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Anthony Burgess

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Course Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe explains the main characters in Anthony Burgess's novella A Clockwork Orange.

A Clockwork Orange | Characters

Character Description
Alex Alex, the novel's first-person narrator, is a fashionable, violent teen who leads a gang of boys, adores classical music, and thinks of himself as extraordinary. Read More
Pete Pete is a member of Alex's gang; less aggressive than Alex and Georgie, Pete leaves violence behind and marries. Read More
Georgie Georgie is a member of Alex's gang and his rival for leadership; using Dim as muscle, he attempts a coup, but after Alex's arrest, Georgie's attempts at leading the gang get him killed. Read More
Dim Dim is a member of Alex's gang, the "dimmest of we four," Alex says, an ugly but tough fighter who takes out his grudge on Alex when Alex cannot fight back. Read More
F. Alexander F. Alexander is the man who lives at the cottage called HOME and the author of A Clockwork Orange; later, Alex meets him again as a "victim of the modern age" to be used for political purposes. Read More
Minister of the Interior A tall, serious, well-spoken man, this bureaucrat recommends Alex for Ludovico's Technique and later oversees his cure. Read More
AB AB is the interviewer who speaks with Alex in the "Epilogue" to the novel; he is about 20 years younger than Alex at the time of the interview.
Andy Andy is a thin, bald clerk who works at Melodia, the record shop Alex favors; he gets Alex the particular recordings of classical music he so loves.
Big Jew Big Jew is one of Alex's cellmates at Staja 84F; he is a large, sweaty man.
Billyboy Billyboy leads a rival gang; Alex despises him because he is fat and stinks of oil he uses in his hair and on his body.
Bully Bully is a member of the gang Alex forms after he leaves the hospital; his name comes from his huge size and bellowing voice.
D.B. da Silva One of F. Alexander's confederates, da Silva is a quick, sharp man who cares very little for what will happen to Alex after he serves their purposes.
Dr. Branom Blue-eyed, efficient, smiling Dr. Branom is Dr. Brodsky's right-hand assistant during Alex's treatment; he comes close to worshipping science and its representative, Dr. Brodsky.
Dr. Brodsky The self-assured, patronizing Dr. Brodsky oversees Alex's treatment; he seems to view Alex with detachment, as if Alex is merely more data to be analyzed, yet his use of religiously charged language suggests his deep devotion to his work.
Em Em (also "em") is Alex's mother, a woman who worries and cares about her son but who also fears him because he has grown up "big and strong."
F. Alexander's wife F. Alexander's wife is a pretty young woman who lives at the cottage called HOME and is kind enough to be moved by Alex's plea for a cup of water; she dies from shock after the gang brutally rapes her.
Georgina Georgina is Pete's giggly, pretty wife whom Alex meets in a tea shop.
Joe, the lodger Joe is a man in his late thirties or early forties who lodges with Alex's parents while Alex is in jail; protective and large, Joe is a physical and psychological threat to Alex when he comes home.
Jojohn Jojohn is one of Alex's cellmates at Staja 84F; he is in for sexual assaults.
Len Len is a member of the gang Alex forms after he leaves the hospital; Bully and Rick tease Len for caring about God.
Leo Leo is a member of Billyboy's gang.
Marty Marty is one of the ten-year-old girls Alex meets at the record shop, lures to his home, and rapes.
P.R. Deltoid Deltoid is Alex's Post-Corrective Adviser, a cynical, overworked social worker with hundreds of teens to check up on.
Pee Pee is Alex's father, whom he also calls pa and papapa; Pee (also "pee") works in a dyeing factory and stays out of his violent son's way.
Prison Charlie A "bolshy great burly bastard" who is fond of Alex, the chaplain, or charlie (as in Charlie Chaplin, the actor), warns Alex about the Ludovico's Technique treatment but is ultimately powerless to help Alex.
Rex Rex is a young police officer who drives Alex to the country, where Dim and Billyboy thrash him "in the State's name."
Rick Rick is a member of the gang Alex forms after he leaves the hospital.
Rubinstein One of F. Alexander's confederates, Rubenstein is a polite, tall, well-spoken man who promises Alex "some very acceptable little surprise" if he helps their cause.
Slouse Slouse and his wife run the shop Alex and the gang rob early in the novel; he fights Dim, but the gang still manages to beat his wife and rob his store.
Sonietta Sonietta is one of the ten-year-old girls Alex meets at the record shop, lures to his home, and rapes.
The attendant One attendant in particular interacts with Alex during his treatment; unkind and ready to strike, this man laughs at Alex's pain and fear.
The Chief Chasso The Chief Chasso is the head guard at the prison; he turns purple when he screams at the hated prisoners.
The cruel nurse The cruel nurse gives Alex his injections during the treatment and seems to enjoy his pain.
The Discharge Officer The Discharge Officer works with Alex to prepare for his release from treatment, but he also taunts Alex into hitting him so that he can laugh at Alex's pain.
The Doctor The Doctor is one of Alex's cellmates at Staja 84F; his fake medical procedures kill two women.
The doctor with the sweet smile This young doctor, one of two assigned to oversee Alex's hypnopaedia, shows him pictures to check whether he is cured.
The drunk outside the Duke of New York An old drunk bothers Alex by singing; Alex and his gang beat him, possibly to death, after he calls them "filthy cowardly hooligans."
The Governor The Governor is the head warden at Staja Number 84F, a sweaty, overweight man who oversees a brutal prison culture and has no faith in behavioral therapies.
The kind nurse The hospital's nurse is an attractive woman who tends to Alex while he recuperates after his leap from the window.
The old "prof" An old man walking near the library encounters Alex's gang; they beat him and destroy his books and personal possessions.
The old woman in the Manse An elderly woman with many cats, this feisty character defies Alex and beats him; she later dies from his blow to her head.
The proud prisoner The proud prisoner is a braggart whose addition to Alex's cell overcrowds it; his perverted behavior earns him a beating from Alex and his cellmates.
The top Millicent The top-ranking officer interrogates Alex after his arrest; his disrespect for the law disgusts Alex.
Wall Wall is one of Alex's cellmates at Staja 84F; he has only one eye.
Will the English Will is a shopkeeper and fence; he suggests the plan for robbing the old woman in the Manse.
Z. Dolin One of F. Alexander's confederates, Z. Dolin is a sloppy, wheezy man who smokes a lot and who eagerly agrees to use Alex for their plans.
Zophar Zophar is one of Alex's cellmates at Staja 84F; he talks a lot, but no one listens.
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