalanges
9. coxal bone
10. pubis
11. ischium
12. ilium
13. femur
14. patella
15. tibia
16. fibula
17. calcaneus
18. talus
19. tarsel
20. metatarsals
21. phalanges
bones of the shoulder girdle
scapula and clavicle
in anatomical position these bones are _________ to one another
the plural form for finger bones is
metacarpal bones
articulate with distal carpal bones and support the hand, I-V are used to identify beginning with lateral metacarpal which articulates with trapezium, metacarpal I articulates with proximal bone of thumb
The Axillary and Radial Nerves:

what gives rise to the axillary and radial nerves
posterior cord
the lower portion of either innominate bone.
The ______ is the weight bearing bone of the leg.
what muscle overlies the subscapular fossa?
the subscapularis muscle
In the Axilla:

lateral wall =
biceps brachii and coracobrachialis
The _____________ and the ____________ are the origins of the flexor and extensor muscles of the forearm.
medial epicondyle; lateral epicondyle
sternoclavicular joint
where the sternal (medial end) of the clavicle articulates with the manubrium of the sternum
which bone is the largest and longest bone in the upper extremity?
the humerous
the head of the radius, along with articulating with the capitulum of the humerous, also articulates with the ____ of the ulna
radial notch
what travels in the axilla?
brachial artery and brachial plexus
The neck of the femur is ____ cm in length.
what is located on the anterior side of the scapula?
the subscapular fossa
what is the deep fascia of the hand known as
palmer fascia
the hand is composed of
5 bones called metacarpals and they are named by number...laterally first
the distal heads of the metacarpals form the
knuckles of a clenched fist
what does the median cubital vein allow
communication between basilic and cephalic veins at the anterior elbow (in cubital fossa)
true or false...both the radius and the ulna have a styloid process?
true...both at the distal end...they both provide support for articulation of the wrist
The Median Nerve:

what gives rise to two roots of the median nerve?
the medial cord and lateral cord
what is the function of the coracoid process
helps to stabilize the anterior portion of the shoulder joint...
in the serratus anterior, if nerve supply is injurd,you wll see a
winged scapula when arms are raised anteriorly
crucifixion involves punding a large nail between the
distal ends of the radius and ulna or between the carpal bones of the wrist and damages the median nerve
what type of fascia is in the brachial fascia
deep fascia that encloses the extremity extending to the humeral epicondlyes and the olecranon of the ulna
how does the clavicle assist in the shoulders movement?
the clavicle binds the shoulder to the axial skelton and positions the shoulder joint away from the trunk for freedom of movement

Subscapular fossa

acromial end

(Radius) Head

Greater trochanter
Coracoid process
obturator foramen
Partial Separation?
Medial Supracondylar ridge

Name the bone (#11)
The Pectoral Girdle Includes
Tibia (leg bone)
medially locatedmedial/lateral condyle: flattened expanded medial projection on proximal end/lateral sidetibial tuberosity: large roughened projection on anterior surface, inferior to condylesanterior border (crest): slender ridge on anterior surface; shinmedial malleolus: medial process on distal end, forms medial bump on ankle
lower limbs
femur(thigh), patella(kneecap), tibia and fibula(leg), tarsal bones, metatarsal bones, phalanges of the foot
leg - 1 per side
The greater and lesser tronchanter provide _____________ to muscles.
shoulder girdle bone that is unattached to the axial skeleton
the capitulum articulates with the _____ of the radius
hand bones - 5 per side
female acetabula description
smaller - farther apart
The ________ separates the anterior and posterior compartment of the leg
interosseus membrane
distal condyle of the humerus that articulates with the ulna
the coronoid process forms the anterior portion of the trochlear notch and fits into the _____ when the elbow is flexed
coronoid fossa
The posterior surface depression at the distal end of the humerus is?
Olecranon fossa
Colles Fracture
Fracture of the distal radius.
Very common in adults, especially elderly who suffer from osteoporosis &/or when extending a hand while trying to break a fall.
what does the deep fascia lack
adiose tissue
The lowest part of the hip bone.
Ischial tuberosity
The calcaneus is the bone of the _____.
what is the dense regular connective tissue that holds the radius and ulna together called?
interosseous membrane
scaphoid bone
proximal on lateral border of the wrist, closest to syloid process of wrist
compound or open fracture
bone is exposed to outside
The clavicle acts as a ____ to hold the shoulder up and away from the rib cage.
On the posterior aspect of the rib cage the scapula lays over which ribs?
#2-7 ribs
just one bone of the finger is called a
colles' fracture
fracture at the distal end of the radius
The strong skeletal musle support place protectively around the pectoral girdle are attached to the:
ribs, sternum, and vertebrae
the primary superficial drainage is from the following veins:
cephalic vein
basilic vein
median cubital vein
the central part of the palmer fascia is called the
palmer aponeurosis
The eight bones of the wrist.

Proximal row (medial to lateral)

Distal row
acromioclavicular joint (AC joint)
where the acromial (lateral) end of the clavicle articulates with the "acromian" of the scapula
In the Brachial Plexus:

which gives rise o most nerves of the uper limb
C5-C8 and T1 spinal nerve
what articulates the closest with the glenoid cavity?
the head of the humerous
The forearm (antebrachium) includes
2 long bones: the ulna and the radius
is the pectoral girdle strong?
no, unlike the pelvic girdle it does not support the weight of the body, thus you consistently hear of broken collarbones and dislocated shoulders
there will be diminished abduction since the serratus work with the ___
trapezius to rotate the glenoid fossa superiorly.
what is located between the two tubercles of the humerous and what passes through it?
the intertubercular groove, one of the tendons of the biceps brachii muscle
In the Posterior Branch of the Spinal Nerve trunks:

the posterior division suppplies the
extensor parts of the upper extemity
what is the treatment of a colles fracture?
immobilizing the affected bones with a splint or cast
In the phalanges (digits), each digit has
3 phalanxes except digit 1 (thumb or pollix), which only has 2
what is colles' fracture and what is another name for it?
fracture of the end of the radius, silver fork deformity
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