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John Kennedy Toole

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A Confederacy of Dunces | Characters

Character Description
Ignatius J. Reilly Ignatius J. Reilly, the main character of A Confederacy of Dunces, longs for the cloister of medieval security but is forced out into the modern world by a cruel act of fate. Read More
Patrolman Angelo Mancuso Angelo Mancuso is a kindly but inept police officer. He becomes the butt of an elaborate joke when his sergeant forces him to dress in costumes and stake out unsavory locations in order to apprehend "a character." Read More
Mrs. Irene Reilly Long-suffering Irene Reilly, the mother of Ignatius, drowns her maternal sorrows in cheap wine until she is finally able to stand up to her selfish and bullying son. Read More
Burma Jones Burma Jones is a perpetually smoking, wise-cracking black man in sunglasses. He takes a porter job in a French Quarter nightclub in order to avoid being arrested for vagrancy. Read More
Lana Lee A scheming capitalist, Lana Lee runs the Night of Joy establishment. She sells pornographic photos of herself to school children on the side. Read More
Mr. Gus Levy Gus Levy, the son of a successful industrialist, avoids the inherited responsibilities of factory ownership by losing himself in consumerism. Read More
Myrna Minkoff Myrna Minkoff is the sometime love interest and former college classmate of Ignatius. She regales her indignant friend with periodic letters discussing her ideas about sexual liberation and interracial politics. Read More
Miss Annie The next-door neighbor of Ignatius and Mrs. Irene Reilly, Miss Annie constantly yells through her shutters for them to be quiet.
Santa Battaglia This 60-something-year-old woman is the aunt of Patrolman Mancuso. She is Mrs. Reilly's friend, matchmaker, and bowling companion.
Betty Bumper The first of three brawling lesbians who live in the same apartment building as Dorian Greene and attend his party. She has an altercation with Patrolman Mancuso while the officer is working undercover.
Frieda Club The second of three brawling lesbians who live in the same apartment building as Dorian Greene and attend his party, she has an altercation with Patrolman Mancuso while the officer is working undercover.
Mr. Clyde The owner of Paradise Vendors, Incorporated, Mr. Clyde hires Ignatius to sell hot dogs from one of his carts when the latter wanders into the former automobile repair shop where Mr. Clyde does business.
Darlene A B-girl at the Night of Joy, Darlene works on commission trying to convince patrons to drink the watered-down liquor. She aspires to branch out into exotic dance.
Fortyish Latin woman Another of Lana Lee's B-girls, she attempts to con Ignatius into buying a $24 bottle of champagne when he goes to the Night of Joy on the evening of Darlene's premiere performance.
George George is a cynical and street-wise kid who distributes Lana Lee's pornographic photos to school children. He is eventually arrested despite the care he takes to avoid a run-in with the law.
Mr. Gomez Gonzalez Mr. Gonzalez is the office manager at and driving force behind Levy Pants.
Dorian Greene An openly gay vintage clothing dealer, Greene buys Mrs. Irene Reilly's hat in Chapter 1. He hosts a party to launch a political movement at Ignatius's request when the two bump into each other later on in the novel.
Mrs. Levy The domineering wife of Gus Levy, she keeps her husband in tow through constant negative comparisons between him and his late father, Leon Levy. She threatens to tell their daughters, Susan and Sandra, how little their father provides for them.
Lovely girl A student of ineffectual history professor Dr. Talc, the lovely girl serves as a foil to Talc's memories of the "brutal and slovenly" Myrna Minkoff, his former student.
Night of Joy bartender The bartender views Ignatius and his mother with hostility and suspicion when they arrive in the Bourbon Street bar to recover from Ignatius's near arrest.
Mr. Palermo The factory manager at Levy Pants.
Police sergeant The police sergeant's chief role in A Confederacy of Dunces is to humiliate Patrolman Mancuso by forcing him to wear costumes that arouse the suspicion and hostility of everyone he encounters.
Claude Robichaux An elderly widower, Claude Robichaux inadvertently saves Ignatius from arrest in the opening chapter by accusing Patrolman Mancuso of being a "communiss." He later becomes the love interest of Mrs. Irene Reilly.
Spokeswoman for the Art Guild An amateur artist, he comes into conflict with Ignatius during a public exhibition of the Guild's paintings in the French Quarter.
Liz Steele The third of three brawling lesbians who live in the same apartment building as Dorian Greene, she has an altercation with Patrolman Mancuso while the officer is working undercover.
Dr. Talc A history professor at Tulane University, Dr. Talc was heckled and tormented by Ignatius and Myrna Minkoff during their undergraduate years.
Timmy A friend of Dorian Greene, Timmy walks around the French Quarter dressed in a sailor's costume.
Miss Trixie Miss Trixie is the 80-something-year-old assistant accountant at Levy Pants who longs only to retire but is kept at work indefinitely to serve Mrs. Levy's need for a humanitarian project. In order to retire, she later confesses to writing an insulting letter that was actually penned by Ignatius, allowing Gus Levy to avoid a $500,000 lawsuit.
Mr. Watson Mr. Watson is the owner of Mattie's Ramble Inn, a blacks-only establishment with "limited merchandise." Mr. Watson encourages Jones to engage in subtle sabotage of the white establishment rather than simply being resentful.
Mr. Zalatimo The tall file clerk who replaces Ignatius at Levy Pants.
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