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Antigone (The Oedipus Plays) | Study Guide


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Antigone (The Oedipus Plays) | Scene Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • When Creon becomes king

    Creon decrees that Polyneices will remain unburied, and anyone who disobeys will be punished.

  • Soon after

    Talking with Ismene, Antigone says that she will bury Polyneices, despite the threat of punishment.

  • Some days later

    The Guard arrives at the palace and tells Creon that someone has buried Polyneices's corpse.

    Episode 1
  • Soon after

    Antigone is caught, and Creon sentences her to live burial.

    Episode 2
  • Shortly thereafter

    Haemon disagrees with Creon's decision and disowns him.

    Episode 3
  • A day or two later

    Teiresias warns Creon that he has angered the gods and must reverse his condemnation of Antigone.

    Episode 5
  • Very soon

    Chided by the Chorus, Creon decides to free Antigone and bury Polyneices, but it is too late.

    Episode 5
  • That night

    After the suicides of Antigone, Haemon, and Eurydice, Creon is left alone and full of regret.


Scene Summaries Chart

Scene Summary
Prologos The prologue sets the action in Thebes, in front of its royal palace. Antigone emerges from the palace with her sister, ... Read More
Parados Antigone leaves, while Ismene watches her go. The Chorus of Theban elders enter. They give thanks for the fact that it i... Read More
Episode 1 Creon emerges from the palace to address a crowd of assembled Theban elders. He invokes the will of the gods first, noti... Read More
Stasimon 1 The Chorus gathers to ruminate on human nature, using the analogy of movement through a stormy ocean in order to learn h... Read More
Episode 2 The guard returns to the palace with Antigone in tow. She is compliant and unresisting. The Chorus leader recognizes her... Read More
Stasimon 2 The Chorus sings about divine curses and destiny and warns that when gods intervene disaster can befall entire generatio... Read More
Episode 3 Creon's son, Haemon, enters, and the Chorus leader wonders whether or not he has heard the news about Antigone. Creon im... Read More
Stasimon 3 The Chorus invokes Eros, the god of love, to come to Haemon's aid since they fear the son has been driven mad by his fat... Read More
Episode 4 Antigone enters, led by attendants to her execution. Upon seeing the Chorus leader she grows tearful, thinking of how sh... Read More
Stasimon 4 The Chorus brings up the fact that "the power of fate is full of mystery," and that there is no getting around it, even ... Read More
Episode 5 Teiresias, a blind prophet, enters led by a young boy to address Creon. Creon asks him for news, and Teiresias demands t... Read More
Stasimon 5 The Chorus sings an ode praising the god Dionysus, the son of Zeus and the protector of Thebes. The Chorus calls upon Di... Read More
Exodus A messenger enters and speaks of how he once viewed Creon as a man to be looked up to but he no longer does. He goes so ... Read More
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