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And Then There Were None

Agatha Christie

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And Then There Were None | Characters

Character Description
Justice Wargrave Justice Lawrence Wargrave is known as "the hanging judge," and is supposedly the sixth person to die, but is actually the murderer and the 10th person to die, by his own hand. Read More
Vera Claythorne Vera Claythorne is a former governess hired to be Mrs. Owen's secretary. She is also a jilted lover, and the supposed 10th person to die, hanging herself. Read More
Philip Lombard Philip Lombard is a captain who thinks he has been hired to observe the guests on the island. He carries a revolver and is the supposed ninth person to die. He is shot by Vera Claythorne with his own gun. Read More
Ex-Inspector Blore Ex-Inspector Blore is a former police officer who arrives at Indian Island under the alias Mr. Davis, but admits his real identity early on. Blore is the eighth person to die, hit by a marble bear clock. Read More
Dr. Armstrong Dr. Armstrong is an overworked but confident surgeon who trusts Justice Wargrave to his detriment. He is the supposed seventh person to die on the island, by drowning. Read More
Miss Brent Miss Emily Brent is an elderly woman who becomes the supposed fifth person to die on the island, by poison in a syringe. Read More
General Macarthur General Macarthur is an army man who is ready to die, and becomes the third person to die on the island. Read More
Armitage Armitage is a soldier under General Macarthur's command who may have realized the General sent Richmond to his death on purpose.
Badger Berkeley Badger Berkeley is a friend of Anthony Marston and the supposed author of the wire sent to Marston inviting him to Indian Island.
Jennifer Brady Jennifer Brady is the elderly woman who dies under the Rogers's care during a bad storm.
Louisa Clees Louisa Clees is the elderly patient who dies when a drunk Dr. Armstrong operates on her.
John Combes John Combes is one of the two children Anthony Marston hits with his car when he is speeding.
Lucy Combes Lucy Combes is one of the two children Anthony Marston hits when he is speeding.
Lady Constance Culmington Lady Constance Culmington is an adventurous friend of Justice Wargrave whose name he uses as the author of a letter supposedly inviting him to Indian Island.
Cyril Hamilton Cyril Hamilton is Hugo Hamilton's little nephew whom Vera Claythorne led into the ocean and later drowned.
Hugo Hamilton Hugo Hamilton is the man Vera Claythorne wanted to marry. He couldn't marry her because Cyril Hamilton would inherit the family fortune instead of him, and he wouldn't be able to support her without the inheritance.
James Landor James Landor is the bank robber against whom Ex-Inspector Blore gives evidence, sending him to prison for life, where he dies.
Sir Thomas Legge Sir Thomas Legge is the Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard, supervising Inspector Maine.
Leslie Macarthur Leslie Macarthur is General Macarthur's philandering wife.
Inspector Maine Inspector Maine is the inspector from Scotland Yard assigned to the Indian Island murder case.
Anthony Marston Anthony Marston is a rich, handsome blowhard who doesn't feel guilty about having run over two children with his very fast car, and becomes the first person to die, poisoned by potassium cyanide in his drink.
Matthews Matthews is the defense attorney for Edward Seton in the case in which Justice Wargrave ordered Seton to his death. He thinks Wargrave turned the jury against Seton even though the evidence pointed to Seton's innocence.
Isaac Morris Isaac Morris is a Jewish businessman and drug dealer who supposedly facilitates the sale of the island to Mr. Owen and hires Philip Lombard to do whatever Owen tells him to do for a hundred guineas (a little over one hundred British pounds).
Fred Narracott Fred Narracott is the man who takes people to and from Indian Island by boat and delivers supplies to the island.
U.N. Owen U.N. Owen is the mysterious author of the invitations to Indian Island, customized for each victim to get them to agree to visit. He is never seen and remains unknown—his name is a pun on the word—until it is revealed at the end of the novel that Justice Wargrave is Mr. Owen.
Arthur Richmond Arthur Richmond is a soldier who General Macarthur sends to the front line to his death, and he is also Leslie Macarthur's lover.
Elmer Robson Elmer Robson is the American millionaire who built the house on Indian Island.
Rogers Rogers is the very efficient butler on Indian Island, but he has never seen his employer and becomes the fourth person to die, by an axe-blow to the head.
Ethel Rogers Ethel Rogers is the meek and terrified cook, the wife of the butler, who faints when the voice on the record says she and her husband are murderers. She becomes the second person to die—by an overdose of sleeping medication.
Edward Seton Edward Seton is a man Judge Wargrave makes sure is found guilty of murder and is executed.
Beatrice Taylor Beatrice Taylor is Miss Brent's maid, fired by Miss Brent for getting pregnant, after which Beatrice kills herself.
Miss Gabrielle Turl Miss Gabrielle Turl is the movie star who is falsely rumored to have bought Indian Island.
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