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An Enemy of the People | Study Guide

Henrik Ibsen

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An Enemy of the People | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

Stockmann, Act 4 he majority has the power … unfortunately … but it doesn’t make them right. Sources: Encyclopedia Britannica, The Ibsen Society, NPR Copyright © 2018 Course Hero, Inc. Money or Possessions Represent the price for which people may sell out their beliefs The Written Word Represents the power to influence public opinion Polluted Water Symbolizes pollution in the town’s politics Symbols Teacher and Dr. Stockmann’s principled daughter; supports her father and rejects Hovstad Petra Young newspaper editor; supports Dr. Stockmann at first but only to get close to Petra Hovstad Dr. Stockmann’s cautious and conservative brother; casts doubt on his brother’s research The Mayor Idealistic, middle-aged physician; shocked and disillusioned by people rejecting the truth Dr. Thomas Stockmann Main Characters Ibsen is called the father of modern drama because he explored psychology and realism in his plays. An Enemy of the People was a response to the criticism Ibsen faced over his previous plays, A Doll’s House and Ghosts. Ibsen wanted to tell his audiences the truth, just as Dr. Stockmann tries to warn his town. HENRIK IBSEN1828–1906 Author The doctor loses his job and everything else, but he still speaks the truth. The Doctor Refuses to Be Silent The high cost of repairs makes people doubt the doctor, but he knows he is right. The Discovery Causes Problems Dr. Stockmann discovers the baths are polluted, and people thank him. The Doctor’s Discovery Is Praised Standing Up—Alone—for What’s Right When Dr. Stockmann discovers and publicizes the fact that the town baths are polluted, he thinks he has done a great service. But repairing the baths turns out to be costly and time-consuming, and everyone turns on him. Will he stand his ground, even at the risk of his job and safety? OVERVIEW Norwegian Original Language 1882 Year Published Henrik Ibsen Author An Enemy of the People Drama Play

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