Short Stories Vocabulary 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
endlessly; constantly
unwise, foolish
delicately pretty
not cultured
dreadful; terrible
perpetrate (verb)
to commit
manor of walking
conflicts are resolved
The Interlopers By
subterfuge or trick
a sudden wish/urge
Swimming to Antarctica
Lynne Cox
The flying machine
ray bradbury
Humble request or prayer
Naomi Ramirez
Catch the Moon
Rep. sniper gets shot.
a category of literature
outward aspect or appearance.
to be inflicted with insanity
Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain
Jessica Mitford
dramatic irony
irony that is dramatized
diverging from given straight line
a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feeling
Charlotte Perkings Gillman
The Yellow Wallpaper
adj. intensely devoted and enthusiastic
not based on fact or investigation
a recurring image in the story
a tightening or becoming taut tense
Narrator of "Everyday Use." unreliable speaker; dynamic and round character; opinionated and masculine
Grover Dill (Point of View)
1st Person
not to be revoked or recalled
adj. shining with shifting rainbow colors
Life is more important than work
noun: great and usually bloody slaughter or injury (as in battle)
incapable of being disentangled or untied
any extremely severe or trying test, experience, or trial
a vision beyond time and space
n. scott
Not able to be corrected; beyond control
stock character
a character that fits a stereotype
stopping or ceasing for a time; alternately ceasing and beginning again
Stein of Antwirp
Elie's relative who lost faith
to think that something is true, although you are not certain
A natural attraction or feeling of kinship
moving in waves, like a snake.There, across the street about 300 kids standing around like a big, _______ horseshoe.
to return somebody accused of a crime to that authority
a piece of jewelry worn around a person's neck
a movement in which life is portrayed as faithfully and accurately as possible, focusing on ordinary people suffering the harsh realities of everyday life
using stories and examples to prove a point
Prose Fiction
the essence of fiction is narration, the relating of a sequence of events or actions. The main purpose of fiction is to interest, stimulate, instruct, and divert.
The act of creating and developing a character
a thing or event supposed to fortell good or evil; a sign
characters (the lie)
doctor remenzal, eli, sylvia, mr warren
Falling Action
events after the climax, leading to the resolution
commodity (noun)
an item that can be turned into commercial use
marks that look like those used in the ancient Egyptian writing system
A Wagner Matinee - Characters
Clark, georgina carpenter, Mrs. Srpinger, Howard Carpenter
Plot of Harrison Bergeron
Hazel and George are watching ballerinas dancing, and they see Harrison come and try to take over. A ballerina b/co his wife and they rip off their handicaps and they get killed by the HCG. The parents don't care. Author of Harrison Bergeron-Kurt Vonnegut
Early short story writers
Edgar Allen Poe, Sir Walter Scott
what is plot
a series of interrelated events that show a cause-effect relationship.
Theme of "Everyday Use"
Heritage should be something that is used in everyday life, and it should be meaningful and personal for you
Types of Points of View
First person, third person limited, third person ominscient
what is theme?
the authors idea about life that he wishes to get across to his reader
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
1928 to... He is from Colombia and he was influenced greatly by his grandmother. He tells insane stuff seriously and gets away with it. Won a Nobel Prize for literature.
Home was a horse stall
the story of the interment of the japenese people after the bombing of pearl harbor. all japnese people, even if born in USA, were taken to camps in the desert to live through out the war. all their belongings were taken by the americans. their sons were honorable soldiers in the war, but they were locked behind barbwire fences in barrack building with no privacy and little comfort. the story gets its name bc all the japenese were locked in to horse stalls at racetracks in california until they could be moved.
"The Scarlet Ibis"- summary
A boy named Doodle is born and he has heart problems. The doctors believe that he will never be able to do anything and that he is not all there. The borther, who is unnamed, helps him to be able to do normal things because the unnamed brother is ashamed that Doodle cannot do things like normal boys his age. When Doodle learns to crawl, he crawls backward. The unnamed brother has to carry Doodle around in a go-cart everywhere the brother goes. The borther teaches Doodle to walk and shows his parent son Doodle's sixth birthday, October eighth. Tehir next goal was to learn how to run, jump, climb, row a boat, swim,adn fight. Their deadline was right before school started. Just before their deadline the family found a bird that flew to their tree in their yard. The bird fell out of the tree and died. The bird was a scarlet ibis. Doodle was determined to give it a proper burial without touching it, and he did. Doodle and his brotehr spent thier days at Old Woman Swamp just like always. They rowed down stream and the brother made Doodle row against stream back, with a storm coming fast. Doodle tried his best. They were runngin back to the houseadn the storm came down. Doodle fell behind. The brother left him becasue he was ashamed of having a diabled brother. The brother was almost home and he turned around to go get Doodle. He found Doodle dead, with heart failure.
what is the theme of Through the Tunnel?
a kid who tries and challenges himself to reach a big goal
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