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E. M. Forster

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A Passage to India | Characters

Character Description
Aziz Aziz is a sensitive young Muslim doctor who is put on trial for attacking Adela Quested at the Marabar Caves. Read More
Adela Adela Quested is a repressed, intellectual young woman who comes to India to visit Ronny Heaslop and decide if they should marry; she also wants to see "the real India." Read More
Mrs. Moore Mrs. Moore is a kind Englishwoman who accompanies Adela Quested to India to see Ronny Heaslop, who is Mrs. Moore's son. Her unusual sensitivity impresses Aziz. Read More
Fielding Cyril Fielding is a liberal-minded Englishman in his 40s who is principal of Government College in Chandrapore and a good friend to Dr. Aziz. Read More
Ronny Ronny Heaslop, Mrs. Moore's son, is the officious young Chandrapore City Magistrate. He and Adela Quested become engaged during her visit to India. Read More
Professor Godbole Professor Narayan Godbole is a Hindu teacher whose mystical beliefs have an intense effect on the people around him. Read More
Hamidullah Hamidullah is a sophisticated lawyer, a relative of Dr. Aziz, and a reluctant nationalist. Read More
Ahmed Ahmed is one of Aziz's three children.
Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud Ali is a lawyer and friend to Aziz. He is passionate and emotional and is one of the two lawyers at Aziz's trial.
American missionary The American missionary meets Adela when she is going back to England and tells her life has a "turn and return."
Amritrao Amritrao is a famous Hindu lawyer from Calcutta who helps defend Aziz at his trial. He is known for being very anti-British.
Antony Antony is Adela's unreliable servant who later tries to blackmail her.
The Nawab Bahadur The Nawab Bahadur is a wealthy and well-respected Muslim landowner and philanthropist in Chandrapore. He later gives up his title, which the English gave him, and goes by Mr. Zulfiqar.
Hugh Bannister Hugh Bannister is one of Reverend and Mrs. Bannister's children; as a student in England, Hamidullah helped take care of Hugh and the other Bannister children.
Mrs. Bannister Mrs. Bannister and her husband, the Reverend Bannister, were Hamidullah's friends when he studied in England. They treated him respectfully and entrusted their children to him.
Reverend Bannister The Reverend Bannister and his wife were Hamidullah's friends when he studied in England. They treated him respectfully and entrusted their children to him.
Mr. Bhattacharya Mr. Bhattacharya and his wife are an Indian couple who invite Adela and Mrs. Moore to visit them but don't follow up on their invitation.
Mrs. Bhattacharya Mr. Bhattacharya and his wife are an Indian couple who invite Adela and Mrs. Moore to visit them but don't follow up on their invitation.
Mrs. Blakiston Mrs. Blakiston is the "brainless but most beautiful" wife of a small railway official; while her husband is away, she stays at the club for fear of being attacked by the "natives."
Major Callendar Major Callendar is the Civil Surgeon and Aziz's boss; he takes every opportunity to wield his power and is widely disliked.
Mrs. Callendar Mrs. Callendar, the small-minded wife of the Civil Surgeon, treats Indians badly.
Ram Chand Ram Chand is an overly eager Indian nationalist activist; both Aziz and Hamidullah dislike him.
Das Das is a courteous, intelligent Hindu judge and Ronny's assistant; he has the unhappy job of presiding over the trial.
Miss Derek Miss Derek is a high-spirited young British woman who is secretary to a local maharajah and is having an affair with Mr. McBryde.
Mr. Graysford Mr. Graysford is a sincere English missionary who doesn't interest the other British in Chandrapore.
Hamidullah Begum Hamidullah Begum is Aziz's distant aunt; she likes to give him advice.
Mr. Haq Mr. Haq is a police inspector and Aziz's friend; he arrests Aziz after the incident at the Marabar Caves.
Mr. Harris Mr. Harris is the Nawab Bahadur's Eurasian driver.
Hassan Hassan is Aziz's lazy servant.
Jamila Jamila is one of Aziz's three children.
Karim Karim is one of Aziz's three children.
Dr. Panna Lai Dr. Panna Lai is a timid and elderly lower-caste Hindu doctor who is Aziz's rival.
Mohammed Latif Mohammed Latif is Hamidullah's impoverished old relative; he lives with Hamidullah and occupies "the position neither of a servant nor of an equal."
Mr. Lesley Mr. Lesley is a British official.
Mrs. Lesley Mrs. Lesley is an unpleasant, racist Englishwoman.
Colonel Maggs Colonel Maggs is the Political Agent of Mau. Part of Maggs's job is to keep an eye on Aziz after his trial because, as the narrator notes, "Indians who are unfortunate must be watched."
Mr. McBryde Mr. McBryde is the superintendent of police. He believes all Indians are basically criminals.
Mrs. McBryde Mrs. McBryde is Mr. McBryde's racist wife.
Lady Mellanby Lady Mellanby is the Lieutenant-Governor's wife who offers Mrs. Moore a place in her cabin on a ship returning to England.
Syed Mohammed Syed Mohammed is the assistant engineer and one of Aziz's friends.
Ralph Moore Ralph Moore is Mrs. Moore's son from her second marriage. He has a mysterious intuitive quality, like his mother and his sister, Stella.
Stella Moore Stella Moore is Mrs. Moore's daughter from her second marriage. She marries Fielding and embarks on a spiritual quest.
Nureddin Nureddin is the Nawab Bahadur's handsome, effeminate grandson. Callendar mocks Nureddin when he is in the hospital during Aziz's trial.
Rafi Rafi is the young nephew of Syed Mohammed, the engineer.
Mr. Sorley Mr. Sorley is an English missionary.
Mr. Turton Mr. Turton is the Collector, the stern civil administrator of Chandrapore.
Mrs. Turton Mrs. Turton is a shrewish, racist Englishwoman who once took a gold sewing machine for a bribe and gave nothing back.
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