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Marbury v. Madison
Ineffective, Klutzy [ANT: Competent]

used by british navy during napoleonic wars
impressed seamen from neutral vessels, including neutralized americans
angered Americans
eventually led to war of 1812
a formalization of the Romantic Movement. It infused Romantic impulse with mysticism, a belief in the possibility of direct communion with God and knowledge of ultimate reality through spiritual insight.
Colonists who wanted independence from Britain
John Calvin
16th century swiss protestant theologen. Founder of Calvinism.
18th cent philosophical movement that emphasized the use of reason to reevaluate previously accepted doctrines and traditions. Encouraged examination of the world and independence of mind.
Of the many reform movements that developed from the 1820s to the Civil War, the one with the most widespread popular support was concerned with
American System
Consisted of 3 parts:
Strong banking system to supply credit
Protective tariff to provide funding
A network of roads and canals to knit the country economically and politically.
the economic system where the main goal of the nations was to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by establishing a favorable balance of trade
Hartford Convention
group of federalists met in hartford
protest war of 1812 and propose amendments to constitution
wanted to protect commercial interests of new england
amendments:repeal 3/5 comp, require 2/3 vote to admission of states and declaring war, reduced congress's power to restrict trade, illegal for naturalized citizens to hold national office
Stamp Act Congress
intercolonial organization that passed resolutions protesting the Stamp Act; called it “taxation without consent”
Utopian communities
Societies that believed in communal perfection
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
independent finance agency during reconstruction of WW1 modeled after the War Finance Corporation of World War 1
Hay-Pauncefote Treaty
Great Britain recognized US influence over Panama and remained neutral. US is given full control of area.
A Spanish word meaning district or neighborhood Spanish community in a U.S city.
Virginia Plan
Also called the Big State Plan; established House of Representatives and wanted one legislature
fort necessity
A hastily built British fort where Washington attempted to defeat the French. However, the French took the fort and forced Washington to surrender.
About how many members did the National Labor Union, organized in 1866 attract?
600,000 members.
6. Puritan migration
Many Puritans emigrated from England to America in the 1630s and 1640s. During this time, the population of the Massachusetts Bay colony grew to ten times its earlier population.
convoy system
navy developed special boats that were able to destory submarines, this helped by drastically reducing the damage made by the German U boats
Old Immigrants
arriving in immense wave in the 1800's
they were extremely poor peasants who later became the man-power for canals and railroad construction
had a large impact on America shaping many of its moral
Gettysburg Address
Speech given by Lincoln at Gettysburg that gave Union Army motivation that eventually led them to defeat tghe Confederates at Gettysburg
Northwest Ordinances
a series of ordinances that proclaimed how (gave a solid plan-no slaves, grids, et) the northwest Territory was to become states.
Johnson Debt Default Act 1934
Prevented debt-dodging nations from borrowing further in the U.S.  If attacked again by aggressors, these countries wouldn’t receive help
Free Soil Party
liked popular sovereignty, wanted to keep slavery out of the west
Frontier of Inclusion/Exclusion
natives part of society: natives not part of society
Compromise of 1850
North- (better deal) Cali admitted as free tipping the balance, Texas lost territory to NM and OK, slave trade gone but slavery still legal in D.C. South- (got jipped) fugitive slave law passed, TX was paid million for the land lost to NM, popular sovereignty in mex cession lands opened a lot of land to slavery but land was too dry to raise cotton
Boston Massacre (1770)
Clash between British soldiers and a Boston mob, March 5, 1770, in which five colonists were killed
Quemoy, Matsu
Small islands off the coast of China occupied by the nationalists and claimed by the People's Republic. Late in 1954, the U.S. hinted at defending them because they were considered vital to the defense of Formosa, even though they were not expressly covered by the mutual defense treaty.
John Winthrop
minister that set up the MA Bay Colony; invested his faith in God and his own efforts in the task of creating a spiritual community; described to the passengers on the Arbella as the two imperatives of human existence: "that every man might have need of other, and from hence they might be all knit more nearly together in the Bond of brotherly affection."
79 American System—
This was Henry Clay’s three part plan to improve the U.S. economic condition through the 2nd National Bank, internal improvements and protective tariffs.
Covenants of grace/works
The covenant of grace promises eternal life for all people who receive forgiveness of sin through Christ. Covenants of works promised life for obedience and death for disobedience.
Missouri Compromise
voted that Missouri was a slave state and that Maine was a free state
Glass-Steagall Act of 1933
formed FDIC (federal deposit insurance corporation)
insured your bank deposits up ot $2,500 so that you wouldn't lose your money if the bank failed
Who said "If I could change the union by freeing all the slaves..."?
Abraham Lincoln
Monroe Doctrine
1823 America now was a major power and told European countries to stay out of the western Hemisphere
85 Emancipation Proclamation—
Issued by Lincoln, the ____ ____ freed slaves only in the states under rebellion.
Confederate Financing of the war
they financed mostly with unbacked paper money, which caused major inflation. riots broke out with the soaring prices and people started refusing confederate money. they also had confederate bonds. but they did not tax the rich people so most of it didnt come from taxes.
French and Indian War
War in which France, allied with the Indians, fight Britain (Part of the Seven Years War)
Act of Havana
1940 - Approved by the 21 delegates of the Pan-American Union. Declared that any Latin American nation was permitted, in the name of defense, to take over and administer any European possession in the New World.
Indentured servants
people who worked for about 7 yrs of undivided labor for 'master' in exchange for shelter, food, etc during that time as well as paid passage to NA.
set fire to most public buildings
British force landed in Chesapeake Bay area and dispersed militia at Bladensburg.
Entered Washington and burned public buildings.
All of the following events took place during President James Buchanan's first six months in office, causing his undoing, except:
the resignation of his vice-president.
Great Britain: Trent, Alabama, Laird rams, "Continuous Voyage"
A Union frigate stopped the Trent, a British steamer and abducted two Confederate ambassadors aboard it. The Alabama was a British-made vessel and fought for the Confederacy, destroying over 60 Northern ships in 22 months. The Laird rams were ships specifically designed to break blockades; the English prevented them from being sold to the South.
14. The Great Awakening was a reaction to
a. The flood of immigrants
b. Established churches in many of the colonies
c. Churches' earlier failure to take account of people's emotional needs
d. Guilt over the evils of slavery
e. The overly strict
c. Churches' earlier failure to take account of people's emotional needs
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