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Jennifer Niven

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All the Bright Places | Part 2, Chapters 45–47 | Summary



Part 2, Chapter 45: VIOLET March 18

Violet hasn't heard from Finch for three days. She lies and says she's going to her friend Shelby Padgett's house and borrows the car. She hasn't driven in a year, and her mother is moved to tears. Violet feels extra guilty lying to her mom, but she goes to Finch's house anyway. She meets Mrs. Finch for the first time when she arrives at the house. It is obvious to Violet that Mrs. Finch has no idea Finch has been expelled. Violet talks to his mother and his sister Kate, and then she goes up to Finch's room, which has been "stripped bare." There are boxes by the door, and she asks if he's moving. He shows Violet the "fort" he's made in his closet. He gives her a pen and pad of Post-its to add words to the wall of words he's been making in the closet. He instructs, "Positive ones go on the wall, negative on the floor over there." Writing the words leads to flirting, which leads to sex.

After sex follows more talking, including Finch telling Violet about his "black, sinking moods" and about the cardinal. She asks if he's talking to anyone about this, and if he's living in his closet. He explains, "Eventually, it works. I'll wake up one morning and feel like coming out." He asks her to keep his secret.

Part 2, Chapter 46: FINCH Day 75

The entire chapter is a quote and one sentence: "I / am / in / pieces."

Part 2, Chapter 47: VIOLET March 20

Amanda stops Violet after class. After Amanda extracts a promise from Violet not to repeat what she is about to reveal, she tells Violet she saw Finch at a suicide support group she attends. Concerned, Violet goes to Finch's house, throws rocks at his window, but gets no reply. She goes home and messages him. He replies that the next day is his birthday, and although there are a lot of questions she wants to ask, she goes with "How should we celebrate?" because she's afraid he'll disappear. Finch tells her, "Come over at six. Be hungry."


That Finch is experiencing a continuing decline is undeniable. However, at this point, the symptoms he's experiencing are on the depressive side of bipolar disorder.

Finch is living in his closet. However, he still sees Violet, and they have dinner and sex. His mood has numerous marks of depression, but it also has lingering mania elements in his confidence and assertion with Violet.

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