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All Quiet on the Western Front | Study Guide

Erich Maria Remarque

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All Quiet on the Western Front | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Summer 1917

    Bäumer and his friends are resting from battle five miles from the front lines.

    Chapter 1
  • A few days later

    Their friend Kemmerich dies and Müller takes his boots.

    Chapter 2
  • Later that summer

    They return to the front lines to install a fence and are attacked with gas by the French.

    Chapter 4
  • Summer to fall 1917

    Their company is called to the front lines to battle, where many of their men die.

    Chapter 6
  • A few weeks later

    The men meet a group of French women and exchange rations for companionship.

    Chapter 7
  • Fall 1917

    Bäumer returns home on leave and feels more alienated than ever by civilian life.

    Chapter 7
  • Two weeks later

    Bäumer returns to the training camp to guard Russian prisoners and feels compassion for them.

    Chapter 8
  • Four weeks later

    Bäumer returns to regiment; on mission he gets confused in No Man's Land and kills a French soldier.

    Chapter 9
  • Late autumn 1917

    Bäumer and Kropp are wounded and end up at a Catholic hospital.

    Chapter 10
  • Summer 1918

    Many of his friends are killed in battle, go crazy, or desert the war and are captured.

    Chapter 11
  • Fall 1918

    Bäumer is killed on an otherwise quiet day on the Western Front.

    Chapter 12

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 The novel opens as the narrator describes his current life on the front lines of World War I. His platoon is resting fiv... Read More
Chapter 2 Paul Bäumer reflects on how strange it seems that before he joined the war, he wrote poetry and plays. He and his friend... Read More
Chapter 3 Back at camp, reinforcements for the soldiers who were killed have arrived, and many are even younger than 19-year-old P... Read More
Chapter 4 The platoon is called up to the front to install barbed wire fences. The ride there is bumpy and treacherous, and Paul B... Read More
Chapter 5 The soldiers sit naked, attempting to delouse themselves. Paul Bäumer casually discusses the difficulty of getting rid o... Read More
Chapter 6 The soldiers return to the front lines early due to rumors about a coming attack. On their way they pass a bombed-out sc... Read More
Chapter 7 Paul Bäumer's company is taken back to the field depot to be reorganized—they will need more than 100 reinforcements. Co... Read More
Chapter 8 Paul Bäumer is sent back to the camp where Corporal Himmelstoss trained them as young recruits. Everything is changed, a... Read More
Chapter 9 Paul Bäumer's company travels for a few days, past transport lines. He has difficulty finding his regiment or what has h... Read More
Chapter 10 Paul Bäumer and his comrades finally receive a good assignment, guarding an abandoned village. Paul notes that it provid... Read More
Chapter 11 The soldiers begin to lose track of days and weeks, counting time only by season and time spent at the front. Paul Bäume... Read More
Chapter 12 As autumn begins, Paul Bäumer notes that he is the last of the seven from his class left alive. There are rumors of a tr... Read More
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