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As I Lay Dying | Study Guide

William Faulkner

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As I Lay Dying | Section Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Day 1, morning

    Addie lies in bed, dying, while Cash makes her coffin.

    Section 1: Darl
  • Day 1, later morning

    Anse makes Jewel and Darl leave to make a delivery to Tull.

    Section 5: Darl
  • Day 1, late afternoon

    Vardaman brings home a fish and cleans it.

    Section 8: Tull
  • Day 1, early evening

    Anse finally gets the doctor to come; Addie dies; Darl envisions it happening.

    Section 11: Peabody
  • Day 2, dawn

    Tull and Cash finally finish the coffin.

    Section 16: Tull
  • Day 2, morning

    Whitfield, Tull, and others arrive; they hold Addie's funeral.

    Section 20: Tull
  • Day 5, midday

    Darl and Jewel return, the family loads the coffin, and they all go to Jefferson.

    Section 23: Darl
  • Day 5, evening

    The family stays at Samson and Rachel's farm, and the body smells awful.

    Section 29: Samson
  • Day 6

    The family's wagon flips over in the river.

    Section 34: Darl
  • Day 6, midday

    The mules drown in the river, but Jewel and Tull save the coffin and wagon.

    Section 36: Tull
  • Day 6, after the rescue

    Jewel gets Cash's tools from the water; Cash has broken his leg.

    Section 37: Darl
  • Day 6, meanwhile

    Cora says Addie is a sinner; Addie admits to infidelity; Whitfield admits nothing.

    Section 39: Cora
  • Day 6, evening

    The family stays at Armstid's farm; Anse sells Jewel's horse and mortgages his farm equipment.

    Section 43: Armstid
  • Day 7, morning

    Dewey Dell tries unsuccessfully to get an abortion drug; Anse buys cement.

    Section 45: Moseley
  • Day 7, midday

    The family leaves; Anse wraps Cash's leg in cement.

    Section 46: Darl
  • Day 7, evening

    The family stays at Gillespie's, and Darl sets the barn on fire.

    Section 50: Darl
  • Day 8, morning

    The family goes to Jefferson; Anse borrows shovels because he won't buy them.

    Section 52: Darl
  • Day 8, afternoon

    The family buries Addie, and Darl is sent to the insane asylum in Jackson.

    Section 53: Cash
  • Day 9, afternoon

    Peabody treats Cash's leg, and Dewey Dell trades sex for a fake abortion drug.

    Section 54: Peabody
  • Day 10, morning

    Anse takes Dewey Dell's money, gets teeth, and returns with the new Mrs. Bundren.

    Section 58: Dewey Dell

Section Summaries Chart

Section Summary
Sections 1–7 The first sections of As I Lay Dying introduce the reader to all the main characters in the novel and some of the minor ... Read More
Sections 8–13 The next sections of As I Lay Dying revolve around Addie's death. Darl has already narrated, but this is the first time ... Read More
Sections 14–20 These sections encompass the different reactions each family member has to Addie's death, their repercussions, and her f... Read More
Sections 21–27 These short sections relate different perspectives on getting Addie into the coffin and loading it onto the wagon, as we... Read More
Sections 28–32 These sections relate the first leg of the Bundren family's journey to bury Addie in Jefferson. After passing by their n... Read More
Sections 33–38 In these sections, a crisis erupts when the Bundren family tries to cross the flooded river. The multiple narrators offe... Read More
Sections 39–41 In these sections, the reader hears from Cora, Addie, and Whitfield, each focusing on the topic of sin. Section 39 begin... Read More
Sections 42–46 In these sections, the family spends a night with Armstid and then moves on to Mottson, which is a small town on the way... Read More
Sections 47–51 In these sections, the Bundrens stay on the Gillespie farm, but they cause trouble when Darl sets the barn on fire. ... Read More
Sections 52–59 The last sections of As I Lay Dying focus on the family's arrival in Jefferson to bury Addie. The family passes ... Read More
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