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L. M. Montgomery

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Anne of Green Gables | Characters

Character Description
Anne Shirley Anne Shirley is an articulate, impulsive orphan who comes to live with an older couple when she's 11. Read More
Marilla Cuthbert Marilla Cuthbert is a strong-minded, strict, hardworking woman who lives at Green Gables and adopts Anne. Read More
Matthew Cuthbert Shy Matthew Cuthbert, a farmer, is Marilla's brother; the two live at Green Gables. Read More
Diana Barry Diana Barry lives on the farm next to Green Gables and becomes Anne's best friend. Read More
Mrs. Rachel Lynde Mrs. Rachel Lynde is a stout, opinionated woman who's the closest thing Marilla has to a good friend. Read More
Mr. Allan Mr. Allan becomes Avonlea's Presbyterian minister midway through the book. He is popular and an excellent preacher.
Mrs. Allan Mrs. Allan is the minister's wife and Anne's Sunday school teacher. She charms everyone she meets—especially Anne, who shares with her things she can't discuss with Marilla. Mrs. Allan has great spiritual influence over Anne.
Billy Andrews Billy Andrews is the older brother of Anne's friend Jane. Fat-faced and dull, he harbors a secret crush on Anne.
Mr. Harmon Andrews The father of Prissy, Billy, and Jane, Mr. Harmon Andrews owns the field where the Sunday school picnic is held.
Jane Andrews Unimaginative but eager, Jane Andrews is a friend of Anne's and attends Queen's Academy with her.
Minnie Andrews Minnie Andrews is a nice, well behaved but unimaginative girl in Anne's class.
Prissy Andrews Prissy Andrews is Jane's older sister. The book's first schoolteacher, Mr. Phillips, has a huge crush on her and helps her with her studies at the other students' expense.
Mr. Barry Mr. Barry, a farmer, is Diana's father. He carries Anne home after she breaks her ankle.
Mrs. Barry Mrs. Barry is Diana's strict and rigid mother. For a time she forbids Diana to associate with Anne but changes her mind after Anne saves her young daughter's life.
Aunt Josephine Barry Miss Josephine Barry, Diana's great-aunt, becomes a fan of Anne's after an awkward first meeting and becomes a benefactor of sorts to Anne at Queen's.
Minnie May Barry Minnie May Barry is Diana's young sister who nearly dies of croup. Anne saves her life.
Superintendent Bell Mr. Bell is superintendent of the Presbyterian Sunday school. Anne hates the way he drones out the prayers in church.
Julia Bell Julia Bell is Anne's classmate. It is rumored Gilbert Blythe likes her, but that's before he meets Anne.
Mr. Bentley Mr. Bentley is the elderly Presbyterian minister when Anne first comes to Avonlea. Anne disapproves of his sermons and thinks they're dull.
William Blair An Avonlea storekeeper, William Blair sells Mrs. Lynde the fabric she uses to make Anne's Christmas dress.
Mrs. Peter Blewett Nasty, small-minded Mrs. Peter Blewett wants Anne as a live-in babysitter and servant.
Gilbert Blythe Gilbert Blythe is smart, handsome, and popular—except with Anne, who cuts him off the first day she meets him and doesn't speak to him again for five years.
Tillie Boulter A schoolmate of Anne's, Tillie Boulter lets Anne borrow her pearl bead ring.
Lauretta Bradley Lauretta Bradley is a girl Anne's age who lives in White Sands and is invited to tea at the manse with Anne.
Jerry Buote Jerry Buote is the Cuthberts' French Canadian farmhand for the first half of the book.
Emily Clay A student at Queen's, Emily Clay is expected to win the Avery Scholarship.
Doctor from Spencervale This unnamed doctor comes to the Barry house the night Minnie May has croup. He is impressed with Anne's competence and later warns Marilla not to let Anne study too much.
Mrs. Evans Mrs. Evans is a famous elocutionist who performs at the White Sands concert just before Anne does.
Emily Gillis Emily Gillis is a talented Avonlea dressmaker whom Marilla commissions to make a fancy dress for Anne.
Ruby Gillis Ruby Gillis is a boy-crazy classmate of Anne's, prone to go into hysterics at inconvenient times.
Jimmy Glover Jimmy Glover is a classmate of Anne's in Avonlea.
Priscilla Grant Anne makes friends with mischief-loving Priscilla Grant when they're students at Queen's.
Mrs. Hammond Anne works for Mrs. Hammond—mother of three sets of twins—before being placed in the Nova Scotia orphanage.
Lucilla Harris Lucilla Harris works as a clerk in Samuel Lawson's store, where Matthew expects to be waited on by a male clerk. Matthew gets flustered when he has to talk to her and doesn't buy what he wants.
Samuel Lawson Samuel Lawson runs a store in Carmody, where Matthew goes to buy Anne a dress.
Thomas Lynde Thomas Lynde is Mrs. Rachel Lynde's quiet, ineffectual husband.
Moody Spurgeon MacPherson Goofy-looking Moody Spurgeon MacPherson is a classmate of Anne's who attends Queen's with her. He plans to become a minister.
Martin Martin becomes the hired man at Green Gables after Jerry Buote.
Mary Joe Young Mary Joe is the hapless French Canadian babysitter at the Barrys' house the night Minnie May gets croup.
Katie Maurice Katie Maurice is one of Anne's imaginary friends.
Stella Maynard Stella Maynard, a classmate of Anne's at Queen's, has "a heartful of wistful dreams and fancies."
The peddler The traveling peddler sells Anne a bottle of black hair dye that turns her hair a mottled green.
Mr. Phillips Mr. Phillips is the schoolteacher when Anne arrives in Avonlea. A poor teacher, he would rather flirt with Prissy Andrews than work with his other students.
The Premier The premier of Canada, a conservative, visits the island for a rally. Marilla praises his speech but deplores the size of his nose.
Gertie Pye Gertie Pye is a schoolmate Anne dislikes.
Josie Pye An unpleasant schoolmate of Anne's, Josie Pye unerringly chooses the meanest things to say. When she dares Anne to walk the Barrys' ridgepole, Anne falls and breaks her ankle.
Miss Rogerson Miss Rogerson is an experienced Sunday school teacher into whose class Anne is placed.
Mr. Russell Most likely a bank official, Mr. Russell is mentioned as the man who tells Matthew the bank is financially sound.
Mr. Sadler Mr. Sadler offers to buy Green Gables after Matthew dies and the Cuthberts' bank fails.
Old Mrs. Sloane A member of the Christmas concert audience, Old Mrs. Sloane is moved to tears by Anne's recitation.
Carrie Sloane Carrie Sloane, a classmate of Anne's, is the only girl in school not allowed to attend the Debating Club concert.
Charlie Sloane Charlie Sloane is Carrie's older brother and also a classmate of Anne's. She smiles at Charlie to make Gilbert angry.
Mrs. Spencer Mrs. Spencer is supposed to arrange a boy orphan's trip to the island for Matthew and Marilla to adopt. By an inexplicable mistake, she brings Anne instead.
Flora Jane Spencer Flora Jane Spencer, Mrs. Spencer's daughter, supports her mother's story of being told the Cuthberts want to adopt a girl.
Miss Muriel Stacy Creative, energetic, and compassionate, Miss Muriel Stacy replaces Mr. Phillips as schoolteacher—and does a far better job. She greatly influences Anne, who worships her and learns from her how to become a better writer.
Stationmaster When Matthew arrives at the Bright River train station and finds Anne instead of the expected boy, the stationmaster is unable to think of a way to help. He walks away whistling.
Stout lady in pink The stout lady is an American guest at the White Sands hotel on the night Anne performs there. Anne's recitation makes her cry.
Mr. Thomas Mr. Thomas is the drunken husband in the family that takes Anne in when her parents die.
Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Thomas is poor and beleaguered and expects too much work from Anne when she and her husband take her in.
Violetta Violetta is Anne's second imaginary friend. Anne "speaks" to her by calling and listening to the echo in the valley.
White-lace girl A snobbish American who sits next to Anne at the White Sands concert, the white-lace girl is surprised and impressed by Anne's performance.
Lewis Wilson Lewis Wilson, Anne's classmate at Queen's Academy, is said to be the only student who can challenge her or Gilbert academically.
Ned Wright Ned Wright is one of Anne's classmates.
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