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F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Babylon Revisited: And Other Stories | Characters

Character Description
Sally Carrol Happer Sally Carrol Happer is the protagonist in "The Ice Palace." She lives in a sleepy town in southern Georgia and is prone to fantasies of heroism and romance. Read More
John T. Unger John T. Unger is the protagonist in "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz." He observes, with progressively increasing apprehension, the scene at the home of Percy Washington, his friend at St. Midas' School. Read More
Dexter Green Dexter Green is the ambitious, hard-driving protagonist of "Winter Dreams" who falls passionately in love with Judy Jones. Despite the failure of the relationship, Dexter never gets over his romantic fantasies about Judy's beauty. Read More
Charlie Wales Charles Wales is the protagonist in the story "Babylon Revisited." He has returned to Paris to try to regain custody of his young daughter, Honoria, who is being cared for by his sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Read More
Joel Coles Joel Coles is the main character in "Crazy Sunday." Joel is the son of an actress and a neophyte continuity writer for a Hollywood studio. Read More
Alix Alix is a bartender at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in the story "Babylon Revisited." He keeps Charlie Wales informed of the comings and goings of former acquaintances.
Doctor Bacon Doctor Bacon is an Episcopal clergyman who is the head of school at St. Regis. He kindly arranges for Basil Lee to have a theater outing on a Saturday in New York City.
Bartholomew Bartholomew is a newspaperman in "May Day."
Basil Lee's mother In "The Freshest Boy," Basil Lee's mother does not make a personal appearance. Instead she writes Basil an important letter, offering him the chance to leave St. Regis and attend school in Europe.
Harry Bellamy Harry Bellamy is Sally Carrol's practical and realistic beau in "The Ice Palace." When he invites her to stay with him and his wealthy family in the North, the result is a rupture in their relationship.
Edith Bradin Edith Bradin is Gordon Sterrett's former girlfriend in "May Day."
Henry Bradin Henry, who is Edith's brother, works at a newspaper in "May Day."
Bugs Brown Bugs Brown, in "The Freshest Boy," is a classmate of Basil Lee's. Basil attempts to persuade him to accompany him to New York City to see a Broadway show, but Bugs turns him down.
Miles Calman Miles Calman is the powerful film director in "Crazy Sunday." His extramarital affair with Eva Goebel forms one of the chief conflicts of the story.
Stella Calman The intriguing Stella Calman fascinates Joel Coles in "Crazy Sunday." Her tortured relationship with her husband, Miles, draws Joel into a mysterious and potentially destructive web.
Lewis Crum Lewis Crum is an older schoolmate of Basil Lee in "The Freshest Boy." He hails from the same part of the country as Basil but generally behaves in a mean-spirited way.
Clark Darrow Clark Darrow, in "The Ice Palace," is one of Sally Carrol's friends in Tarleton, Georgia.
Philip Dean Philip Dean is one of the main characters in the story "May Day." He refuses to lend money to his old pal, Gordon Sterrett, who has suffered financial reverses, is now unemployed, and is being blackmailed by Jewel Hudson.
Devlin Devlin appears late in the story "Winter Dreams" to inform Dexter Green that Judy Jones no longer has the beauty she once did. Dexter is very disillusioned to learn this news.
Aunt Edna Aunt Edna is Anson Hunter's middle-aged married aunt in "The Rich Boy." She is carrying on an affair with a younger man, Cary Sloane.
Fat Gaspar Fat Gaspar is another schoolboy in "The Freshest Boy" who refuses to go to New York City with Basil Lee.
Ted Fay Ted Fay is the captain of the Yale football team in "The Freshest Boy." Basil Lee sees him in the theater and, later, chatting with a girlfriend.
Eva Goebel Eva Goebel never makes an appearance, but she is an important background character in "Crazy Sunday." She is the mistress of Miles Calman and the former best friend of Miles's wife, Stella.
Mr. T.A. Hedrick Mr. T.A. Hedrick is a member of the golf club where Dexter Green caddies in "Winter Dreams." He is pompous and overbearing, and after growing up Dexter beats him in a golf match.
Peter Himmel Peter Himmel is a rowdy, unruly drunk in "May Day" who serves as Edith Bradin's escort.
Jewel Hudson Jewel Hudson is a blackmailer in "May Day." Her target is Gordon Sterrett.
Anson Hunter Anson Hunter is the protagonist in "The Rich Boy." He falls in love with Paula Legendre.
Judy Jones Judy Jones is the leading female character in "Winter Dreams," and Fitzgerald devotes most of the story to Judy's relationship with the protagonist, Dexter Green. Judy is spoiled, alluring, indecisive, selfish, and prone to fantasy, but despite her defects Dexter develops a strong passion for her.
Stella's sister Stella Calman's sister appears in "Crazy Sunday."
Dolly Karger Dolly Karger serves as Anson Hunter's surrogate love interest as he tries to reclaim Paula Legendre in "The Rich Boy."
Nat Keogh Nat Keogh is a hard-drinking young party guest Joel Coles talks to at the party on the first Sunday of "Crazy Sunday."
Carrol Key Carrol Key is a discharged soldier in "May Day." He is killed when he is pushed out of a window.
George Key George Key is the brother of Carrol Key in "May Day." He works as a waiter at Delmonico's.
George King George King is the husband of Mrs. King in "The Long Way Out." He does not appear in the story; he is seriously injured in a car accident and then dies.
Mrs. King Mrs. King is the protagonist in "The Long Way Out." She is in a sanitarium for schizophrenia.
Basil Lee Basil Lee is the naïve, imaginative, and willful protagonist in "The Freshest Boy." After a long struggle against teasing and bullying at St. Regis School, he finally wins a measure of acceptance.
Margery Lee Margery Lee is a young woman in "The Ice Palace" who died in 1873 and is buried in the Tarleton cemetery. Sally Carrol Happer romanticizes Margery's life, and later, during her visit to the ice palace, she thinks she sees the ghost of Margery.
Mrs. Legendre In "The Rich Boy" Mrs. Legendre is Paula Legendre's mother.
Paula Legendre Paula Legendre is the object of Anson Hunter's affections in "The Rich Boy."
Carl Miller Carl Miller is Rudolph Miller's father in "Absolution." He is narrow-minded and tyrannical.
Rudolph Miller Rudolph Miller, a boy of 11, is one of the main characters in the story "Absolution." He imagines an alter ego for himself named Blatchford Sarnemington.
Roger Patton Roger Patton, in "The Ice Palace," is a professor whom Sally Carrol Happer meets during her visit to stay with Harry Bellamy and his family. She finds him kind and sympathetic.
Lincoln Peters Lincoln Peters is Charlie Wales's brother-in-law and the husband of Marion Peters in "Babylon Revisited."
Marion Peters Marion Peters is Charlie Wales's sister-in-law and the wife of Lincoln Peters in "Babylon Revisited."
Dr. Pirie Dr. Pirie is the physician who is in special charge of Mrs. King's case at the sanitarium in "The Long Way Out."
Lorraine Quarries Lorraine Quarries, in "Babylon Revisited," is Duncan Schaeffer's high-living girlfriend who drinks heavily and may have designs on Charlie Wales as well.
Mr. Rooney Mr. Rooney is the football coach and history teacher in "The Freshest Boy." At Doctor Bacon's request, he agrees to chaperone Basil Lee into New York City, where Mr. Rooney gets drunk.
Gus Rose Gus Rose is a discharged soldier in "May Day."
Duncan Schaeffer Duncan Schaeffer, in "Babylon Revisited," is an alcoholic ex-crony of Charlie Wales who tracks him down in Paris.
Irene Scheerer Irene Scheerer becomes engaged to Dexter Green in "Winter Dreams." Dexter courts her mostly to maneuver his true passion, Judy Jones, to accept him as her favorite suitor.
Father Adolphus Schwartz Father Adolphus Schwartz is a priest who hears young Rudolph Miller's confession in "Absolution."
Cary Sloane Cary Sloane is Aunt Edna's young squire in "The Rich Boy." Threatened with exposure by Anson, Cary commits suicide.
Gordon Sterrett Gordon Sterrett, in "May Day," is financially desperate, and he fails to get much help from his old college friend Philip Dean. At the end of the story he commits suicide.
Lowell Thayer Lowell Thayer is the man to which Paula Legendre will be married in "The Rich Boy."
Treadway Treadway is Basil Lee's roommate in "The Freshest Boy" who declines to go with Basil to New York City. To add insult to injury, he packs up his belongings to move in with Brick Wales.
Brick Wales Brick Wales is the big man on campus at St. Regis in "The Freshest Boy." He plays football and is generally admired by the other boys.
Helen Wales Helen Wales is the mother of Honoria Wales in "Babylon Revisited." She has died.
Honoria Wales Honoria Wales is the daughter of Charlie Wales in "Babylon Revisited."
Braddock Washington Braddock Washington is Percy Washington's arrogant, weirdly pathological father who imprisons and tortures numerous captives on his estate in Montana in "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz." Toward the end of the story, John T. Unger sees him trying to make a bargain with God.
Jasmine Washington Jasmine Washington is Kismine Washington's sister in "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz."
Kismine Washington Kismine Washington is young Percy Washington's sister in "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz." Percy's visiting friend from boarding school, John T. Unger, falls in love with Kismine, even though she is naïve and crass.
Percy Washington Percy Washington is John T. Unger's friend in "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz." He is the host for an extended vacation at the Washingtons' home in rural Montana. Percy is portrayed as a polite and conventional but an utterly amoral materialist.
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