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Anne of Green Gables | Study Guide

L. M. Montgomery

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Anne of Green Gables | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • June, late 1800s

    Matthew Cuthbert finds Anne Shirley waiting at the train station instead of the boy he's expecting.

    Chapter 1
  • Later that day

    Anne arrives at Green Gables to find out she's not wanted.

    Chapter 3
  • Next day

    Marilla Cuthbert tries to "return" Anne but ends up bringing her back home.

    Chapter 6
  • About two weeks later

    Anne reluctantly apologizes to Mrs. Rachel Lynde after losing her temper at the older woman's comment.

    Chapter 10
  • A few days later

    Anne and Diana Barry first meet and become friends for life.

    Chapter 12
  • A couple of weeks later

    Marilla loses her amethyst brooch and blames Anne.

    Chapter 14
  • Early September

    Teased about her red hair, Anne cracks her slate over Gilbert Blythe's head.

    Chapter 15
  • Next day

    Anne is forced to sit with Gilbert and decides to leave school.

    Chapter 15
  • October

    Diana accidentally gets drunk at Anne's house.

    Chapter 16
  • January, Year 2

    Anne saves Minnie May's life by giving her ipecac for croup.

    Chapter 18
  • June

    Anne accidentally puts anodyne liniment instead of vanilla into the cake for the Allans.

    Chapter 21
  • August

    Anne accepts a dare and breaks her ankle falling from the Barrys' roof.

    Chapter 23
  • December

    Matthew gives Anne a dress with puffed sleeves.

    Chapter 25
  • April, Year 3

    Anne accidentally dyes her hair green, expecting it to be "raven black."

    Chapter 27
  • November

    Anne joins the preparatory class for the teaching college.

    Chapter 30
  • June, Year 4

    Anne takes the Queen's exams and ties with Gilbert for first place.

    Chapter 32
  • September

    Anne leaves Avonlea to attend Queen's teaching college.

    Chapter 34
  • June, Year 5

    Anne wins the Avery Scholarship to Redmond College.

    Chapter 36
  • Later that month

    Matthew dies of a heart attack when he learns the bank has failed.

    Chapter 37
  • A few days later

    Anne decides to stay with Marilla and become a schoolteacher.

    Chapter 38

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 In a small Canadian town, Avonlea, on Prince Edward Island, Mrs. Rachel Lynde is sitting at her window keeping an eye on... Read More
Chapter 2 Matthew Cuthbert and the "sorrel mare" drive quietly toward the railroad station, enjoying the drive except when he has ... Read More
Chapter 3 When Matthew and Anne reach Green Gables, Marilla is as unwelcoming as Matthew had feared she would be. For her part Ann... Read More
Chapter 4 When Anne wakes up the next morning, she remembers her disappointment of the previous night. Still, it's such a beautifu... Read More
Chapter 5 Marilla and Anne set out on the five miles it will take to reach White Sands and Mrs. Spencer, who will arrange Anne's r... Read More
Chapter 6 Mrs. Spencer welcomes Marilla and Anne when they arrive at her house. Marilla explains the mistake that has brought her ... Read More
Chapter 7 At the end of the momentous day Marilla takes Anne up to her room, lectures her about picking up her clothes, and prepar... Read More
Chapter 8 For most of the following day Marilla doesn't tell Anne whether she'll be allowed to stay at Green Gables. When Anne fin... Read More
Chapter 9 Mrs. Rachel Lynde catches the grippe (flu) around the time Anne arrives at Green Gables and is laid up for two weeks bef... Read More
Chapter 10 When Anne doesn't appear at breakfast the next morning, Marilla must explain her absence to Matthew, who staunchly takes... Read More
Chapter 11 Marilla presents Anne with three dresses she has sewn for her by hand. All three are plain and drab, and the best Anne c... Read More
Chapter 12 Of course Marilla hears about the wildflowers on Anne's Sunday school hat, and of course she lectures Anne about them, a... Read More
Chapter 13 Anne comes flying into the house to tell Marilla there's going to be a Sunday school picnic the following week—with ice ... Read More
Chapter 14 Two nights before the picnic, a worried Marilla asks Anne if she's seen the amethyst brooch. Anne admits she tried it on... Read More
Chapter 15 Anne and Diana walk to school together every day, assigning lovely names to many of the spots they pass—Diana's contribu... Read More
Chapter 16 It's a Saturday morning in October, and Anne is ecstatic: Marilla, who will be out for the afternoon, has just suggested... Read More
Chapter 17 The next day Diana comes over to say her mother has allowed her 10 minutes to bid Anne farewell. Sobbing, the girls prom... Read More
Chapter 18 In January the premier of Canada visits Prince Edward Island, where a rally is held in his honor. Mrs. Lynde and her hus... Read More
Chapter 19 It's February and Diana's birthday. To celebrate, she wants Anne to come to the Debating Club concert at the Avonlea Hal... Read More
Chapter 20 It's spring again, and Anne and her friends once more revel in the beauty around them. One June evening—the anniversary ... Read More
Chapter 21 A red-eyed Anne comes home after the last day of school, still tearful over the departure of her teacher, Mr. Phillips. ... Read More
Chapter 22 Once the Cuthberts have had the Allans to tea, it's time for the Allans to reciprocate. Mrs. Allan, who teaches the chur... Read More
Chapter 23 It turns out Anne will have to wait almost two months before she can go back to school. She's had a few mishaps since th... Read More
Chapter 24 In October Anne is able to return to school. The new teacher, Miss Stacy, is everything Anne could have hoped for: "a br... Read More
Chapter 25 One December evening some of Anne's classmates come to Green Gables to rehearse for the concert. Matthew tries to stay o... Read More
Chapter 26 Anne and her friends find life flat and dull after the excitement of the previous weeks. "I'm afraid concerts spoil peop... Read More
Chapter 27 When Marilla gets home from a meeting on an April afternoon, she looks forward to having tea in front of a crackling fir... Read More
Chapter 28 Anne and her friends have gathered at the Barrys' pond to act out the story of Elaine, "The Lily Maid of Astolat," a poe... Read More
Chapter 29 Diana comes to Anne with wonderful news: Aunt Josephine has invited the two girls to spend a few days with her in town s... Read More
Chapter 30 Twilight at Green Gables, and Marilla and Anne are enjoying a rest in front of the fire. Marilla looks at Anne and wonde... Read More
Chapter 31 Anne spends a relaxing summer on doctors' orders. One day the Spencervale doctor notices her at a patient's house and se... Read More
Chapter 32 It's the end of June, and Miss Stacy has just left Avonlea School never to return. Anne and Diana walk home with "red ey... Read More
Chapter 33 Anne and Diana are conferring in Anne's bedroom about what Anne should wear for a benefit concert at the White Sands hot... Read More
Chapter 34 The three weeks after the White Sands concert are filled with preparations for Anne's departure. Matthew authorizes paym... Read More
Chapter 35 Anne and her companions soon settle in at Queen's, though Anne still thinks her weekends in Avonlea are the best part of... Read More
Chapter 36 It's the morning final exam results will be posted at Queen's, and Anne and Jane are on their way to see how they fared.... Read More
Chapter 37 "Matthew, are you sick?" cries Marilla. Anne comes down the hall just in time to see Matthew collapse across the thresho... Read More
Chapter 38 Anne finds a downcast Marilla sitting in the kitchen. Marilla reports the oculist she saw predicts she'll go completely ... Read More
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