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Ernest Hemingway

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A Moveable Feast | Key Figures

Key Figure Description
Ernest Hemingway The character of Ernest Hemingway is the author's vision of his younger self, slightly fictionalized. He is an American journalist and fiction writer living in Paris during the 1920s. Read More
Hadley Richardson Hemingway's first wife, Hadley Richardson, is a devoted and lively friend, homemaker, and mother. Read More
F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald is an American writer and friend of Hemingway. He has a difficult marriage and likes to live extravagantly. Read More
Gertrude Stein Gertrude Stein is a writer and art collector who hosts a salon, or gathering spot, for writers in her art-filled apartment. Read More
Ezra Pound Ezra Pound is a famous American poet living in Paris. Read More
Sylvia Beach American expatriate Sylvia Beach owns the Paris bookstore/library Shakespeare and Company that is frequented by many writers, including Hemingway. Read More
Ford Madox Ford Ford Madox Ford is an older British writer living in Paris. Read More
André André is a waiter at the Closerie des Lilas café.
Bookseller Hemingway meets the bookseller, who sells English-language books cheaply at her stall along the Seine; she and Hemingway discuss the value of books.
Dunc Chaplin A pitcher on the Princeton University baseball team, the pleasant and relaxed Dunc Chaplin is a friend of F. Scott Fitzgerald and is with him when Fitzgerald and Hemingway first meet.
Stein's companion Referred to only as Gertrude Stein's companion, Alice B. Toklas is not mentioned by name but is present in Stein's apartment and acts as hostess, serving refreshments and engaging wives in conversation.
Aleister Crowley Mistaken for the writer Hilaire Belloc and "cut" by Ford Madox Ford, Aleister Crowley is a tall, gaunt man known as "the wickedest man in the world."
Ralph Cheever Dunning Addicted to opium, Ralph Cheever Dunning is a poet whom Hemingway and Pound care for when he is ill.
Emile Emile is a waiter at the Closerie des Lilas café.
Fire-eater The fire-eater is a man Hemingway meets in Lyon and with whom he dines in an inexpensive Algerian restaurant; the fire-eater says he knows dreadful stories Hemingway can use in his work.
Zelda Fitzgerald Zelda Fitzgerald is F. Scott Fitzgerald's alcoholic and destructive wife who enjoys parties and living extravagantly. She is popular but irresponsible and unstable, and attempts to sabotage her husband's career.
Georges Georges is a bartender at Paris's Ritz bar.
Jack Hemingway Jack, called "Bumby," is the Hemingways' young son, born in 1923.
Jean Jean is a waiter at the Closerie des Lilas café.
James Joyce Admired by Hemingway, James Joyce is a famous Irish writer frequently seen at Shakespeare and Company and dining at an expensive restaurant.
Mr. Lavigne Mr. Lavigne is the proprietor of the Nègre de Toulouse restaurant.
Herr Walther Lent Herr Walther Lent is the Hemingways' ski instructor in Schruns.
Wyndham Lewis A friend of Ezra Pound, Wyndham Lewis is a writer, painter, and critic.
Models Two unnamed sisters, models for Jules Pascin, accompany him to the Dôme and then flirt there with Hemingway.
Jules Pascin The painter Jules Pascin is one of Hemingway's friends.
Evan Shipman A young writer Hemingway befriends, Evan Shipman reports on horse racing and reads widely. Hemingway describes him as "a fine poet [who] knew and cared about horses, writing, and painting."
Ernest Walsh Ernest Walsh is an Irish poet in Paris. Chronically ill and "clearly marked for death," he nevertheless has an intense personality and literary ambition.
Mike Ward Mike Ward is Hemingway's friend who joins him to watch horse racing.
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