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Beowulf | Glossary


alacrity: (n) a joyful willingness to complete a task

barrow: (n) a mound of rocks or dirt placed on top of a burial chamber

bawn: (n) a protective wall surrounding Heorot Hall

bewail: (v) to express regret, grief, or disappointment

fen: (n) bog, swamp, or other low wet area

girdle: (v) to go around the body like a belt

graith: (n) equipment needed for battle

harrow: (v) to distress or torment; in wartime, to pillage or plunder

hasp: (n) device used to fasten a door or lid

heath: (n) an area of land that is left natural, usually not suitable for farming or cultivation, covered in vegetation

howe: (n) synonym for barrow; a mound of rocks or dirt placed on top of a burial chamber

manacle: (v) bind at the hands or feet by some kind of shackles

mead: (n) an alcoholic beverage created with honey and water as well as other ingredients like hops, fruit, and spices

mere: (n) a lake, pond, or narrow inlet of the sea

pyre: (n) a large pile of burnable materials used in a funeral ceremony to burn bodies

rampart: (n) a wall-like barrier that provides protection for a castle or fort

scourge: (n) a whip used to administer punishment

thane: (n) a man in high position with the king; often someone who was granted land by the king

thole: (v) to tolerate or endure

torque: (n) a metal collar or neck chain worn in ancient times

venerable: (adj) worthy of respect because of age, position, character, or deeds

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