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The Master Educators

Master Educators inspire us every day. They engage students and make learning more accessible through their differentiated approaches to teaching. Beyond the classroom, they have invited students into their worlds, fostering genuine relationships and connections. We are celebrating their creativity, collaboration, and innovation, which have distinguished them as leaders in education.

Stanley Stepanic
Stanley Stepanic Associate Professor at University of Virginia

Professor Stepanic grew up with an interest in things of the macabre including ghosts and vampires...

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Neil Garg
Neil Garg Professor at University of California, Los Angeles

Professor Garg received a B.S. in Chemistry from New York University where he did...

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The Hero Students

Students motivate us every day. These members of our community know no bounds and have transformed themselves through the power of knowledge. They have leveraged their education to make even their most aspirational goals a reality.

Valerie Escobar
Valerie Escobar Student at San Francisco State University

Valerie turns distress into ambition after enduring a traumatic experience.

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Rita Guo
Rita Guo Student at University of California, Berkeley

Rita fights for education while reflecting on her own journey as a first-generation student.

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