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Leo Tolstoy

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Anna Karenina | Characters

Character Description
Anna Anna Arkadyevna Karenina is the wife of a powerful bureaucrat, Karenin, and sister of Stiva. Read More
Levin Konstantin (Kostya) Dmitrich Levin is a nobleman who farms and manages his own estate. Read More
Karenin Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin is the middle-aged husband of Anna and an important government official. Read More
Vronsky Count Alexei (Alyosha) Kirillovich Vronsky is a handsome military officer who falls in love with Anna. Read More
Kitty Princess Ekaterina (Kitty) Alexandrovna Shcherbatsky is the youngest daughter of Prince Shcherbatsky and later the wife of Levin. Read More
Stiva Prince Stepan (Stiva) Arkadyich Oblonsky is Anna's brother and Dolly's irresponsible husband. Read More
Dolly Princess Darya (Dolly) Alexandrovna Oblonsky is Kitty's eldest sister and wife of Stiva; she is the mother of several children. Read More
Agafya Mikhailovna Agafya Mikhailovna is Levin's housekeeper and former nurse.
Annushka Annushka is Anna's lady's maid.
Chirikov Chirikov is a comrade of Levin who goes bear hunting with him.
Golenishchev Golenishchev is an old acquaintance of Vronsky. The two of them reconnect while Anna and Vronsky are in Italy.
Kapitonych Kapitonych is the hall porter at the Karenin home.
Annie Karenina Annie is Anna and Vronsky's baby girl.
Seryozha Alexeich Karenin Sergei (Kutik or Seryozha) Alexeich Karenin is the young son of Anna and Karenin.
Fyodor Vasilyevich Katavasov Fyodor Vasilyevich Katavasov is a professor at the university and Levin's friend.
Princess Katerina Pavlovna Princess Katerina Pavlovna is Anna's aunt and the woman who raised her.
Kornei (Vasily) Vasilyevich Kornei (Vasily) Vasilyevich is Karenin's valet.
Sergei Ivanovich Koznyshev Sergei Ivanovich Koznyshev is Levin's older half-brother and a famous writer.
Kuzma Kuzma is Levin's servant.
Landau Landau is a religious crank and alleged clairvoyant that has been taken up by Lydia and Karenin. He tells Karenin not to grant Anna a divorce.
Dmitri Levin Dmitri Levin is Kitty and Levin's new baby.
Nikolai Dmitrich Levin Nikolai Dmitrich Levin is Konstantin Levin's sick and impoverished brother and Koznyshev's half-brother.
Mademoiselle Linon Mademoiselle Linon is Kitty's French governess.
Lizaveta Petrovna Lizaveta Petrovna is Kitty's midwife.
Prince Arseny Lvov Prince Arseny Lvov is the husband of Natalie and loving father of two sons.
Princess Natalya Alexandrovna Lvov Princess Natalya Alexandrovna, whose maiden name is Shcherbatsky, is Dolly and Kitty's middle sister and the wife of Prince Lvov.
Countess Lydia Ivanovna Countess Lydia Ivanovna is a close friend of Karenin and a religious fanatic.
Princess Marya Borisovna Princess Marya Borisovna is Kitty's godmother.
Marya Efimovna Marya Efimovna is Seryozha's old nanny.
Marya Nikolaevna Marya (Masha) Nikolaevna is Nikolai Levin's common-law wife.
Matryona Filimonovna Matryona (Matryosha) Filimonovna is the nanny of the Oblonsky children.
Matvie Matvie is Stiva's valet.
Metrov Metrov is a famous scholar whom Katavasov introduces to Levin so they can speak about his book.
Princess Miagky Princess Miagky is an outspoken member of Betsy's circle who tells the truth, whether or not it is polite.
Mikhaila Mikhaila is the coachman that Anna sends to Vronsky with messages on the day she commits suicide.
Mikhailov Mikhailov is a talented Russian painter Anna and Vronsky meet in Italy; he paints Anna's portrait.
Nastya Nastya is Sviyazhsky's sister-in-law, whom he would like to match up with Levin.
Countess Nordston Countess Nordston is a friend of Kitty who dislikes Levin.
Alyosha Oblonsky Alyosha Oblonsky is the son of Dolly and Stiva Oblonsky.
Grisha Oblonsky Grisha Oblonsky is the son of Dolly and Stiva Oblonsky.
Lily Oblonsky Lily Oblonsky is the daughter of Dolly and Stiva Oblonsky.
Masha Oblonsky Masha Oblonsky is the daughter of Dolly and Stiva Oblonsky.
Nikolenka Oblonsky Nikolenka Oblonsky is the son of Dolly and Stiva Oblonsky.
Tanya Oblonsky Tanya Oblonsky is the daughter of Dolly and Stiva Oblonsky.
Princess Varvara Oblonsky Princess Varvara Oblonsky is Stiva and Anna's aunt. She latches onto Anna after she is shunned by society.
Pestov Pestov is a liberal and intellectual friend of Koznyshev.
Lieutenant Petritsky Lieutenant Petritsky is a friend and sometime roommate of Vronsky.
Mademoiselle Roland Mademoiselle Roland, the French governess of the Oblonsky children, becomes Stiva's mistress.
Ryabinin Ryabinin is the merchant who buys Dolly's wood from Stiva at a greatly reduced price.
General Serpukhovskoy General (Prince) Serpukhovskoy is an old friend and schoolmate of Vronsky who obtains a post for him in Tashkent.
Prince Alexander Dmitrievich Shcherbatsky Prince Alexander Dmitrievich (Alexandre) Shcherbatsky is the father of Kitty, Dolly, and Natalie; he wants Kitty to marry Levin.
Princess Shcherbatsky Princess Shcherbatsky is the mother of Dolly, Natalie, and Kitty; she initially wants Kitty to marry Vronsky.
Baroness Shilton Baroness Shilton is Petritsky's lover and a woman trying to get a divorce from her husband.
Slyudin Slyudin is Karenin's office manager.
Princess Sorokin Princess Sorokin is a friend of the Vronskys, whom the countess would like her son Alexei to marry if he will only drop Anna.
Madame Stahl Madame Stahl is a religious invalid and the guardian of Varenka.
Stremov Stremov is a high-level bureaucrat and Karenin's rival who wins a post that Karenin was hoping to get.
Nikolai Ivanovich Sviyazhsky Nikolai Ivanovich Sviyazhsky is a friend of Levin and a marshal of nobility in his district.
Turovtsyn Turovtsyn is a friend of Stiva and Dolly's, who helps Dolly nurse the children through scarlet fever; he has a crush on her.
Tushkevich Tushkevich is Betsy's lover whom she eventually casts off.
Princess Betsy Fyodorovna Tverskoy Princess Elizaveta (Betsy) Fyodorovna Tverskoy is Vronsky's first cousin and Anna's confidante.
Varvara (Varenka) Andreevna Varvara (Varenka) Andreevna is a friend of Kitty's and a religious and intellectual woman.
Vasily Lukich Vasily Lukich is Seryozha's tutor.
Vasenka Veslovsky Vasenka (Vaska) Veslovsky is a friend of Stiva and a foppish flirt.
Alexander Kirillovich Vronsky Alexander Kirillovich Vronsky is Alexei Vronsky's brother.
Countess Vronsky Countess Vronsky is the mother of Alexei and Alexander; she disapproves of Alexei's liaison with Anna once it gets serious.
Varya (Varvara) Vronsky Varya (Varvara) Vronsky is the wife of Alexander Vronsky.
Captain Yashvin Captain (or Prince) Yashvin is Vronsky's best friend and an inveterate gambler.
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