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Animal Farm | Study Guide

George Orwell

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Learn about characters in George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm with Course Hero’s video study guide.

Animal Farm | Characters

Character Description
Napoleon Napoleon is the totalitarian pig leader of Animal Farm who exploits the other animals to maintain his own power. Read More
Snowball Snowball is an early pig leader of Animal Farm whose conflicts with Napoleon lead to his dishonor and exile. Read More
Mr. Jones Mr. Jones is the drunken, neglectful proprietor of Manor Farm, overthrown by his animals. Read More
Squealer Squealer is Napoleon's second pig in command, who spins stories and propaganda to keep the animals in line. Read More
Boxer Boxer is the hardworking horse whose devotion to Animal Farm earns him the respect of all the animals. Read More
Old Major Old Major is the boar whose vision for a world where animals are free inspires the rebellion. Read More
Benjamin Benjamin is a cynical donkey who is at least as clever as the pigs but refuses to get involved with the rebellion, even when he sees things going wrong. Read More
Bluebell Jessie and Bluebell are Mr. Jones's dogs who give birth to the puppies who grow up to be Napoleon's enforcers.
Clover Clover is a working horse who is Boxer's companion and is as devoted to the cause of Animalism as he is.
Dogs Dogs are the animals most closely aligned with the pigs, who serve as the pigs' guards and enforcers.
Hens Hens are egg producers for the farm who, at one point, attempt a rebellion, with disastrous results.
Jessie Jessie and Bluebell are Mr. Jones's dogs who give birth to the puppies who grow up to be Napoleon's enforcers.
Mollie Mollie is Mr. Jones's mare who values her own appearance and the favor of humans over the principles of the farm.
Moses Moses is a trained raven who tells the animals stories of a heavenly afterworld called Sugarcandy Mountain.
Mr. Frederick Frederick is the owner of a neighboring farm who becomes Napoleon's enemy when he cheats the pigs and attacks the farm.
Mr. Pilkington Pilkington is the owner of a neighboring farm who eventually becomes Napoleon's ally.
Mr. Whymper Mr. Whymper is a lawyer retained by the pigs to conduct their business transactions with other humans.
Muriel Muriel is a goat who, aside from Benjamin and the pigs, is the only animal on the farm who is fully literate.
Sheep Sheep are useful spreaders of propaganda that can be relied upon to stop debates or potential protests with their chanting.
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