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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court | Study Guide

Mark Twain

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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court | Characters

Character Description
Hank Morgan The Yankee referenced in the title, Hank Morgan, is an American from Connecticut who accidentally ends up in 6th-century England. He becomes the second most powerful man in the kingdom, boasting the title "The Boss." Read More
Clarence Clarence, Hank's young helper and right-hand man whose real name is Amyas le Poulet, keeps the nickname given to him by Hank. Clarence is trained by Hank and becomes his loyal assistant for the rest of the book. Read More
Sandy Alisande, who Hank nicknames Sandy, is a young lady who comes to Camelot to report on a group of ogres who have captured many princesses. Hank is assigned to handle her quest, and she remains loyal to him forever. Eventually Hank marries her and they have a little girl together. Read More
King Arthur The King of England, Arthur rules from his castle at Camelot with benevolent intentions, but with the usual prejudices of other people of his era in history. According to legend, Arthur was married to Queen Guenever, and her affair with Sir Launcelot leads to civil war and Arthur's death. Read More
Merlin Merlin is a magician and is Arthur's chief magical adviser until Hank arrives. He despises Hank because Hank does "magic" Merlin doesn't understand, and Hank dismisses Merlin as a charlatan. Read More
Sir Dinadan A knight of the Round Table, Sir Dinadan is primarily known for telling old, bad jokes at Camelot's banquets.
Dowley Dowley is the blacksmith in Marco's town and a man who has done well for himself financially and is well respected. Hank's efforts to show off in front of Dowley get Hank and the king in a lot of trouble.
Queen Guenever Arthur's wife and queen, Guenever is having an affair with Sir Launcelot. When their affair is revealed, it breaks Arthur's heart and leads to serious consequences for the entire kingdom.
Hello-Central Hank and Sandy's baby, Hello-Central, is named after something Sandy heard Hank murmur in a dream. "Hello-Central" was the phrase Hank used to hear his old girlfriend say in her job as a telephone operator, but Sandy doesn't know that.
Sir Kay A knight of the Round Table, Sir Kay captures Hank when he first appears in the 6th century and brings him to Camelot.
Sir Launcelot Sir Launcelot is considered one of the greatest knights of the Round Table and a good friend of King Arthur's, despite his having an affair with Arthur's wife. When Hank introduces 19th-century business ventures to the knights, Launcelot becomes a sharp dealer on the stock market, financially ruining many other knights.
Marco Marco is a peasant, and he and his wife host Hank and the king when they are traveling in disguise. Marco is afraid of going against the attitudes of society, so when others in his village turn against Hank and the king, Marco follows along.
Marco's wife Marco's wife hosts Hank and the king when they are traveling in disguise. Marco's wife is thrilled by the generous gifts Hank gives them, but she supports Marco when he turns against Hank and the king.
Sir Mordred Mordred is Arthur's nephew who wants to take over the throne, and who helps throw the kingdom into chaos by revealing Launcelot's affair with Guenever. In other Arthurian stories, he is Arthur's son.
Morgan le Fay Arthur's half-sister, queen of her own smaller kingdom, and a vicious enchantress, Morgan le Fay is known for her beauty and her cruelty. Hank and Sandy stay with Morgan during their quest, and Hank is seriously troubled by Morgan's heartless behavior.
Sir Sagramor Sir Sagramor is a knight of the Round Table who Hank accidentally insults, leading to a duel. When Hank and Sir Sagramor finally duel, Hank makes him look foolish by lassoing him, and Hank eventually shoots and kills him.
Woman with smallpox When Hank and the king go exploring the countryside in disguises, they find a woman who is dying of smallpox. They try to help her a little, but her entire family is already dead, dying, or imprisoned, and she is glad to die, too.
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