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Jennifer Niven

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All the Bright Places | Part 2, Chapters 30–32 | Summary



Part 2, Chapter 30: VIOLET February 2

Violet meets her school counselor, Mrs. Kresney, and tells her she's doing much better. Violet isn't having nightmares either. In Russian lit, Violet doesn't cite "Extenuating Circumstances" to get out of the assignment. After class Ryan Cross stops Violet in the hallway and tells her about the altercation between Finch and Roamer. Violet goes to lunch and opts to sit with Brenda Shank-Kravitz and her friends rather than at her "regular table" with Amanda and Roamer.

Part 2, Chapter 31: VIOLET The weekend

Violet thinks, the "wandering is really an excuse to drive somewhere and make out." Finch picks her up, and they talk about the incident with Roamer. Violet and Finch make out, and afterward, when they are both at their homes, he sends her a message saying he is "thinking rather consistently of Someday." On Sunday Violet wakes to find that Finch has left her a package. She opens it to find swim goggles. She sends a note saying, "please tell me you don't want to use them for Someday." He tells her they are for "the first warm day."

Part 2, Chapter 32: FINCH The first warm day

Mid-February brings a blizzard, but after it Finch and Violet celebrate Valentine's Day. Not long after that, the "first warm day" arrives and they go to the "Blue Hole" to swim. Finch shares assorted folklore about the lake.

Violet strips to her underthings. They discuss what they're afraid of, swim, and discuss Finch's parents' divorce. Finch dives, holding his breath for so long Violet is frightened and crying when he resurfaces. Her fear shifts into anger—anger he invites her to take out on him. They both smash rocks against a wall, and then Violet asks, "What are we, anyway?" He kisses her, but then pulls away, explaining that he "can't promise" to "stay around." He warns her she needs to know what she's "getting into before getting involved." She refutes this by pointing out that they are already involved. He tells her more about his moods and that his dad is abusive, and then Finch and Violet resume kissing.


The story continues to highlight the minutia of high school life. Finch's struggles are not as front and center in these chapters. In some ways this mimics the experience of dealing with bipolar disorder. It is always present to some degree.

The Blue Hole, unlike most of the other spots the characters visit, is both historically and geographically significant. The Blue Hole is a three-acre lake thought to be "bottomless." According to folklore the Blue Hole is the location of hidden treasure stolen by the Wabash River pirates. Further folklore of the location has a busload of children vanishing into the Blue Hole—with neither bus nor children being recovered. Supposedly Prohibition-era gangsters threw dead bodies into the Blue Hole. Another legend has a version of the Loch Ness monster living in the pool. One of the legends mentioned by Finch includes the sheriff of Vigo County searching the lake. What they did prove was that it is not bottomless. Estimates have the deepest points in the Blue Hole at 22–30 feet deep.

Within this section readers will also note that Finch submerges to the point of danger, frightening Violet, as he cannot resist getting closer to death by drowning.

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