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Antony and Cleopatra | Study Guide

William Shakespeare

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Antony and Cleopatra | Characters

Character Description
Antony One of the three co-rulers of the Roman Empire, the passionate and neglectful Mark Antony, or Marcus Antonius, lives in Egypt with Cleopatra. Read More
Cleopatra Powerful, politically savvy, seductive, and prone to excessive drama, Cleopatra is Queen of Egypt, where she lives with Mark Antony. Read More
Caesar The adopted nephew of Julius Caesar, Octavius Caesar is one of the three co-rulers of the Roman Empire. He lives in Rome. Read More
Pompey Son of the general who ruled with Julius Caesar, Pompey leads a revolt against the three co-rulers of the Roman Empire. Read More
Lepidus Marcus Aemilius Lepidus is the weakest of the three co-rulers of the Roman Empire. Read More
Enobarbus Courageous and loyal, Enobarbus is Antony's aide-de-camp and good friend. Read More
Octavia Octavia is Caesar's widowed 30-year-old sister whom Caesar marries off to Antony in a peacekeeping attempt. Read More
Agrippa An adviser to Caesar, Agrippa suggests Antony and Octavia should marry.
Alexas Alexas is a servant of Cleopatra's; Caesar orders him hanged even though Alexas has done him a good turn.
Boy An unnamed boy sings at Pompey's banquet.
Canidius Canidius is a lieutenant-general who serves Antony.
Captain An unnamed Captain reports to Antony about the weather.
Charmian Fond of bawdy jokes, Charmian is Cleopatra's main lady-in-waiting.
Countryman The countryman brings Cleopatra the basket of venomous snakes she uses to commit suicide.
Demetrius Demetrius is a Roman and a newcomer to Egypt.
Dercetus One of Antony's guards, Dercetus brings Antony's sword to Caesar with the hope of gaining favor.
Diomedes Part of Cleopatra's retinue, Diomedes is sent to bring Antony the message Cleopatra is alive.
Dollabella Dolabella is a member of Caesar's council of war.
Egyptian man One of Cleopatra's servants, the Egyptian man is sent to ask Caesar how Cleopatra should prepare herself for captivity.
Eros Eros is an attendant who serves Antony and refuses to kill him.
Fulvia Antony's deceased wife, Fulvia and Antony's brother plotted unsuccessfully against Caesar, in Antony's name, causing Caesar to mistrust Antony, who was not involved. Fulvia never appears in the play.
Gallus A member of Caesar's council of war, Gallus is sent to guard Cleopatra after Antony dies.
Guardsmen Various guardsmen appear in battle scenes.
Iras Iras is Cleopatra's second lady-in-waiting.
Maecenas Maecenus is in Caesar's retinue.
Mardian Mardian is a eunuch in Cleopatra's retinue.
Menacrates Menacrates is a pirate who joins forces with Pompey.
Menas A pirate who joins forces with Pompey, Menas asks permission to kill the members of the triumvirate.
Messengers Unnamed messengers travel back and forth throughout the play.
Philo Philo, a soldier of Antony's, is the first speaker in the play.
Proculeius Proculeius serves in Caesar's retinue; Antony mistakenly believes he is trustworthy.
Scarus Scarus is a commander in Antony's army.
Schoolmaster The schoolmaster to Antony's children is sent as an ambassador to Caesar.
Seleucus Cleopatra's treasurer, Seleucus betrays her to Caesar by revealing the extent of her wealth.
Servants Unnamed servants are featured in most scenes of the play.
Silius A soldier in Antony's land army, Silius fights under Ventidius.
Soothsayer The soothsayer serves at Cleopatra's court but travels to Rome with Antony. He warns Antony to leave Rome.
Taurus Taurus is one of Caesar's lieutenants.
Thidias Thidias is one of Caesar's servants and the messenger who kisses Cleopatra's hand.
Varrius Varrius is in Caesar's retinue.
Ventidius One of Antony's generals, Ventidius wins a major battle against the Parthians.
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