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Jules Verne

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Around the World in Eighty Days | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

around-the-world-in-eighty-days-jules-verneAround the World in Eighty Days by the NumbersYear Verne was shot in the leg by his nephew, causing a long-lasting limpOscars won by the 1956 film adaptation Around the World in 80 Days, starring David Niven, Cantinflas, and Shirley MacLaine Year Vernes son Michel began revising and publishing Vernes posthumous worksDays it took politician George Francis Train to travel around the world in 189260188651905Alternate TransportationStands for the necessity of reverting to old-fashioned methods when modern transportation fails CirclesSymbolize the circular nature of Foggs journey around the world and the static nature of his character Main CharactersPhileas Fogg, Chapter 3heres no such thing as the unexpected.ClocksRepresent the passage of time and Foggs obsession with itSources: Encyclopaedia Britannica, IMDb, Independent,The Tramway and Railway World, UNESCO, University of Iowa Library Copyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc.Vernes passion for science and writing led him to create Phileas Fogg, a British aristocrat fanatical about mathematical precision and geography. Beloved by readers, Around the World in Eighty Days joined the French authors body of work, which included other scientific adventures like 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.JULES VERNE18281905AuthorSymbolsMeticulous Phileas Fogg schedules his life down to the second and believes mathematical precision can overcome any circumstance. To prove technological advances in transportation make travel easier, he bets five friends £20,000 that he can circle the world in only 80 days. His breathtaking adventures unfold as he tries to beat the clock.Time Is of the EssenceOVERVIEWSUEZCALCUTTAYOKOHAMALONDONLONDONNEW YORKSAN FRANCISCOBOMBAY7Fogg wins the wager and accepts Mrs. Aoudas marriage proposal.Fogg and Mrs. Aouda reconnect with Passepartout after a Hong Kong mishap and then sail to San Francisco as Fix follows. Phileas Fogg and Passepartout start their trip around the world. Fogg and Passepartout hire an elephant to take them to Calcutta and rescue Mrs. Aouda.Investigator Fix pursues Fogg, the main suspect for robbing the Bank of England. Fogg and friends survive a Sioux raid and missed connections as theytravel from San Francisco to New York. 8FrenchOriginal Language1872Year PublishedJules VerneAuthorNovelAround the World in Eighty DaysAdventurePassepartoutSociable, loyal valetFixDevious police detectiveMETROPOLITAN POLICEPHILEAS FOGGPhileas FoggWealthy, eccentric Englishman; taciturn, heroic adventurerCOMPANIONSFOESFOESFRIENDSEMPLOYSMrs. AoudaCompassionate, grateful widow123456

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