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Jules Verne

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Around the World in Eighty Days | Chapter 32 : In which Phileas Fogg squares up to misfortune | Summary



Phileas Fogg's luck runs out on the 71st day of his journey. On December 12, after his companions and he spend the night in the St. Nicholas Hotel on Broadway, with 9 days, 13 hours, and 45 minutes remaining, he cannot find an ocean liner swift enough to get him from New York City to Liverpool, England, within the wager's timeframe. Never one to accept the impossible, he finally discovers exactly the type of ship he desires. The only catch—Andrew Speedy, the Henrietta's owner and captain, is heading for Bordeaux, France, and refuses to change his course. Fogg, a man who makes great deals, offers Captain Speedy $2000 per person, a total of $8000, to take his three companions and himself to Bordeaux. The man accepts, and a half hour later, all four passengers are onboard and the Henrietta leaves port.


Missing the ship to Liverpool, England, by less than an hour has shattered Passepartout's cheerful attitude. He realizes he has caused Fogg thousands of pounds between London and Yokohama, but now, because of the loss of time for his rescue, the rest of the Fogg's fortune is squandered. Fogg never begrudges these monetary losses, considering them a part of his unforeseen circumstances. He spies a small but seaworthy vessel heading for Bordeaux, France, but finds money will not move stubborn Andrew Speedy, the American captain of the Henrietta, to change his course and take them to Liverpool. An old adage says, "Every man has his price." Unfortunately, Fogg can't find Captain Speedy's. Fogg accepts Speedy's willingness to take the four of them to Bordeaux for $8000. Passepartout adds this cost in his debit column, and Fix sees his reward drowning in the Atlantic Ocean. Mrs. Aouda calmly settles onboard without comment. If Fogg has any money left to bet, he'd be wise to put it on this woman's unshakable faith in his decisions. As for Fogg, a man who personifies perseverance, it is highly unlikely he has lost his resolve to win. The wager isn't over until 8:45 p.m. on December 21, and the Henrietta leaves the dock at 9:00 on December 13. He still has time to beat the clock.

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