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Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

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Alice in Wonderland | Characters

Character Description
Alice Seven-year-old Alice is the book's heroine. Sensible, brave, and polite, she's fascinated by Wonderland—but also determined to abide by what she knows is true. Read More
White Rabbit The White Rabbit leads Alice into Wonderland when she chases him down a rabbit hole; he's a fussy, anxious character who's terrified of being late and making the Queen of Hearts angry. Read More
Queen of Hearts The Queen of Hearts is the story's ridiculous antagonist; she shrieks nonstop and constantly orders that her subjects be executed. Read More
Duchess The Duchess is a less violent version of the Queen of Hearts and can find a moral in anything Alice—or she herself—says. Read More
Hatter The Hatter is an irritable little man who presides over an endless tea party on the lawn and behaves insultingly to Alice. Read More
Caterpillar The Caterpillar sits on a mushroom, smoking a hookah; he's cranky and combative, though he does help Alice control her size. Read More
Cheshire Cat The Cheshire Cat, who can appear and disappear when he wants, first appears in a tree in the woods and tells Alice, "We're all mad here." Read More
Bill Bill is a bedraggled lizard who first shows up when the White Rabbit asks him to see who's plugging up his house; later, as a juror, he writes on his slate with his finger.
Cook The Cook, a temperamental woman, rules the kitchen in the Duchess's household.
Dodo The Dodo climbs out of the pool of tears and shows Alice and the other wet swimmers how to get warm and dry by running around haphazardly (the Dodo calls this a Caucus-race).
Dormouse The Dormouse is one of the three characters Alice meets at the tea party; it can barely keep itself awake and sometimes drifts off mid-sentence.
Duchess's Baby The Baby may not actually be the Duchess's child; all Alice knows for sure is that it turns into a pig and wanders away.
Gardeners The three Gardeners work for the Queen of Hearts, who orders them beheaded when she catches them painting white roses red. Alice rescues them by hiding them in a flowerpot.
Gryphon Half eagle and half lion, the Gryphon is a brisk, cheerful creature who introduces Alice to the Mock Turtle.
King of Hearts The King of Hearts is mild-mannered, timid, and terrified of his wife.
Knave of Hearts A member of the royal family, the Knave of Hearts is put on trial for stealing tarts.
March Hare The March Hare is one of the three characters at the tea party.
Mock Turtle The Mock Turtle is a sad tortoise with a calf's head who sobs all the time.
Mouse Alice meets the Mouse when both of them are swimming in a pool of tears; the Mouse is painfully insulted when Alice mentions her cat.
Pigeon The Pigeon meets Alice in the woods and is absolutely convinced Alice is a serpent out to steal her eggs.
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