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Sinclair Lewis

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Arrowsmith | Characters

Character Description
Martin Arrowsmith Martin Arrowsmith is the novel's protagonist, and the story follows his education and career as a medical doctor and researcher. Read More
Leora Arrowsmith Martin Arrowsmith becomes engaged to Leora Tozer in medical school, and the two build a life together. She dies of plague. Read More
Max Gottlieb Bacteriologist Max Gottlieb is Martin Arrowsmith's inspiration and mentor. Read More
Terry Wickett Terry Wickett is a fellow researcher at the McGurk Institute and the person Martin Arrowsmith joins forces with at the end of the novel. Read More
Gustaf Sondelius Gustaf Sondelius is a doctor who travels the world investigating and treating infectious diseases. His lectures inspire Martin Arrowsmith to pursue public health. Read More
Joyce Arrowsmith Joyce Lanyon is a wealthy woman Martin Arrowsmith meets while researching a treatment for the plague. When his wife Leora dies, Martin marries her.
George F. Babbitt George F. Babbitt works in real estate in Zenith, a town near the University of Winnemac.
Nelly Byers Nelly Byers is a nurse and a friend of Leora Arrowsmith.
Benoni Carr Benoni Carr is a man who pretends to be a successful pharmacologist as part of a prank engineered by Clif Clawson.
Clif Clawson Class clown Clif Clawson is one of Martin Arrowsmith's fraternity brothers at the University of Winnemac. After a prank backfires, he leaves school and becomes an auto salesman.
Dr. Coughlin Dr. Coughlin, one of the gossiping doctors of Wheatsylvania, spreads rumors that Martin Arrowsmith is a drunk.
D'Herelle Felix D'Herelle (1873–1949) was a French Canadian microbiologist. He discovered Martin Arrowsmith's "X Principle" before Martin. His work (nominated 10 times for a Nobel Prize) on bacteriophages was well known to Sinclair Lewis as he wrote Arrowsmith.
Angus Duer Excellent student Angus Duer is one of Martin Arrowsmith's fraternity brothers at the University of Winnemac.
Mrs. Duer Mrs. Duer is Angus Duer's wife.
Emmy Emmy is a young woman who must take over her frontier family when her mother dies and her father becomes ill; she becomes Martin Arrowsmith's great-great-grandmother.
Lady Fairlamb Lady Fairlamb is Sir Robert Fairlamb's wife.
Sir Robert Fairlamb Sir Robert Fairlamb is the governor of St. Hubert.
Madeleine Fox Madeleine Fox is a graduate student in literature at the University of Winnemac when she meets and becomes engaged to Martin Arrowsmith. Martin leaves her for Leora Tozer (Leora Arrowsmith).
Dr. Roscoe Geake Dr. Roscoe Geake is a professor of otolaryngology in the medical school of the University of Winnemac.
Mrs. Gottlieb Mrs. Gottlieb is Max Gottlieb's wife.
Miriam Gottlieb Miriam Gottlieb is Max Gottlieb's responsible daughter.
Robert Gottlieb Robert Gottlieb is Max Gottlieb's wayward son.
Miss Gwilliam Miss Gwilliam is a woman who is on the ship to St. Hubert, traveling to "preserve the wonders of primitive art."
Ira Hinkley Religiously devout Ira Hinkley is one of Martin Arrowsmith's fraternity brothers at the University of Winnemac.
Dr. Rippleton Holabird Dr. Rippleton Holabird is a manager at the McGurk Institute.
Mrs. Holabird Mrs. Holabird is Dr. Rippleton Holabird's wife.
Dawson Hunziker Dawson Hunziker is the president of Dawson T. Hunziker & Co., Inc., a leading pharmaceutical firm in Pittsburgh.
Dr. R. E. Inchcape Jones Dr. R. E. Inchcape Jones is the incompetent surgeon general of St. Hubert.
Latham Ireland Latham Ireland is a friend of Joyce Lanyon's (Joyce Arrowsmith) who flatters her. Joyce says she will likely marry him if she divorces Martin Arrowsmith.
John John is Martin and Joyce Arrowsmith's son.
Kellett the Red Leg Kellett the Red Leg is a member of the legislature of St. Hubert.
Nils Krag Nils Krag is a carpenter in Wheatsylvania who becomes one of Martin Arrowsmith's first patients in the town.
Dr. J. C. Long Dr. J. C. Long is a bacteriologist in Chicago who supports Martin Arrowsmith's decision to close down a dairy farm.
Dr. Oliver Marchand Dr. Oliver Marchand is an African American doctor who is also on St. Hubert. He impresses Martin Arrowsmith with his intelligence.
Max Gottlieb's eldest daughter Max Gottlieb's eldest daughter runs off with a gambler soon after her mother dies.
Mrs. McCandless Mrs. McCandless is a nymphomaniac slumlord in Nautilus.
Capitola McGurk Capitola McGurk is Ross McGurk's wife.
Ross McGurk Ross McGurk is chairman of the board of the McGurk Institute.
Monte Mugford Monte Mugford is the great-grandson of the man who founded Mugford College. Martin meets him at the home of Clay Tredgold.
Henry Novak Henry Novak is the father of Mary Novak, who dies of diphtheria despite Martin Arrowsmith's attempts to save her.
Mary Novak Mary Novak is a young girl in Wheatsylvania who dies of diphtheria despite Martin Arrowsmith's attempts to save her.
Mrs. Novak Mrs. Novak is the mother of Mary Novak, who dies of diphtheria despite Martin Arrowsmith's attempts to save her.
The Norbloms The Norbloms, of Wheatsylvania, own a grocery that Mr. Tozer tries to buy as Martin Arrowsmith's office. They are offended when Martin obtains other premises.
Dr. Rufus Ockford Dr. Rufus Ockford is Martin Arrowsmith's assistant at the Department of Public Health.
Fatty Pfaff Endearingly dumb Fatty Pfaff is one of Martin Arrowsmith's fraternity brothers at the University of Winnemac.
Dr. Almus Pickerbaugh Dr. Almus Pickerbaugh is the director of the Department of Public Health in Nautilus, where Martin Arrowsmith goes to work after leaving Wheatsylvania. He writes cute jingles to promote public health.
Orchid Pickerbaugh Orchid Pickerbaugh is the 19-year-old daughter of Dr. Almus Pickerbaugh. She flirts with Martin.
Pearl Robbins Pearl Robbins is the assertive secretary of Dr. A. DeWitt Tubbs at the McGurk Institute.
Dr. John A. Robertshaw Dr. John Aldington Robertshaw is a professor of physiology at the medical school of the University of Winnemac.
Dr. Rouncefield Dr. Rouncefield is a physician who runs the Rouncefield Clinic in Chicago, Illinois.
Mrs. Rouncefield Mrs. Rouncefield is Dr. Rouncefield's wife.
Mr. Schlemihl Mr. Schlemihl is the president of the Cornbelt Insurance Company. Martin meets him at the home of Clay Tredgold.
Dean Silva Kind, patient Dean "Dad" Silva is one of Martin Arrowsmith's professors at the University of Winnemac.
Dr. Stokes Dr. Stokes is the doctor of St. Swithin's Parish on St Hubert and is the man who contacts the McGurk Institute about the spreading plague.
Dr. Warburton Stonedge Dr. Warburton Stonedge is the founder of the University of Winnemac medical school.
Bert Tozer Bert Tozer is Leora Arrowsmith's opinionated brother.
Mr. Tozer Mr. Tozer is Leora Arrowsmith's father, a successful businessman and a micromanager.
Mrs. Tozer Mrs. Tozer is Leora Arrowsmith's mother.
Clay Tredgold Clay Tredgold is the president of the Steel Windmill Company in Nautilus. He and his wife befriend Martin and Leora Arrowsmith.
Mrs. Tredgold Mrs. Tredgold is Clay Tredgold's wife and a consummate hostess of dinner parties. The Tredgolds befriend Martin and Leora Arrowsmith when they live in Nautilus.
Dr. Tromp Dr. Tromp is one of the gossiping doctors in Chapter 17.
Dr. A. DeWitt Tubbs Dr. A. DeWitt Tubbs is the director of the McGurk Institute.
George William Vertigan George William Vertigan is a member of the legislature of St. Hubert. He dies of the plague.
Doc Vickerson Doc Vickerson is the doctor in Elk Mills, Martin Arrowsmith's boyhood hometown.
Irving Watters Irving Watters is a medical student at the University of Winnemac.
Mrs. Watters Mrs. Watters and her husband host the Arrowsmiths at their home and give them advice on how to be successful in Nautilus.
Dr. Adam Winter Dr. Adam Winter of Leopolis, an older physician practicing near Wheatsylvania, praises Martin and gives him good advice.
Wise A Russian Jew in Wheatsylvania known as "Wise the Polack" rents Martin Arrowsmith his cottage to use as an office.
Dr. Woestijne Dr. Woestijne of Vanderheide's Grove is the superintendent of health for Crynssen County and gives Martin Arrowsmith an appointment as a public health officer.
Woman in black In Chapter 33, the mysterious woman in black accompanies Martin and Leora Arrowsmith to St. Hubert. She symbolizes death, which Leora, Gustaf Sondelius, and so many others will suffer on St. Hubert.
Pete Yeska Pete Yeska runs a "drug store," in Wheatsylvania—one that Martin Arrowsmith criticizes.
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