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Sinclair Lewis

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Arrowsmith | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 1904

    Martin Arrowsmith enters the University of Winnemac.

    Chapter 2
  • 1905

    Martin becomes Max Gottlieb's assistant.

    Chapter 5
  • About 1908

    Martin marries Leora Tozer (Leora Arrowsmith).

    Chapter 9
  • About 1909

    Martin graduates from medical school.

    Chapter 10
  • About 1911

    Martin moves to Wheatsylvania to begin his own medical practice.

    Chapter 11
  • About 1913

    Martin begins working for the Department of Public Heath in Nautilus.

    Chapter 19
  • 1915

    Martin begins working at the Rouncefield Clinic in Chicago.

    Chapter 25
  • 1916

    Martin goes to work with Max Gottlieb at the McGurk Institute.

    Chapter 26
  • 1917

    The United States enters World War I (1914–18).

    Chapter 27
  • About a year later

    Martin goes to St. Hubert to research the plague.

    Chapter 31
  • Soon after

    Leora dies of the plague on St. Hubert.

    Chapter 35
  • Soon after

    Martin marries Joyce Lanyon (Joyce Arrowsmith).

    Chapter 37
  • A few years later

    Martin leaves Joyce and moves to Vermont to do research.

    Chapter 40

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapters 1–2 Sinclair Lewis divides each chapter into two to nine smaller parts, Part 1 of Chapter 1 is a short vignette abou... Read More
Chapters 3–4 In Part 1 John A. Robertshaw, a professor of physiology, gives extraordinarily boring lectures. He also doesn't seem t... Read More
Chapters 5–6 In Part 1 Martin Arrowsmith is taking a large number of subjects, though he loves bacteriology the most. He is living ... Read More
Chapters 7–8 Parts 1 and 2 of show that the engagement of Leora Tozer (Leora Arrowsmith) and Martin Arrowsmith is off to a wonderfu... Read More
Chapters 9–10 Part 1 takes place on a late afternoon in February. A horn sounds outside, and Martin Arrowsmith looks out the window ... Read More
Chapters 11–12 Part 1 opens as a factory in Zenith is burning. Policemen and firefighters do their jobs professionally. Dr. Martin Ar... Read More
Chapters 13–14 Part 1 begins by noting that Max Gottlieb has been very vocal in his disdain for the commercialism of large pharmaceut... Read More
Chapters 15–16 In Parts 1 and 2 Martin Arrowsmith studies the catalogues of things he will need to set up his practice. He orders som... Read More
Chapters 17–18 In Part 1 two doctors in the Wheatsylvania area, Dr. Coughlin and Dr. Tromp, discuss the medical profession. They goss... Read More
Chapters 19–20 In Part 1 Martin Arrowsmith and Leora Arrowsmith move to Nautilus, Iowa, a city of 70,000 people. It's not a major cit... Read More
Chapters 21–22 Part 1 of this chapter describes the way Nautilus develops the "Weeks habit," which means dedicating certain weeks to ... Read More
Chapters 23–24 In Part 1 Dr. Almus Pickerbaugh boosts his congressional campaign by organizing a health fair. Among other "novel" eve... Read More
Chapters 25–26 Part 1 explains that Martin Arrowsmith works for one year at the Rouncefield Clinic, "that most competent, most clean ... Read More
Chapters 27–28 In Part 1 Martin Arrowsmith begins his lab work. Although it is often tedious, Martin hardly notices. Max Gottlieb is ... Read More
Chapters 29–30 After six weeks of working on Principle X, rumors begin to swirl that Martin Arrowsmith made a big discovery. Director... Read More
Chapters 31–32 In Part 1 the plague is spreading on the island of St. Hubert, in the West Indies, home to about 100,000 people. The s... Read More
Chapters 33–34 In Part 1 the ship bearing Martin Arrowsmith, Gustaf Sondelius, and Leora Arrowsmith nears St. Hubert. Martin realizes... Read More
Chapters 35–36 In Part 1 the plague is beginning in the parish of St. Swithin, and Martin Arrowsmith is able to perform his experimen... Read More
Chapters 37–38 In Part 1 Martin Arrowsmith makes a date with Joyce Lanyon (Joyce Arrowsmith). When he goes to her home, he realizes j... Read More
Chapters 39–40 In Part 1 Martin Arrowsmith goes back to working on the phage. But the work doesn't go well. Clif Clawson visits and p... Read More
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