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Madeleine L'Engle

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A Wrinkle in Time | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Evening, first day

    Mrs Whatsit arrives at the Murry home.

    Chapter 1
  • Afternoon, second day

    Meg and Charles Wallace meet Calvin in the woods.

    Chapter 2
  • Evening, second day

    The children use a tesseract and land on planet Uriel.

    Chapter 4
  • Evening, second day

    Meg learns about tessering.

    Chapter 5
  • Second day

    The children learn about the Black Thing, and visit the Happy Medium.

    Chapter 5
  • Second day

    The children travel to Camazotz.

    Chapter 6
  • Second day

    Charles Wallace is taken over by IT.

    Chapter 7
  • Second day

    Meg rescues Mr. Murry from Camazotz.

    Chapter 9
  • Second/third day

    Meg, Calvin, and Mr. Murry arrive on Ixchel and meet the beasts.

    Chapter 10
  • Third day

    Meg returns to Camazotz and saves Charles Wallace.

    Chapter 12
  • Third day

    Meg and Charles Wallace return to Earth, and reunite with Mr. Murry and Calvin.

    Chapter 12

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 On a "dark and stormy night" teenager Margaret (Meg) Murry shivers in her farmhouse attic bedroom. The storm outside may... Read More
Chapter 2 When Meg wakes the next morning, she wonders if the previous night's events were a dream. In the kitchen her mother tell... Read More
Chapter 3 Meg wonders why she feels so happy after such a confusing afternoon. Calvin says he is glad they finally met—they've onl... Read More
Chapter 4 The children and their companions are plunged into complete darkness. Meg reaches for Charles Wallace and Calvin but can... Read More
Chapter 5 Mrs Which tells the children Mr. Murry is fighting the Black Thing. He is hidden behind it so no one can see him. Mrs Wh... Read More
Chapter 6 In the crystal ball a light bursts through the Darkness. The Dark Thing disappears, revealing a starry sky. The Happy Me... Read More
Chapter 7 Calvin wants Charles Wallace to stay outside, since the danger will be greatest for him, but Charles Wallace and Meg wan... Read More
Chapter 8 Charles Wallace eats the prepared food. He looks the same, but Meg can tell he is only a copy of his real self. She dema... Read More
Chapter 9 Meg rushes to the column but can't go through the transparent wall. Charles Wallace laughs when she stumbles backward. S... Read More
Chapter 10 When Meg returns to consciousness she is freezing, and unable to move. She can hear her father and Calvin in the distanc... Read More
Chapter 11 Mr. Murry asks the beast to put Meg down. The beasts are curious—do they frighten him? They prefer talking to Calvin, an... Read More
Chapter 12 The three women emerge, blurred, but still recognizable. They heard the children calling them. Meg pleads with Mrs Whats... Read More
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