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Terms Definitions
Reform Programs
farm security administration
nicknames of shantyvilles
taxes on imported goods
buy now, pay later
Helped businesses recover. Reduced work week, created a minimum wage, and ended child labor
public works
government financed bilding projects
John Collier
Helped create the IRA
belief that native-born Americans are superior to foreigners
What is the only industrialized country in the world that does not provide state sponsored health care insurance to all it's citizens?
Bull Market
upward trend in stock market
J. Edgar Hoover
Head of the FBI
represented new freedoms of the 1920's
Social Security Act
Provided pensions, unemployment insurance, and aid to blind, deaf, disabled, and dependent children.
Tennessee Valley Authority
still have it today,makes electricity,prevents flooding, teaches scientific farming
Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act
Established the highest protective tariff in United States history.Designed to protect american farmers and manufacturers from foreign competition. It prevented other countries from earning american currency to buy american goods. U.S could no longer export goods.
Fireside Chat
radio speeches given by president Roosevelt
Mary Bethune
Black American educator who started school for Black students/part of FDR's Black Cabinet to promote equality
banks inspected and those stable could reopen
Investing ina risky business in hopes of making a large profit.
"Second" New Deal
Jan 1935-Sept1935- Reorganized fed program for jobless relief. Assistance to rural poor,Supp for org labor, social welfare benefits for elder, stricker business reg, heavier taxes on wealthy.
a city district inhabited by people living in huts and shanties
AJ Muste
Socialist leader who gathered the jobless into Unemployed Leagues to demand work
National Youth Administration
Provided Edu, jobs, Counseling, Recreation for youth
Bear market
a market characterized by falling prices for securities
Great Crash
The collapse of the American stock market in 1929
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
authorized 2 million for emergency financing for banks, life insurance companies, railroads, and other large businesses. hoover believed in the Trickle down effect.
Sen. Huey Long
Louisiana Senator and Governor, called KING FISH
Walt Disney/Mickey Mouse/Snow White
Initially, this champion of entertainment and animation created cartoon shorts for theaters starring his cartoon mouse character. He later produced feature length animated films, his first being Snow White (1937).
fireside chats
radio addresses by president FDR to calm fears
born in 1882, the former governor of New York. He won the election of 1932 by stating that he had "a new deal for the American People." He severed as president for 4 terms. He unlike presidents before himself he abandoned the Laissez-Faire and aw his role as president as being hands on with the American People. He broadcast "fireside chats" over the radio which millions of Americans listened to. He did many things to help to country to recover from the Great Depression starting with building up trust of the Americans in the banks. One of his greatest works to help the American people was the Federal Emergency Relief Act which handed out government money to those who needed it.
Black Thursday
October 24, 1929; almost 13 million shares sold that day alone
not having much to do with foreign affairs
"Brain Trust"
group of close advisors with expertise in their particular fields; most associated with FDR's advisors
Great Depression
economic hard times in the United States (1929 - 1941)
Black Thursday [Oct 24, 1929]
( through monday)
extremely rapid trading
investors-->psychological panic to sell stock -->stocks declined in value -key baning houses saw stocks trading, were very confident so they bought stocks so the selling of stocks stopped, bank closed, so they could catch up over the weekend -they opened back up on monday & nothing happened.
relief should come from
local/state govt., charities, the wealthy, churches/religion
stock market
The ________ _____ became the most visible symbol of prosperity in the 20's
Ohio Gang
A group of poker-playing, men that were friends of President Warren Harding. Harding appointed them to offices and they used their power to gain money for themselves. They were involved in scandals that ruined Harding's reputation even though he wasn't involved.
Works Progress Administration (WPA)
built schools, hositpals, hired artists, writers, composers, photographers, etc.
Bonus Army
a group of WWI veterans and their families who marched to DC and demanded the immediate payment of a bonus they had been promised for military service
Bank holiday
Colosed every bank for 8 days, see which had enough money or were good and who weren't
To buy something or to put money into business to make money.
What tracked state of stock market?
Dow Jones industrial average
New Deal
two series of bills passed by Congress during FDR's time in office, intended to combat the effects of the Great Depression. The first, also known as the 100 days legislation, included the Emergency Banking Relief Act, Civilian Conservation Corps, Federal Emergency Relief Administration, Agricultural Adjustment Administration, Tennessee Valley Authority, National Industry Recovery Act, and the Public Works Administration. The second took place from 1935-1938 and it included the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act, Social Security Act, National Labor Relations Act, Resettlement Administration, National Housing Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act.
black tuesday
marketed the beginning of the GD Oct. 10, 1929
william faulkner
novelist who wrote about people in the southern United States
John Steinbeck
a novelist who added flesh and blood to journalist's reports of poverty and misfortune; he published The Grapes of Wrath in 1939
Court Packing Plan
Court reform bill, allow president to appoint an additional Supreme Court justice for each current justice over the age of 70, up to a max of 6 appointments. (Dilute power of older, conservative judges)
national labor relations board
guaranteed workers the right to iragnize which menat that they could be in unioins withuout consequences
Emergency Banking relief act
the ___________ _________ _______ ____ shut down banks until they were inspected by the government
Grain Stabilization Corporation and the Cotton Stabilization Corporation
What two Corporations bolstered sagging prices by buying surpluses
Securities and Exchange Comission
an independent agency of the government that regulates financial markets and investment companies. FBI for stock market
migrant worker
people who move to find work so they can make money.
Stock Market Crash
in 1929, people lost all there money in the stock market as people purchased stocks on credit and couldn't pay it back.
New Deal goal #1- relief
immediate aid to the worst sufferers
What New Deal required full disclosure of information concerning the stock market?
Security and exchange commission
Hawley-Smoot Tariff
an act signed into law on June 17, 1930, that raised U.S. tariffs on over 20,000 imported goods to record levels
some causes of great depression
people lost confidence in business, over production, farms and factories produced too much, prices dropped, then wages dropped, and people stopped buying goods, weak bank system
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
Provided employment in fresh - air government camps for about 3 million uniformed young men
The Ku Klux Klan was also called the KKK. Claimed to want a "morally pure" and "racially" pure America. It became a strong force in many states in America. In 1924 the KKK claimed to have 5 million members. It tried to influence national, state and local
Ku Klux Klan
led to a worldwide depression
the collapse of the american economic system
What did the economic polices of Warren G. Harding hope to do?
Government to actively assist business
When did the Depression begin?
When the stock market crashed on October 28 and 29th, 1929.
Relief, Recovery, and Reforms.
What were the 3 major goals of the Hundred Days legislation?(The 3 R's)
What does the period in which a large amount of legislation was passed in the first month of Franklin Roosevelt's presidency refer to?
The first 100 days
Why did new liberals want a strong government?
To protect them from large businesses
What was the dust bowl?
it didnt rain for a year and a half

no water for crops

the top soil got blown away

wells go dry

crasshopper and lotus form swarms and eat vegitaion


no grass for cattle
What are some results of the dust bowl regarding medical issues?
People and animals became sick and/or died from the dust.
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