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Terms Definitions
confederate soldiers
Robert E. Lee
Commander of confederacy
True or false: African Americans fought for the Union and the Confederacy?
April 14,1865
What date was Abraham Lincoln assasinated?
favoring the intrests of one region over the whole country
Clara Barton
nickname was "angel of the battlefield". she cared for wounded soldiers during the first battle of bull run
Ulysses S. Grant
commanding general of the Union Army
Andrew Jackson
won the 1828 election, created the spoils system. democrat.
Wilmot proviso?
this said that slavery should be prohibited from any land aquired by Mexico.
requires men of certain age to serve in the military if they are called
Gettysburg and Chancelorsville
Which two battles really created this shift in the North's favor?
uncle tom's cabin
by harriet beecher stowe- novel about the cruelty of slavery
Compromise of 1850?
A compromise where California would be admitted to the Union as a free state, other territories in the S.W would be be organized without mention of slavery.
Emancipation Proclamation
a statement that freed all salves int he confererate states at war with the union
What impact did uncle Tom's Cabin have on the South?
made them angry
April 9, 1865.
When did the War end? (Day, month, yr, place, who surrendered)
Skilled military officers, fighting on homeland, "noble cause"
Name three advantages that the South had at the start of the war
He got photographs of the civil war and HE SHARED HIS PHOTOS WITH THE PUBLIC!!
Why was Matthew Brady so important?
Union's strategy for the war
naval blockade of the south to cut off imports and exports
First major battle
Bull Run
Uninons 1st strategy
blockade southern ports
kansas-nebraska act
nebraska territory divided into nebraska & kansas: free?slave to be decided by popular sovereighty' vote of people in territory
the practice of one person owning another
most unions were located in ? texas
What was the most popular weapon in the Civil war?
Cotton Gin
machine that sped up the cotton cleaning process which caused many farms to enlarge and more slaves were needed
Frederick Douglas
Born into slavery; he wrote an autobiography about his life as a slave. Taught himself to read and write as a slave. Eventually escaped slavery and became a respectived and effective speaker against slavery. He started the anti-slavery newspaper called the "The North Star"
lincoln-douglas debates
election for senate seat in illinois A. lincoln ( republican) S.douglas (democrat)
After the civil war when the south was being rebuilt and reunited
John Brown
"Angel of Death" beleived that he was sent from god to end slavery by killing people....tried to set up Raid on Harpers Ferry but failed
Compromise of 1850
Set up the idea of popular sovereignty, which means people in each new state would decide if they would be free or slave states. This allowed California to enter as a free state.
Freedmen's Bureau
was established to help the 4 million freedmen, or former slaves after the war. it built hopsitals and schools for blacks in the south. it hired black and white teachers from the North and South.
Amnesty Oath
An oath stating you are loyal to the union
Hiram R. Revels
a minister and teacher was elected to the senate seat that jefferson davis held before the civil war
Confederate strategy for war
fight a defensive war & make North army come into the south
election of abraham lincoln as president
A. lincoln was morally opposed to slavery, but he felt ot most important to maintain the union. he believed the nation must survive, and couldn't as a divided nation
problems Civil War soldiers faced
1. filthy camps 2. fleas & lice 3. chronic diarrhea
How did the Dred Scott Decision impact slavery
it let slavery happen anywhere in the US
camp cook
to leave the union
discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race
originally the Bill of rights contained 12 amendments but 2 of them were not passed
Northern Democrats who advocated peace with the South.
Abraham Lincoln
U.S. statesmen, 16th president. Led Union to victory in Civil War. Assassinated. Sometimes called "Honest Abe".
13th amendment
Banned slavery in the united states.
It freed them
What was Lincoln's Emancipatioin Proclomation do for Slaves living in the Confederacy?
to keep going; to support as just
the right or left of a formation
during the civil war texans guarded slaves from??? so they wouldnt run away or be taken
lousianna,arkansas,and mississippi
Oregon Trail
pioneer trail that began in missouri and crossed the great plains into the oregon country
Winfield Scott
Who Lead the Union to Bull Run?
election of 1860/sectionalism
lincoln verses douglas. the democrats split into two, creating the republican party. lincoln wins causing south carolina to secede.
Running Farms and Businesses
Mothers and Wives supported their families by____________
nyc draft riots
the worst riot in american history. Poor whites targeted wealthy, republicans, and blacks for violence
What were Abe Lincoln's views on slavery?
he was an abolitionist
battle of shiloh
an 1862 civil war battle in tennessee that ended in a union victory; one of the bloodiest encounters of the civil war
emancipation proclamation was it successful?
Issued by abraham lincoln on september 22, 1862 it declared that all slaves in the confederate states would be free
not successful,
resistence to slavery as open defiance
slaves who refused to work, rejected orders, struck back violently (Frederick Douglass fought back)
near the Tennessee and Mississippi river
Where did the battles of the western theater take place?
Why did 7 southern states secede from the union?Explain their argument.
They wanted slavery to be able to keep the economy running and to make money.
lazy soldier
Northern-born Republicans who moved South after the war, who favored African Americans
charged excessive prices for goods that the government desperately needed for the war
Hard, tough cracker eaten by both Confederate and Union soldiers
Wilmont Proviso
What bill unseccessfully attempted to ban slavery in any territory gained from the war with mexico?
Most Soldiers would rather die in ___________ then die from ________.
a draft that would force certain members of the population to serve in the army
Bleeding Kansas
A sequence of violent events involving abolitionists and pro-Slavery elements that took place in Kansas-Nebraska Territory. The dispute further strained the relations of the North and South, making civil war imminent.
a tax place on imported or exported goods
Nurses,teachers, or goverment workers
What were Womens first jobs?
battle of antietam
antietam, maryland, september of 1862. reason-confederates wanted to win a battle on union soil. outcome- union claims victory and lincoln issues emancipation proclamation.
civil war
a war between two groups or regions within a nation
The Civil War was the 1st to be recorded in _______________
a tenant farmer who pays as rent a share of the crop.
What did the Louisiana Territory do to the U.S.?
doubled its size
lincoln vs douglas debates
debated with each other for illinois senete in 1858 douglas supported popular sovernigty in slavery expansion lincoln wanted to stop the spread of slavery not abolish it he also thought that slavery was maral,social, and political wrong. douglas won but lincoln was a national figure with a strong standing in republican party
Dred Scott Case
In 1857, Mr. Scott went to court to win his freedom after he had stayed in Wisconsin (North) he should be a free man.
Plain in Appearance
How did Woman have to look to help in the War?
How was the Union able to take Vicksburg?
They surrounded the ciity and after one week, the citizens of Vicksburg gave up because they were hungry.
the north had almost 4x as many free citizens
What was the key advantage the north had during the war?
to help free slaves
During the NATIONAL EMERGENCY, citizens no longer had the right to have a ___________ before going to jail.
Who won the civil war?
the union
Harriet Tubman
United States abolitionist born a slave on a plantation in Maryland and became a famous conductor on the Underground Railroad leading other slaves to freedom in the North (1820-1913)
Which amendment ended slavery in the us?
1862 & Monitor
March,___________ the Merrimac steamed into Cheupsake Bay and Faught with the ________
Habeas Corpus
a court order that requires authorities to bring a person held in jail before the court to determine why he or she is being jailed.
elected as texas' first confederate governor
francis r lubbock
Dred Scott
United States slave who sued for liberty after living in a non-slave state
Confederacy [SOUTH]
Who Won the Battle of Bull Run?
the making of amends for wrong or injury done:
popular sovereignty
the right of people to make political decisions for themselves
What treaty ended the war with Mexico?
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
General Sherman
What Union General was hated by the South because of his march to the sea?
soldier that dd not do duty on battle field
land speculator
person who buys up large areas of land in the hope of selling them later for a profit
harpers ferry attack
john brown wanted slaves to stand up for themseleves. he and 13 white and 5 black followers captured weapons at a arsenal in harpers ferry virginia. killed 4 people no slaves joined in. the us marines captured brown and 6 others 10 were killed. brown was tried for treason and murder hanged for his crimes. southerners were mad at his actions northerners were proud
Reconstruction Act of 1867
Laws that divided the South into 5 districts
Northern soldiers were there to protect Freedmen and to make sure they can vote
New Southern states must write COnstitutions verifying the 13th/14th Amendments
Food for the Half-Starved Soldiers
Term 4: Grant offered _______ for the _________ soldiers.
Why were the Union forces able to take New Orleans and Baton Rouge so easily?
1. P.G.T. Bearuegard's advice to protect N.O. was not followed.
2. President Jefferson Davis thought the Union would attack from the NOrth
3. Baton Rouge was left unprotected.
the Atlantic, and the gulf coasts of the united states
During the was at sea, what places did the Union block?
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