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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court | Study Guide

Mark Twain

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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • June 528

    Hank Morgan is captured and brought to Camelot.

  • A few hours later

    Hank meets Clarence.

    Chapter 2
  • The next day

    Hank convinces people he is a magician.

    Chapter 5
  • A few hours later

    Hank uses an eclipse to launch his career as "The Boss."

    Chapter 6
  • Months later

    Hank is challenged by Sir Sagramor.

    Chapter 9
  • Four years later

    Hank goes on a quest with Sandy.

    Chapter 11
  • A few days later

    Hank and Sandy visit Morgan le Fay.

    Chapter 16
  • Weeks after that

    Hank rescues the "princesses" from the "ogres."

    Chapter 20
  • Several weeks later

    Hank fixes the well at the Valley of Holiness.

    Chapter 23
  • One month later

    Hank and the king go traveling incognito.

    Chapter 27
  • A few days later

    Hank and the king help a woman with smallpox.

    Chapter 29
  • Many weeks later

    Hank and the king are captured by slavers.

    Chapter 34
  • Weeks later

    Hank and the king are saved from execution.

    Chapter 38
  • A month later

    Hank defeats many knights in combat.

    Chapter 39
  • Three years later

    Hank takes his family on a trip for his daughter's health.

    Chapter 40
  • A month later

    Hank learns of the war, King Arthur's death, and the Interdict.

    Chapter 42
  • A week later

    Hank and his boys go to war, having declared a republic.

    Chapter 43
  • A few days later

    Hank is sent back to his own year of 1879.

    Chapter 44

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Preface The Preface is a brief statement by Mark Twain. He acknowledges the book is not historically accurate. In "A Word ... Read More
Chapters 1–2 Hank Morgan, the Yankee, is the narrator now. He does not recognize the name "Camelot," and instead focuses on what he... Read More
Chapters 3–4 Hank Morgan admits some of the knights have a noble appearance—he specifically mentions Sir Launcelot—but he dismisses... Read More
Chapters 5–6 Hank Morgan sleeps. When he wakes up, he has almost convinced himself the whole thing was a dream until Clarence shows... Read More
Chapters 7–8 Hank Morgan is given luxurious clothes and rooms in which to live, but he misses his old life. The clothes are fancy, ... Read More
Chapters 9–10 Hank Morgan offers some insight into his life at court. He has founded a patent office and is planning to launch a new... Read More
Chapters 11–12 A young woman shows up at the castle with a tale of her mistress and many other young women being held prisoner. King ... Read More
Chapters 13–14 Hank Morgan and Sandy spend the night outdoors, sleeping separately. Hank is cold and uncomfortable because bugs get i... Read More
Chapters 15–16 Sandy tells a lengthy story about three knights. Hank Morgan repeatedly interrupts the story to discern exactly who is... Read More
Chapters 17–18 Hank Morgan and Sandy are guests at Morgan le Fay's banquet, but it is interrupted when an old woman appears in the do... Read More
Chapters 19–20 Hank Morgan and Sandy get on their way again, and Sandy immediately launches back into the story about the three knigh... Read More
Chapters 21–22 Hank Morgan and Sandy leave the princesses at the castle and continue to travel. They join a group of pilgrims traveli... Read More
Chapters 23–24 Merlin's magic fails to restore the fountain, and he blames this on a powerful magician whose name cannot even be utte... Read More
Chapters 25–26 Hank Morgan observes King Arthur sitting in judgment on court cases. Hank admits the king is generally a fine and just... Read More
Chapters 27–28 Hank Morgan gets the king ready to go adventuring, cutting his hair and dressing him in poorer clothing. But the king ... Read More
Chapters 29–30 Hank Morgan and the king come upon a hut. Inside they find a woman who is dying of smallpox. Her husband has already d... Read More
Chapters 31–32 Hank Morgan and his host, whose name is Marco, stroll through the village. Hank is fascinated by the specific ways cla... Read More
Chapters 33–35 Hank Morgan makes an effort to cheer Dowley up again and succeeds. He says he has thoroughly impressed Dowley with his... Read More
Chapters 36–38 The slaves are brought to London. Hank Morgan sees a newsboy and a telegraph wire, so he knows Clarence has continued ... Read More
Chapters 39–40 It is time for Hank Morgan's fight with Sir Sagramor. Hank admires Clarence's editorial in the paper, encouraging peop... Read More
Chapters 41–42 Hank Morgan's daughter gets worse again, and he and Sandy work together to save her. Hank speaks admiringly of Sandy. ... Read More
Chapters 43–44 and Final P.S. by M.T. Hank Morgan, Clarence, and the boys wait for a week in the cave, during which time Hank writes most of his narrative. ... Read More
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