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All the Pretty Horses | Study Guide

Cormac McCarthy

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All the Pretty Horses | Characters

Character Description
John Grady Cole John Grady is a 16-year-old horseman who travels to Mexico in search of adventure. Read More
Lacey Rawlins Lacey Rawlins is John Grady's best childhood friend and his traveling companion on his trip through Mexico. Read More
Jimmy Blevins Jimmy Blevins is the hotheaded younger boy who follows John Grady and Rawlins into Mexico. Read More
Alejandra Alejandra is the 17-year-old daughter of rancher Don Rocha and is John Grady's love interest. Read More
The Captain The captain supervises the detention of Blevins, Rawlins, and John Grady after they are arrested. Read More
Dueña Alfonsa Dueña Alfonsa is Don Rocha's aunt and Alejandra's great-aunt. Read More
Don Héctor Rocha y Villareal Don Rocha is a 49-year-old Mexican aristocrat, the owner of the Hacienda de Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción cattle ranch, and Alejandra's father. Read More
Abuela Abuela, Luisa's mother, worked 50 years in the Grady household.
Alejandra's mother Alejandra's mother lives in Mexico City and dislikes life on the ranch.
Antonio Antonio is Armando's brother and works as a horse trainer and ranch hand at Hacienda de Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción.
Armando Armando is one of the head horse trainers at Hacienda de Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción.
Arturo Arturo was a member of the household staff at the Grady family ranch.
Mary Catherine Barnett Mary Catherine Barnett is John Grady's ex-girlfriend; she left him for an older boy with a car.
Reverend Jimmy Blevins The radio preacher Jimmy Blevins and his wife host John Grady for dinner during his search for the owner of Blevins's horse.
The charro The charro pays the captain to murder Blevins in retribution for Blevins's killing of his brother.
Family on Estancia The family at their estancia feeds and hosts John Grady, Rawlins, and Blevins for a night soon after they cross into Mexico.
Mr. Franklin Mr. Franklin is John Grady's mother's lawyer.
John Grady's father John Grady's father is a veteran rancher and the parent he is closest to; he dies while John Grady is in Mexico.
John Grady's grandfather John Grady's grandfather was the long-time owner of the Grady family farm, the 18,000-acre cattle ranch John Grady grew up on.
John Grady's mother John Grady's mother has forsaken the family farm, choosing instead to sell it and pursue her passion for acting.
The judge The judge presides over the hearing for ownership of Blevins's horse after John Grady returns with the horse to Texas.
Luisa Luisa was a member of the household staff at the Grady family ranch; she helped raise John Grady in his mother's absence.
Orlando Orlando is the old man in the jail cell in Encantada.
Emilio Pérez Emilio Pérez is the well-connected prisoner in Saltillo who solicits John Grady for protection money.
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