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Charles Dickens

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A Tale of Two Cities | Characters

Character Description
Charles Darnay Charles Darnay (the anglicized version of D'Aulnais) is the nephew of the Marquis St. Evrémonde, but he gives up his claim to the title because of his family's cruelty and marries Lucie Manette in England. Read More
Sydney Carton Sydney Carton is a lawyer who drinks too much and works too much, but he is good at heart and would do anything for Lucie Manette. Read More
Lucie Manette The daughter of Dr. Manette, Lucie is loving and good-hearted toward all. Read More
Dr. Manette A hero to the French revolutionaries, Dr. Manette is released from prison, recovers, and opens his home to those who have helped him. Read More
Mr. Jarvis Lorry Mr. Jarvis Lorry is Lucie's guardian, the Manettes' financial adviser, and a friend of the family. He tries to act businesslike, but his emotions and occasional tears betray him. Read More
Monsieur Defarge The wine shop owner, Monsieur Defarge, is one of the leaders of the revolutionaries and a former servant of Dr. Manette. Read More
Madame Defarge Like her husband, Madame Defarge is a leader of the revolutionaries; she knits the register of people to be executed. Read More
Gabelle A former servant of Charles Darnay, Gabelle is imprisoned for working for the aristocracy.
Gaspard A peasant whose child is killed by the Marquis, Gaspard murders the Marquis out of revenge.
Jacques Jacques is a code name used by French revolutionaries for any man who is a revolutionary.
Jerry Cruncher Jerry Cruncher is a messenger for Tellson's Bank and a grave robber.
John Barsad John Barsad is the alias of Solomon Pross (the long-lost brother of Miss Pross) and a spy.
Little Lucie Little Lucie is Charles Darnay and Lucie Manette's young daughter.
The mender of roads One of the peasants who works on the Marquis's lands, the mender of roads eventually joins the revolutionaries.
Miss Pross Miss Pross, Lucie Manette's governess, is jealous of anyone who gets too close to Lucie but will do anything for her.
Monseigneur Monseigneur is the name Dickens gives to any unnamed powerful aristocrat; the Monseigneur embodies the decadence, ostentation, and superficiality of the nobility.
Mr. Stryver Mr. Stryver is the lawyer who defends Charles Darnay when he is up for treason in England.
Roger Cly Roger Cly is an English spy who fakes his own death.
The Marquis Charles Darnay's uncle, the Marquis St. Evrémonde, is a cruel and heartless French aristocrat who is also a rapist and murderer.
The seamstress The seamstress is condemned to die and makes her journey to the gallows alongside Sydney Carton.
The Vengeance The Vengeance is a woman who knits—and fights—alongside Madame Defarge; she beats the drum that calls the woman revolutionaries to battle.
Young Jerry Young Jerry is Jerry Cruncher's young son.
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