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And Then There Were None

Agatha Christie

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And Then There Were None | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • August 8

    Guests arrive on Indian Island.

    Chapter 2
  • After dinner

    Rogers plays the accusatory record for guests.

    Chapter 3
  • After record

    Guests deny they are murderers.

    Chapter 4
  • After drinks

    Anthony Marston chokes to death from cyanide.

    Chapter 4
  • That night

    Ethel Rogers dies from a chloral hydrate overdose.

    Chapter 6
  • The next day

    General Macarthur dies from a blow to his head.

    Chapter 9
  • At lunch

    Justice Wargrave says the murderer is one of guests.

    Chapter 9
  • The next morning

    Rogers dies from an axe-blow to his head.

    Chapter 11
  • After breakfast

    Miss Brent dies from an injection of cyanide.

    Chapter 12
  • That evening

    Justice Wargrave fakes his shooting death.

    Chapter 13
  • Midnight

    Dr. Armstrong dies from a fall and drowning.

    Chapter 14
  • 2:00 pm

    Ex-Inspector Blore is hit by a marble clock and dies.

    Chapter 15
  • Later that afternoon

    Vera Claythorne shoots and kills Philip Lombard.

    Chapter 15
  • That evening

    Vera Claythorne hangs herself in her room.

    Chapter 15
  • August 12

    Scotland Yard inspectors find all the bodies but can't solve the crime.

  • Months later

    A boat captain finds Wargrave's confession to the murders-suicide.

    A Manuscript Document

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 The novel opens with a description of each of the guests who have been invited to stay on Indian Island and their journe... Read More
Chapter 2 All the guests meet at Oakbridge and later take taxis to the boat launch. They introduce themselves to each other, and t... Read More
Chapter 3 After dinner the guests notice there are 10 figurines on the table, matching the 10 little Indians in the rhyme the gues... Read More
Chapter 4 Justice Wargrave adds his letter from Lady Constance Culmington to the pile of evidence regarding reasons for being on t... Read More
Chapter 5 Now the situation on Indian Island becomes more dangerous; someone murdered Anthony Marston. At first the guests think t... Read More
Chapter 6 Dr. Armstrong dreams he has to murder a patient on the table without arousing the suspicion of the sister or British nur... Read More
Chapter 7 Vera Claythorne asks Miss Brent if she really believes Rogers and his wife killed Jennifer Brady, and Miss Brent says sh... Read More
Chapter 8 Ex-Inspector Blore, Philip Lombard, and Dr. Armstrong set out to search the island for the murderer. Lombard reveals he ... Read More
Chapter 9 At first, Ex-Inspector Blore is relieved they haven't found anyone else on the island, and thinks this means the two dea... Read More
Chapter 10 Vera Claythorne and Philip Lombard talk with each other about who the murderer might be. They both think it can't be tru... Read More
Chapter 11 The next morning no one wakes up to the smell of breakfast because there isn't any. Philip Lombard is the first to notic... Read More
Chapter 12 After breakfast, Vera Claythorne and Miss Brent rise to clear the dishes, but Miss Brent has to sit back down again. She... Read More
Chapter 13 The five guests all stay in the same room together all day. Only one of them can leave at a time and must come back befo... Read More
Chapter 14 The group realizes Vera's seaweed incident was meant to cover the sound of the gunshot that killed Justice Wargrave. The... Read More
Chapter 15 The men decide to heliograph from the cliffs, using a mirror to signal an SOS to the mainland. Vera Claythorne thinks th... Read More
Chapter 16 The only two people remaining alive are Philip Lombard and Vera Claythorne, and they both think the other one is the mur... Read More
Epilogue The boys at Scotland Yard are flummoxed by this case. There are 10 bodies on the island and no evidence at all of the mu... Read More
A Manuscript Document The full title of this section of text is "A Manuscript Document Sent to Scotland Yard by the Master of the Emma Jane, F... Read More
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