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A Doll's House | Study Guide

Henrik Ibsen

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A Doll's House | Section Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Christmas Eve

    Nora gaily returns home from shopping, asks for and receives money from Torvald and endures his usual acts of control.

    Act 1, Section 1
  • Moments later

    Nora's old friend Christine arrives and asks Nora to have Torvald get her a job at the bank; Nora reveals her secret to Christine.

    Act 1, Section 2
  • Moments later

    Christine and Nora are both shaken by a brief visit from Krogstad; Nora asks Torvald about hiring Christine.

    Act 1, Section 3
  • A short time later

    Krogstad tells Nora she must protect his job with Torvald, or he'll reveal their secret loan and her crime.

    Act 1, Section 4
  • That night

    Nora and Torvald discuss Torvald's promotion and Krogstad's position under him and the upcoming costume party.

    Act 1, Section 5
  • Christmas Day

    Nora begs Torvald not to fire Krogstad, but Torvald sends him a dismissal letter.

    Act 2, Section 1
  • That evening

    Krogstad puts a letter revealing his loan to Nora in Torvald's locked letter box.

    Act 2, Section 2
  • That evening

    Nora distracts Torvald from getting the letter by having him help her rehearse for tomorrow night's dance.

    Act 2, Section 3
  • The next night

    Christine and Krogstad reveal their love and he offers to call back the letter, but doesn't.

    Act 3, Section 1
  • A short time later

    Torvald learns of the loan and yells at Nora, but forgives her when Krogstad says he'll keep quiet.

    Act 3, Section 2
  • A few moments later

    Nora realizes Torvald only cares about himself and leaves him, slamming the door behind her.

    Act 3, Section 3

Section Summaries Chart

Section Summary
Act 1, Section 1 Nora comes home from Christmas shopping and persuades her husband, Torvald, to give her more money for holiday spending.... Read More
Act 1, Section 2 Christine, an old friend whom Nora hasn't seen for 10 years, visits. Christine asks Nora to use her influence to help he... Read More
Act 1, Section 3 Nora and Christine are both shaken when Krogstad shows up unannounced to visit Torvald. Christine meets Dr. Rank for the... Read More
Act 1, Section 4 Krogstad threatens to reveal the secret loan, explaining to Nora how she has committed a criminal act. This is how he in... Read More
Act 1, Section 5 Torvald catches Nora in a lie when she initially denies that Krogstad has paid her a visit. Then the two discuss an upco... Read More
Act 2, Section 1 It is Christmas day, and Nora has refused to see her children. She nervously prepares for the upcoming costume party. Sh... Read More
Act 2, Section 2 Alone, Nora agonizes over Krogstad exposing the secret loan, thinking Dr. Rank may be able to help when he shows up and ... Read More
Act 2, Section 3 Nora distracts Torvald from reading Krogstad's letter by having him help her rehearse the tarantella for tomorrow night'... Read More
Act 3, Section 1 Christine reveals she still harbors love for Krogstad and wishes for them to "join forces." Krogstad offers to recall hi... Read More
Act 3, Section 2 Torvald, in a festive mood, acts romantically toward Nora, but they are interrupted by Dr. Rank's visit, during which he... Read More
Act 3, Section 3 Nora and Torvald talk seriously about their marriage and Nora's intention to end it. Nora tells Torvald he is no longer ... Read More
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