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Brave New World

Aldous Huxley

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Brave New World | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Early Summer A.F. 632

    Students learn about genetic design and conditioning while touring the Hatchery with the Director.

    Chapter 1
  • Later the same day

    Mustapha Mond explains the reasoning behind the motto Community, Identity, Stability.

    Chapter 3
  • Still later that day

    Lenina, Henry, Bernard, and Helmholtz participate in after-work activities.

    Chapter 4, Part 1
  • July

    Lenina and Bernard prepare for their trip to the New Mexico Reservation.

    Chapter 6, Part 1
  • Later in July

    Lenina and Bernard watch a ceremony; meet John and his mother, Linda; and hear John's story.

    Chapter 7
  • Still later in July

    Bernard takes John and Linda to London so he can ruin the Director for exiling him to Iceland.

    Chapter 9
  • August

    John is popular, he and Helmholtz are friends, John spurns Lenina sexually, and Bernard is unhappy.

    Chapter 11
  • Later in August

    John's grief at Linda's death shocks hospital staff and visitors; he starts a riot after Linda dies.

    Chapter 13
  • Still later in August

    John and Mustapha discuss history, books, happiness, and religion. Bernard and Helmholtz are exiled.

    Chapter 16
  • Late Summer

    John chooses solitude to purify himself. People and the media intrude; he hangs himself for sinning.

    Chapter 18

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Brave New World opens in the year A.F. 632 with the Director of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre lead... Read More
Chapter 2 In Chapter 2 the Director addresses various conditioning techniques. Babies are brought into one of the Neo-Pavlovian Co... Read More
Chapter 3 The students' tour of the Hatchery continues as the Director guides the Alpha males through the grounds. They watch chil... Read More
Chapter 4, Part 1 On the elevator ride to the roof after work, Lenina approaches Bernard Marx and tells him she accepts his offer to go on... Read More
Chapter 4, Part 2 Bernard Marx is unhappy with Benito Hoover, Lenina, and his life in general. Lenina angers him with her friendly public ... Read More
Chapter 5, Part 1 The chapter opens with Henry and Lenina leaving the Stoke Poges Club House after their game of Obstacle Golf. On their w... Read More
Chapter 5, Part 2 Part 2 reveals the flip side to the World State's "Everybody's happy now" philosophy. Bernard Marx spends his evening at... Read More
Chapter 6, Part 1 As the chapter begins, Lenina is questioning traveling to New Mexico with Bernard because of his strangeness. He doesn't... Read More
Chapter 6, Part 2 Bernard stops by the Director's office to get the administrator's signature on his New Mexico Reservation permit. The Ha... Read More
Chapter 6, Part 3 Bernard and Lenina take the Blue Pacific Rocket to New Mexico and spend the night in a full-service luxury hotel in Sant... Read More
Chapter 7 Lenina hates the pueblo village. The dust and the fetid odors of rotting garbage, filthy animals and people, and unwashe... Read More
Chapter 8 In Chapter 8 John the Savage tells Bernard his story. His earliest memory is of lying in bed with Linda as she sings to ... Read More
Chapter 9 Bernard spends the morning setting the groundwork for his plan to save his job. He explains the scientific aspects of ta... Read More
Chapter 10 The Director chooses one of the busiest times of day in the Hatchery to announce Bernard's banishment to Iceland. At 2:3... Read More
Chapter 11 The fame spotlight shines on John the Savage in Chapter 11. An oddity to the test-tube population, he is invited to tour... Read More
Chapter 12 Bernard's popularity evaporates when John the Savage refuses to leave his room and join another social event. Although B... Read More
Chapter 13 Lenina's confusion over her feelings for John the Savage obsesses her. At work she is annoyed with Henry for badgering h... Read More
Chapter 14 John the Savage arrives at the Park Lane Hospital for the Dying to be with his mother before she passes away. Rushing to... Read More
Chapter 15 When John the Savage leaves the ward after his mother's death, he finds himself in the middle of a group of identical gi... Read More
Chapter 16 John the Savage, Bernard Marx, and Helmholtz Watson congregate in the Controller's office, waiting for a meeting with Mu... Read More
Chapter 17 John the Savage and Mustapha Mond continue their conversation in private now that Bernard and Helmholtz have left. Their... Read More
Chapter 18 Back at Bernard's apartment, Bernard and Helmholtz find a pale and sickly John the Savage leaving the bathroom. He has b... Read More
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