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Antigone (The Oedipus Plays) | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Sophocles's Antigone (The Oedipus Plays). Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

antigone-sophoclesAuthorSophoclesc. 442–441 BCEAncient GreekA playwright and statesman, Sophocles wrote 123 plays and won some two dozen major dramatic competitions. Only seven of his tragedies still exist, including Antigone, Oedipus Rex, and Oedipus at Colonus. Sophocles was a well-loved public figure who took part in Athens's daily life as citizen and leader.SOPHOCLESC. 496–406 BCEAntigone's two brothers are dead. One of them, Polyneices, has been labeled a traitor by his uncle, King Creon. Defying Creon's rule, Antigone displays her loyalty to the gods by burying Polyneices. Unable to forgive his niece, Creon shuts her in a cave, where she kills herself. In the confrontation that follows, Creon learns that obstinacy can lead to tragedy.DivineRetributionMOTIFSPlayAuthorFirst PerformedOriginal LanguageAntigoneTragedyYear Sophocles won his first dramatic competition468BCEAge at which Sophocles led a chorus for Euripides's death~90Year Thebes became a World Heritage site1979Devotion vs. DutyAntigone chooses loyalty to family and the gods; Ismene and Creon choose fear and allegiance to the state.Flexibility vs. StubbornnessCreon cannot overcome his rigidity soon enough to prevent tragedy.Courage & ConvictionAlthough it leads to her death, Antigone's love for her brother prevails over her uncle's unjust decree.DirtRepresents devotion to one's familyMain CharactersAntigoneOedipus's determined daughter CreonAuthoritative king of ThebesHaemonSon of Creon; engaged to AntigoneIsmeneAntigone's timid sister TeiresiasOld, blind prophet; adviser to leadersChorusElders who comment on the action of the playThemesAntigoneby the NumbersChorus, Lines 148384here's no release for mortal human beings, not from events which destiny has set. Razors EdgeIllustrates agonizing choicesShipsRepresent the steadiness of a peaceful stateUnconsumed SacrificeDisplays the rottenness of the city

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